The partners of the T.E.F.A.S. project are based in Ireland, Dublin and in Malta.

The partnership for this Leonardo Project has been built as follows: KBM Training and Recruitment is the project promoter and also called 'sending partner' as the company will be responsible for selecting beneficiaries, preparing them and provide them with full economic support before and during the mobility in the destination countries.

Intern-National Ireland Ltd. of Dublin and International Vocational College of Malta are the intermediary partners of the project and they will take care of all beneficiaries during their stay abroad.

They will provide them with full support during their work placement, monitoring and recording the experience and providing updated feedback to KBM Training and Recruitment.

The intermediary partners will take care of the logistics: organize transfers to and from the airport, accommodation and meals, meeting with beneficiaries and monitoring sessions, organizing the social programme during the weekend, advising and supporting beneficiaries about the location, local laws and regulations.

The third component of the partnership for the T.E.F.A.S project are indeed hosting companies who will host the beneficiaries during their work placement, will train them and assign them tasks as per beneficiaries’ learning agreement.

The hosting companies are from different sectors, even though the beneficiaries of the T.E.F.A.S project will be assigned tasks during their work placement within the accountancy sector of each different company as this is the sector of employment on which the project focuses. The companies are mainly hotels, insurance companies, agencies offering support for Pensions, Investments and Advisory Service, Property & Construction, Real Estate, Furniture & Interiors, Care & Elderly, Catering, Hospitality, Landscaping, Information Technology, Architecture, Education and Gardening.

Intern-National Ireland Ltd. of Dublin (please visit internships.ie for more information about the training agency) INI is dedicated to the development and evolution of internship and work experience programmes in Ireland. The importance of a consistent high level of service to partner organisations, host companies, and applicants, is detrimental to the promotion of Ireland as a destination for work experience programmes. Through experience and enthusiasm for such programmes, InternNational Ireland guarantees an 'individual' level of service to all applicants and maintains the philosophy that we do what is in the best interest of each applicant. This includes mentoring and advice when needed, together with full support before and during the placement. Our extensive list of active and willing host companies ensures applicants are placed into organisations relevant to their choices while also taking into account their personal and professional abilities. Our host families are selected based on the warmth of their welcome and their ability to assist each applicant with their integration into Irish society.

International Vocational College of Malta (please visit ivcm.edu.mt for more information about the college) International Vocational College Malta is a private vocational college. The college offers courses which equip students with skills for the future. The mission of the college is to provide tuition which will be useful for students in their lifetime.

The main philosophy at the college is innovation and listening to customers. We invest in research and development because we believe that competitiveness comes through innovation and diversity. Our approach focuses on helping our students achieve significant and sustainable business results - results that are translated in profitability.

Our courses are divided into three main categories:

  • Business & Management;
  • Healthy eating;
  • Languages and Communication.

We believe that a work experience plays an active part in the professional training of individuals, we are ourselves currently running a Leonardo Project in Sweden for Maltese students and we would like to be more and more involved in future European Projects.

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