Apprenticeship (Employer)

We are an independent Apprenticeships training provider, with solid track record of maximising returns on investment for both levy paying and non-levy paying employers. Our trainers have extensive knowledge and industry experience and work in partnership with you to co-design and deliver a bespoke apprenticeship programme that aligns with your employee development objectives.

If you are interested in finding out more about how an apprentice can help grow your company then please complete our online contact form or contact our Apprenticeships Team at
Alternatively, speak with our Apprenticeship Team directly at 0203 621 6315.

Incentives for New Apprentices

Until 31st March 2021, with every new hire of apprentices, employers may be eligible to receive incentives of up to £3,000 which can be used to cover setups costs or to invest toward the business.

  • Employers will receive an incentive of £2,000 with new hire of apprentices between 16-24 years old, and £1,500 with new hire of apprentices over 25 years old.
  • Additionally, there is a £1,000 incentive for recruiting a 16-18 year old apprentice, or for apprentice under 25 years old with additional learning needs or an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

Benefits to Your Organisation

  • Apprenticeships are a great way to tailor an employee’s skillsets to meet the demands of your business.
  • Hiring an apprentice is clear indicator to your stakeholders that you care about training, development and career progression of your employees
  • 86% of employers said apprenticeships developed skills relevant to their organisation and 78% reported improved productivity.
  • 90% of apprentices stay on in their place of work after completing an apprenticeship
  • you can adapt the training your apprentice receives according to the needs of your organisation
  • an apprenticeship allows you to diversify and freshen up your workforce
  • you can employ an apprentice who's aged 16 up to any age and from any background

Levy Paying Employer

If you are a levy-paying employer, you need to be aware that funds expire 24 months after they enter your Digital Apprenticeship Service online account. The cost for apprenticeship training of your existing or new employees is spread across the length of the programme, with 20% not paid until right at the end, making apprenticeships very affordable.

If you have an annual wage bill of more than £3m, you will be paying an Apprenticeship levy of 0.5% on payroll through PAYE. As a levy payer, the Government will top up your account by an additional 10%. If you exceed your monthly levy draw down, you only pay 5% of the additional cost with the Government paying the remaining 95%.

Non Levy Apprenticeship (SMEs) - Upskilling your workforce

If your organisation has an annual wage bill of less than £3m, you do not pay the Apprenticeship Levy.

SMEs co-fund their Apprenticeship training, paying only 5% (with the rest paid by the Government). This is managed through the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) online account.

Contact us for advice and guidance on co-investment and the additional financial incentives available.

If you have less than 50 employees, the Government then meets the full cost of Apprenticeship training for those aged 18 and under. For employees aged over 19 they will pay for 95% of Apprenticeships training, with the employer co-investing 5%.

Why KBM Apprenticeships

KBM Apprenticeships provides you with the technical support in finding the best candidate suitable for your business. We have been able to engage a wide range of candidates from different sectors and with our extensive networks across the UK, we have provided many businesses recruitment solutions.

We use an electronic portfolio system to reduce paperwork and aid regular contact.

As a National Apprenticeship Training Provider (UKPRN #10045412), KBM is the only Training Provider who is also a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In the current economic climate, taking on an apprentice is a cost effective way to increase your workforce and provide government funded training to a nationally recognised standard.

What our employers say

  • 81% said employing an apprentice generated higher overall productivity for their business.
  • 92% said apprenticeships led to staff being more motivated and increased job satisfaction.
  • 74% said apprenticeships tend to have greater loyalty to the business and remain with them longer than other employees.
  • "We get more from our business as a result of having an apprentice as part of our team."
  • "Apprentices have a positive impact on people carrying work and doing a good job for us."
  • "Employing apprentices gives us an advantage over our competitors"

Recruit An Apprentice

With each hire of new apprentices with KBM, employers are eligible to receive up to £3,000 in apprenticeship grant.
Fill out the contact form and one of your consultants will be in touch with you shortly.

KBM's recruitment team will shortlist candidates for you to interview and agree on the start date for your new apprentice.

Find out more about how an apprentice can help grow your company by completeing our online contact form or contact our Apprenticeships Team at

Case Studies

Audra - Business Management - University of Westminster:

"I've joined KBM though their summer placement in their marketing department, and since then I've been working on SEO, working on digital marketing campaigns and marketing campaigns in general. So everything that I've learnt in theory I've been able to implement it in practice here at KBM. Therefore I would recommend anyone looking for a work placement to join KBM."

