AAT Qualification - Frequently Asked Questions

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A 6-8 hours per week study must complete AAT Level 4 in 12-18 months. Its completion time is 18 months; 2 optional modules' completion makes it a little longer.

AAT level 2 has equivalence with GCSE; next level 3 equals 2 A-levels. The AAT advanced diploma in accounting level 4 and QCF qualifications level 4 are equivalent. Further, AAT qualified professionals can get various universities' exemptions across the UK.

Yes, we can help you in the AAT registration process free of charge. You can also do this through the AAT website.

We have our AAT approved Assessment Venue. You can contact us to book AAT exams for levels 2, 3, and 4.

Yes, you need to achieve at least AAT level 2 in accounting or bookkeeping to perform junior level job roles as an accountant. AAT level 3 and level 4 prepare senior and more expert accountants.

No, ACCA prepares certified and chartered accountants. AAT accountants work on accountancy, bookkeeping, taxation and allied services, and AAT regulates as a professional body.

At AAT Level 4, Management Accounting (Decision and Control) is the most challenging AAT exam on the latest pass rates basis.

ACCA is a complex level of higher accounting and finance study, while the AAT is the first step to becoming an accountant. ACCA is about advanced level complex accounting. It is for those students and professionals who are already accountants or have an accounting background. If you intend to achieve both AAT and ACCA qualifications, the AAT comes first.

You can complete it in 6 to 12 months if you study 6-8 hours per week and attend exams regularly.

AAT Level 4 diploma makes you an Accounting Technician; it has equivalence with a higher diploma or the first year of a degree; you must therefore reach AAT levels of 2 to 4 to obtain this equivalence.

In AAT Level 4, the exams and subjects are more complicated if you compare them with AAT level 3. AAT level 4 is a more complex final AAT level. However, our dedicated blended learning support provides valuable assistance in achieving an AAT level 4 diploma.

AAT Professional Diploma (level 4) leads to further study ACCA to prepare you as a chartered and certified accountant. ACCA is challenging to achieve but worthwhile and with more rewarding outcomes. Further, ACCA grants exemptions to AAT qualified students.

Although both AAT and ACCA qualifications are tremendously valuable, they differ significantly. AAT qualifications prepare accounting technicians for various job roles. ACCA is an advanced professional-level accounting study solution that grants AAT students and professionals exemptions.

AAT is a UK-based accounting body that offers accounting and bookkeeping memberships. AAT has over 130,000 subscriptions in over 100 countries around the world. It focuses on practical accounting and bookkeeping qualifications with a vast support network. AAT enjoys international recognition across Europe and worldwide.

AAT offers accounting technician diplomas from level 1 to 4, focusing on various job roles. It helps in degree programmes because of exemptions that many universities across the UK provide to AAT students.

It depends on your career goals. You can gain AAT qualifications alongside your studies or work on your timetable and pace, but no one can ensure this about university or college study. Universities prefer to conduct research and theoretical studies than the AAT, which appreciates the practical learning that accountancy training providers provide. The AAT considers workplace skills more than theories focused on effective performance in the workplace.

Yes, the AAT qualifications achievement has a significant return on your investment. It ensures smooth earnings with job security. Further, you can study AAT in your spare time makes AAT worth studying.

Yes. We are an approved AAT training provider with a robust self-study solution. Our solution includes the support and supervision of certified accountants, tutors, and industry experts, with dedicated support staff. The self-study solution also contains books and other study materials to help you gain AAT qualifications effectively. Your AAT registration with their approved training provider must be needed to adopt the self-study option.

You can start learning AAT qualifications, but it depends on your experience and skills. If you have some accounting or finance experience, you must use AAT Skillcheck to help you choose the right AAT qualification. However, AAT is open to joining without any knowledge or experience, but your literacy and numeracy skills are pre-requisites.

AAT solution includes the primary financial administration stage to the final accounts preparation level alongside learning complex accounting and bookkeeping management tasks. Further, the AAT workplace skills help perform competently. There is 17 exam which you need to pass, from AAT level 2 certificate to AAT level 4 advanced diploma.

No. You will get registered with the AAT, and there is a registration fee. Further, you will choose an accountancy training provider on a fee basis to gain the AAT qualification. We provide free training on accountancy software solutions as your AAT study part with us. Furthermore, there are online or classroom teaching methods, whichever suits you.

The AAT exams and assessments are not challenging, and most are computer-based with a robust pass rate. Entry and foundation level exams are easy to pass, but they become moderately complex as you progress to advanced level 3 professional level 4.

AAT level 2 and level 3 qualifications standard completion time is 12 months. However, 6-8 hours of weekly study enables you to complete these qualifications within 6 months. You can achieve AAT level 2 and 3 qualifications in 12 months if you study 6-8 hours a week. The time required to complete the AAT Level 4 is within 12 to 18 months.

