Xero Accounting Software Training Course

Xero is the most in-demand accounting software for small to medium-size businesses. It is designed to assist a business in dealing with cash flow, billing, invoicing and submitting data. At KBM Training and Recruitment we provide Xero training on real company files under the supervision of qualified accountants. We can teach you how to use the Xero software, how to record sale and purchase invoices, process customer and suppliers payment and perform bank reconciliation. 

Xero training also includes VAT Returns and submissions to HMRC. Also, it deals with Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and along with other reporting, analysing and forecasting tools which help you keep track of the financial health of a small to medium-size companies. Xero software has been integrating with cloud Accounts to give you everything you need to run your business wherever and knowing your data is not going to be lost as you saved it in the cloud.

We are official training partners with Xero, which means that our team are experts when it comes to training on Xero accounting software. As a partner, we have designed hands-on practical accountancy training programs on Xero in-line with the employer’s requirements. We have trained thousands of students over the past 30 years and helped them in getting certified. 

Our Practical Accountancy Training programs are delivered by qualified accountants with years of experience in industry and practice environment. We train individuals on real businesses as we are a firm of chartered certified accountants. At the end of the training program, we help all of our students in getting Xero software certification

Xero training includes the following modules:

  • Xero Training Module 1 - Adding Company Details
  • Xero Training Module 2 - Adding Customers (Creating Contacts)
  • Xero Training Module 3 - Editing Customer Accounts
  • Xero Training Module 4 - Raising and Recording Sales/Customer Invoices
  • Xero Training Module 5 - Adding Suppliers (Creating Contacts)
  • Xero Training Module 6 - Recording Supplier Invoices
  • Xero Training Module 7 - Editing Supplier Contacts
  • Xero Training Module 8 - Raising and Recording Credit Notes
  • Xero Training Module 9 - The Chart of Accounts
  • Xero Training Module 10 - How to Edit Accounts (Chart of Accounts)
  • Xero Training Module 11 - How to Add New Accounts (Chart of Accounts)
  • Xero Training Module 12 - Adding Bank Accounts
  • Xero Training Module 13 - Recording Bank Payments and Bank Receipts
  • Xero Training Module 14 – Performing Bank Reconciliation
  • Xero Training Module 15 – Preparing VAT Returns
  • Xero Training Module 16 – Submitting VAT Returns to HMRC

Xero software can manage your VAT carefully by making sure your business does apply by the rule and regulation that has been set for your business or your employers firms. Automatically it reconciles to only pay what you owe and automatically file returns securely online with HMRC. Relax knowing that you're up to date with the latest VAT legislation. KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham we teach you form the basic to the VAT Return in order for you to understand how to use and what are outcomes is if you starting a business or working for employers company. 

Also Xero software has it very own Payroll tool enabling small to medium size companies to manage payroll in-house efficiently and making sure your keep to date with everything.

Xero training is designed to cover the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Information and Technology
  • Wholesale
  • Import and export business
  • Charities
  • Law firms

Xero training will give you a clear understanding how do these businesses operate, impute their records and invoices, making payments and receipt and then reconciling and most importantly VAT return and which VAT schemes they are using.   

Who is Xero training for?

Xero training is ideal for anyone wishing to learn Xero and apply for accounting and bookkeeping jobs.

Join today our unique Xero training program designed in partnership with Xero and become certified.

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