AAT Exam Fees

The Association of Accounting Technicians entirely accredits our AAT accounting coursesAAT Exam Fees are according to the level of AAT qualification.

KBM is pleased to explain about the AAT Fees.

AAT Membership Fees

AAT is a not-for-the-profit organisation. The membership fee empowers AAT to provide events, resources and support to boost the career of people in accounting and finance sector. AAT has several membership categories. Following links will guide you through the AAT membership fees.

AAT calculate Annual membership a 12-month rolling source from the first of the month from the approval of your registration.

Payment methods

The most flexible way to pay for AAT exam fee is through Direct Debit or any other payment method, but you can pay in a way which suits you.

AAT Level 2 Accounting Examination Fees | AAT AQ2016 Syllabus

The course includes the following subjects:

  • Elements of Cost
  • Accounting Software use
  • Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Bookkeeping Controls

Synoptic Assessment and computer-based Assessment - CBA fee £98 CBA (Computer-Based Assessments)

AAT Level 3 Accounting Examination Fees | AAT AQ2016 Syllabus

The course includes the following subjects:

  • Advanced Bookkeeping
  • Final Accounts Preparation
  • Management Accounting
  • Costing
  • Indirect Tax

Synoptic Assessment with computer-based Assessment - CBA fee £98 CBA (Computer-Based Assessments)

AAT Level 4 Accounting Examination Fees | AAT AQ2016 Syllabus

The course will include two main subjects

1)  Preparation of Financial Statements and 2)  Management Accounting which covers Budgeting, Decision and Control

Synoptic Assessment with computer-based Assessment - CBA fee £118 CBA (Computer-Based Assessments). 

Operational units include:

  • Business Tax
  • Personal Tax
  • External Auditing
  • Cash Management
  • Credit Control

Computer-based Assessment – CBA fee £118 CBA (Computer-Based Assessments).

AAT Bookkeeping Qualification – Examination Fees

The subjects include:

  • Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Bookkeeping Controls
  • Advanced Bookkeeping
  • Final Accounts Preparation
  • Indirect Tax

Computer-based Assessment - CBA fee £98 CBA (Computer-Based Assessments).

Factors Affecting Course Fees

If you need to know the factors, affecting the courses fees? The answer is the Study Method and the Type of the Study package you select.

Study Methods

On-site courses: The first glaring factor that will influence what you pay for your course is your selected study way. Suppose you want to study by joining classes at a local college or institute. In that case, this will usually be more classes than studying through online lectures/distance learning (an institute will have higher expenses than a distance learning provider.

Online lectures: Majority training providers provide timetabled online lectures; they are more costly than study packages which give the study materials to study at your own pace and speed. A positive element of this method is that you are more stick to your study structure and you will see the trainer (although online); a disadvantage is that as with an institute course, you can only start study sessions at specific times during the year.

Distance Learning: with this study medium, we will give you the learning materials so that you can study at your own desired pace and speed. There would be a combination of different resources, such as: 

  • Collaborative online presentations
  • Online question banks 
  • Other exercise materials (some online & some in pdf format). 

Furthermore, you’re learning materials would append with text/study books. You can buy your study books through the KBM or you can buy books from one of the leading AAT textbook publishers or distributors.

Types of the Study Package

There are several study packages available, which you can choose as per your own choice to suit your needs and daily life schedules. They are:

1.   All-inclusive: This package includes all the relevant fees as listed below:

  • Course prices
  • Trainer support
  • AAT affiliation and exam/invigilation fees. 

The fee contains a management cost to take into account the extra work involved with organising payment programmes and exam fees to the AAT accredited assessment exam venues. 

For the above reasons, ‘all-inclusive’ courses are typically the most costly of all the options.

2.   Materials for the course and trainer support: this package will include your course fee and tutor support also, but it may not have any of the other costs. If appropriate, it may not involve study/textbooks and packaging, postage etc. 

3.   Self-study: This package will only work for you with your study resources with essential guidance - no tutor and no extras. This course will be the most economical and affordable package to buy, but it is not suited for everyone. 

If you are new in accounting and finance, you may need to select a tutor-supported course. Very few providers are dealing with this type of package, so you need to search around.


1. All candidates need to be able to deliver their valid identification certificate on the exam day, which includes:

  • a valid passport or 
  • any other nationality document having a photograph or 
  • a valid UK driving license

One of the above document shall meet the purpose.

2. There is occupancy at the online centres. The students need to register with AAT before taking the exams. The centre affirms the right not allow to change of date or termination of the examinations.

3. You have to submit your AAT registration number & date of birth at the time of the online exam.

4. The exam fee may be depending on the membership status, i.e. Internal Student or External Student. If any student wishes to appear for an exam of a course which the student studied at KBM Centre, the internal exam fee will apply to the currency/period of the course.

5. AAT Exam Booking Cancellation: Once you receive the exam date, you have the option to alter 14 days before the time of the exam

AAT Exam Marking

You need to know that the Marking and result in the publication will comprise within the exam fee. We will not permit any other provider for the Marking because our AAT evaluators mark them which ensure reliability and quality.

Our training centre has approval/accreditation from the AAT working under the guidelines defined by the AAT as well as which required by the other relevant bodies for maintaining high-quality provision. 

KBM guarantee professional service as an expert provider in the field of accounting and finance working for decades.

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