Dublin – Ireland

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Dublin is one of the most charming and lively European capitals. Capital of Ireland, one of the cleanest environments in Europe with a mild and temperate climate.

Dublin is a modern city, rich in history and culture, a dynamic and cosmopolitan capital with strong links to Irish traditions, home of Guinness and of the most famous saints in the world. The 17th of March each year a big celebration takes place, St Patrick’s day, all Irish people and friends of Ireland, celebrate together and paint their body and faces with the green shamrock, the national symbol of this unique, warm and friendly country.

There is much to see and visit in Dublin: elegant stores, lively cafes, restaurants, museums, art galleries and theatre, some of the nicest streets in Europe, such as Grafton Street or O’Connell Street.

Dublin is also home to the renowned literary tradition of Shaw, Yeats, Joyce and Beckett.

'When I die, Dublin will be written on my heart' quoted James Joyce, the author of the masterpiece Ulysses, when referring to his birthplace.

Safe and clean is the ideal place for tourism, study or business purposes.
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The island of Malta

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Malta is a small island and a cultural, commercial and administrative centre. It is very easy to visit and explore and it is the ideal place for a relaxing and enjoyable break, for a cultural visit or for business purposes.

Here you can span the millennia with an astonishing array of things to discover. The scenery and architecture provide a spectacular backdrop. The colors of Malta are unforgettable with honey-coloured stone against the deepest of Mediterranean blues. Malta can be considered a big open-air museum with much from the past still visible nowadays. You can delve into the island's mysterious prehistory, retrace the footsteps of St. Paul, see where the Knights of St. John fought their most famous battles. Malta offers cultural appeals to all his visitors, together with a lively day and night life with many bars, restaurant, night clubs, luxury hotel and club resorts, wellness and spa facilities.

If you're interested in sports, Malta has much to offer: sea and land activities, from rock-climbing to gentle rambling.

From Malta you can travel to the other two islands of the archipelagos: Gozo and Comino and enjoy some other beautiful views and places and discover two other hidden treasures.

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