Yes, AAT builds a strong accountancy foundation and is worth doing before starting ACCA. Becoming an AAT fully qualified accountant means you are open to beginning ACCA immediately.

Here AAT Skillschecker utilisation helps you choose your suitable AAT qualifications. AAT level 2 qualification is a perfect starter for those with no accounting background. You can get started with AAT level 3 immediately if you have accounting knowledge or experience.

Yes, the AAT carries cumbersome worth because of its national and worldwide coverage. AAT focuses on practical accounting job role preparation, making the study fun. AAT accountants have a significant share of accounting job openings across every industry. Furthermore, AAT qualifications are a powerful progression source to becoming ACCA Chartered Certified Accountant alongside massive accountancy job opportunities.

Yes, this introductory level at ACCA focuses on the essential aspects of professional accountants like tax, law, auditing and accounting. This ACCA level is equivalent to AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting Level 4. Additionally, the ACCA Foundation equates to graduate standards when taking the first nine foundation level exams.

ACCA finalists' average salary per year is £30,700 approx. The annual salary range of ACCA part-qualified is £25,800. ACCA trainees assist a finance team and annually make around £19,300.

Yes, AAT has level 2 has two bifurcations bookkeeping and accounting. AAT level 2 bookkeeping focuses purely on bookkeeping, while AAT level 2 accounting focuses on both accounting and bookkeeping.

AAT level 4 opens an avenue for senior accounting and finance jobs with a wide range. Some of them include Senior Bookkeeper, Senior Financial Officers, Senior Fund Accountants, Senior Insolvency Administrators, Accountancy Consultant, Cost Accountants, Forensic Accountants, Professional Accounting Technician, Tax Managers, VAT Accountants, and much more.

AAT full membership (MAAT) makes your full AAT qualified accountant. It is one of the international leading accountancy players worldwide. MAAT is an important deciding factor for employers when hiring accountants and finance personnel.

Yes, you can complete different AAT levels simultaneously, but we suggest discussing it with our senior consultants to know more about it.

AAT qualification completion means massive job chances for your accounting career. AAT prepares qualifications with employers' consultation and focuses on job roles that make it highly demanded. We have a dedicated recruitment system, and our team enables you to find a job within days. Further, AAT also helps you become self-employed to sell your services across the UK and globally.

AAT level 2 completion is an essential step toward your accounting career. You will acquire basic knowledge and skills to build a solid foundation for your future career as an accountant. At completion, you can get various jobs like:

  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Semi-senior Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeper
  • Sales Ledger Clerk
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Accounting Administrator
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Purchase Ledger Clerk

AAT level 4 is your powerful employability potential booster and provides various senior and highly paid accounting job roles like:

  • Fixed Asset Accountant
  • Payroll Manager
  • Billing/Payment Manager
  • Expenses Supervisor
  • Finance Analyst
  • Professional Accounting Technician
  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • Senior Financial Officer
  • Commercial Analyst
  • Senior Fund Accountant
  • Tax Manager
  • Indirect Tax Manager
  • VAT Accountant
  • Senior Insolvency Administrator
  • Tax Supervisor
  • Accountancy Consultant
  • Cost Accountant
  • Forensic Accountant

Yes. AAT level 2 requires no accounting background. However, for AAT levels 3 and 4, you need to utilise AAT Skillcheck. It will help you choose the appropriate AAT level to study.

No, it is not difficult but attractive and flexible. AAT qualifications enhance your workplace performing skills by developing vocational qualifications on employers' skills demands. Further, AAT qualifications include theoretical study and hands-on practical accounting training that makes AAT more engaging.

You can attempt the AAT qualification till you complete it because the AAT allow unlimited retakes.

It takes only 6 to 8 months. AAT Level 1 Award includes a basic accounting and finance introduction with essential business skills learning.

AAT qualified students for various jobs' average salary reaches £22,000 annually, whereas you can go £30,000 if you have AAT's MAAT status. Further, an AAT fellow who completed five years of AAT membership can earn up to £40,000, and AAT self-employed licensed accountants can earn up to £52,000 annually.

Yes, you can start the ACCA Applied Knowledge level after the AAT level 3 advanced accounting qualification.

Yes, without any fee, AAT Level 4 exempts all three ACCA Applied Knowledge and Skills exams.

AAT prepares accounting technicians while ACCA focuses on more advanced and complex level accounting and finance to prepare you as a chartered certified accountant.

Yes, you can straightaway join AAT level 4 to become full AAT members. We help gain an AAT full membership (MAAT) that international acceptance.

Yes. Even if you complete the AAT level 2 diploma as a minimum, you can start jobs in junior roles alongside your study. AAT levels 3 and 4 prepare you for senior job roles. Also, you can join ACCA after completing AAT level 4; ACCA gives exemptions to AAT level 4 qualified students.