Anushi Mogrelia - Marketing and Management - Queen Mary University:

"I found out about KBM, because they came to my careers fair and we interacted there and this is how I found out about the opportunities here. I was not too sure what was expected of me, because it's the first time I've done something in this field or of this nature, so it was quite daunting initially, but the colleagues out here were really nice so I settled in quite quickly. On a day to day basis I am involved in the planning and execution of text and email campaigns and this is quite interesting as a first year marketing student to be involved in the deep end of things, and being right there sending out and developing these campaigns which not many people get to do in their first year of their Marketing career. It's an interesting environment with colleagues that are quite friendly almost to the extent of being a little family down there in that room. It’s quite dynamic in the sense that there is always action in the office, and there is always phone calls to answer and running around but it's quite fun, just to be in the thrilling environment that KBM provides. KBM is quite beneficial as it gives you experience in a different range of things, down from working on reports, from working on Bank reconciliations, from working with the software skills and client facing skills. This is useful in any sector, especially the corporate sector, where client facing deals and transactions are most frequent. Experience in the field is more beneficial than a degree. A degree is a piece of paper at the end of the day. In quite casual terms you read through a textbook in university, you get module outlines, you get a test. You recite out knowledge onto the paper. It's all well and good if you can do that but in the real world if you don't have the experience to back it up you can't really go far in life. Which is why I'm quite happy to have had this opportunity at KBM and I recommend it to all of you."

"Last year I was taking a gap year and I was contemplating whether I should do an apprenticeship or go to Uni, and this year is when I decided I should take on an apprenticeship from KBM. I was working at Tescos a couple of months back and a colleague of mine recommended KBM to me. So I applied online, called up KBM, came here for an interview, the interview went well and Umar brought me back here, for an apprenticeship opportunity. Good experience dealing with customers, dealing with your employers, dealing with candidates, helping other candidates get with employers for other job opportunities and it has really helped my communication skills."

Hermella McConan:

"I was doing a traineeship at a place in croydon, and they are the ones that introduced me to KBM. Well, before I was actually doing a work experience here so I've been doing that for 3 months now, and then after that they decided to keep me on as an apprentice. Well I learnt a lot of different communication skills as I've been working with EU students, like form Italy and France."


"I was looking for an apprenticeship and I was on the Indeed website so I applied, an then on the next day I got aphone call from one of the team members"

Aruba Ashgar:

"It was exactly what I was looking for, so I applied through my CV and within 3-4 days I got a call. I've gained a lot of skills a lot of knowledge and certainly a lot of confidence. with the apprenticeship not only you get to work, but you get to learn at the same time and at the end of the apprenticeship you would gain a certificate and you would gain qualifications, so you're earning whilst you're working. Where as with university you would just sit down do your exam and later on once you finished uni and graduated you would apply for jobs. So I thought of course apprenticeship is the best way to go, as you are doing 2 in 1."


"Hi my name is Nazmeen. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Westminster and here at KBM i am doing my internship. Gaining a precious work experience in a office based environment is great spot to improve your CV and for your graduate prospects especially when you are at KBM. Whether you are looking to go in an Accounting sector, Sales and Marketing, Recruitment and HR or Media Solutions KBM can provide necessary skills you need for your dream job. I have only been here a couple of months and I have already gained work experience and skills in accounting, HR and Marketing and I am ready to apply those in any company I may join. I thank KBM for this amazing opportunity that they provide me with and I look forward to it. "

Prerana Rai:

It is not like studying in university at all. It gives you experience about working in a business based environment. You learn so many things you can learn in a day in a book. If you just come here and practice a lot.

Jorden Smith:

Hi I am Jorden Smith I am a student of University of Hertfordshire and also the president of employable student society. I have been provided with this opportunity from KBM to work here for our Summer Internship Program for my sandwich year. It has been very effective. Since I have been here the work environment has been perfect. I have come in each day and there is always a new topic for me to get on it. Since being at KBM has provided me with major benefits to both my life and my studies when I go back to university. Skills which I didn’t have prior to the internship I have got now and also the skills which I have learnt will be beneficial to me. I know it’s hard to find internships. For all the students out there who are actually looking for one, KBM is here to help you.

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