AAT Distance Learning

KBM offers Online and Distance Learning AAT Accounting and Bookkeeping courses. These courses are globally recognised and accredited by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)Distance Learning is more affordable than classroom study. It also allows you to study around work, family or anywhere you want. You can earn over £40,000 within a few years after completing your AAT qualifications.

How do AAT Distance Learning Courses work?

For decades, we have been preparing students and professionals to gain AAT affordable and suitable training. KBM offers various online accounting and finance courses, and most belong to the AAT. The AAT has launched their online courses because of higher demand. It allows their flexible achievement via distance learning and online technology. 

AAT qualifications are always very beneficial in having a dream career in accounting. What is vital to running an active organisation? The answer is perfect and accurate accounting. If you are going to be a professional accountant or want to establish your finances, you need to have excellent accounting skills. Strong knowledge and competence in the ground rules and best practices in bookkeeping are instrumental.

AAT supports institutes which meet their approved international quality standards. KBM is an AAT-approved training institute since KBM meets the AAT's worldwide criteria and quality standards. Hence, the AAT distance learning qualifications provide a guarantee of getting a job across the Globe. 

KBM is fully authorised to deliver the AAT courses across the UK. The qualification process is a blend of exams, experience and practical work. Evaluations are through computer-based assessments (CBAs). Students sit for examinations according to the KBM's flexible and planned exam dates.

AAT offers a competence-based teaching and training scheme to develop and assess your work-based skills and understand and support knowledge. We keep students' needs and progression pathways in our mind.

AAT Distance Learning allows you to study at a time and place based on your desired timetable, whether at home or work. We know that getting to the centre will be difficult for various reasons. That's why the distance learning solution always suits the students so that you can balance your studies around your daily life.

Our expert advisers will provide you with the learning material and resources such as books, workbooks and software essential to start the course. We also offer access to our most advanced art VLC (Virtual Learning Campus); you have free access to resources and materials to help in your studies.

We provide free books and study materials at your home or any different desired location. Our tutors always help you during your AAT home study and exam preparation. You can frequently contact them via email or telephone for any issues.

AAT Distance Learning courses are self-study methods with a tutorial facility, and you do not have to take any lecture sessions because you are studying at your own pace. 

Few AAT courses require to appear in the invigilated exams. KBM helps book these examinations at one of our AAT exam centres; otherwise, you can contact your nearest AAT-approved exam centre.

AAT Distance Study Popularity

AAT accounting qualifications open avenues to your dream career opportunities. They are in high demand for employers as they provide you with practical, industry-focused information that you can use from day one. These courses support you in launching your accounting career with no prior experience or upgrading your current job to the next level. 

Technology modernisation impacts our behaviours. Our lives are quickly moving online. People are extensively finding alternate ways to gain what they want, precisely what AAT's distance learners wish. It is no wonder most people aim to conduct their studies online because of the following aspects:

  • Maximum flexibility options upon your choice "when to study," "where to study", and "how to study."
  • Online and distance learning does not disturb your life to get the qualifications you want.
  • Distance Learning courses come to you without any borders wherever you are in the world.
  • Time and cost savers, no transportation

AAT Level 2 Distance Learning Courses

KBM will give you access to their Virtual Learning Campus (VLC) and online student portal for more AAT study materials. These level 2 courses will also cover the Sage 50 Accounting software. You will appear for computer-based tests and synoptic assessments. We will provide study books and workbooks at your location for the following qualifications:

AAT Level 3 Distance Learning Courses

We provide VLC - Virtual Learning Campus access and an online student portal for AAT Level 3 study materials. Also, it requires computer-based tests and synoptic assessment at an approved AAT exam venue. At the AAT level 3, you can achieve the following qualifications:

The AAT level 3 accounting certificate completion qualifies you to apply for AAT bookkeeping membership (AATQB). The AATQB designatory letters AATQB demonstrates your skills and AAT professional development. Also, you can use it for jobs, self-employment, and freelancing, and it connects you with the AAT community.

Completing the AAT Level 3 bookkeeping certificate allows you to become an AAT bookkeeping member (AATQB). Also, you can become an AAT Licensed Accountant or Bookkeeper, which helps you start your own bookkeeping business with this qualification after this level 3 bookkeeping certificate.

AAT Level 4 Distance Learning Course

The AAT Level 4 accounting diploma has five units, computer-based and synoptic assessments at an approved AAT venue. You will have study and workbooks covering the entire AAT syllabus at your location. 

We will provide you with access to VLC - Virtual Learning Campus and the online student portal for additional AAT study materials.

With this level 4 qualification, you can apply for AAT full membership (MAAT). Alongside this, it allows you to start your accountancy practice by becoming the AAT Licensed Accountant or Bookkeeper. Also, you can obtain exemptions from CIMA, ACCA, and ICAEW if you choose the Chartered Accountancy pathways.

AAT Level 2 Suits the Masses

The AAT Level 2 qualifications are a perfect starting point for anyone seeking a career in accounting and bookkeeping. These courses build your solid accounting and bookkeeping foundation. It offers knowledge, competence and skills required for employment or further education. The level 2 programmes are suitable if you:

  • want a career change in by moving toward accounting
  • are new to the accounting field with no formal qualification
  • are assuming an accounting job with no previous working experience

You can join KBM any time during the year to achieve the AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Certificate. AAT has set a minimum of 3 months duration to complete it. The AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting has 12 months of completion, and you can achieve it quickly in 6 months by studying 6-8 hours a week.

The AAT level 2 accounting and bookkeeping qualifications are globally recognised and massively demanded by employers worldwide. AAT does not ask for specific skills or accounting experience, making AAT one of the top accounting qualifications for an accounting career.

These level 2 courses unlock extensive career opportunities. Alongside CA's, the accounting work in bookkeeping and finance is in various roles. Accounting Technicians work in all segments of the economy; they work in the industry and practice in all sectors. 

Accounting Technicians' role starts from accounts clerks to financial managers and credit control officers. Some are self-employed, providing services to their clients.

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