AAT Accounting Courses and Qualifications

KBM Training & Recruitment Ltd. (KBM) is approved training provider of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). KBM provides students with the opportunity of practical accounting training during the AAT courses, which is the best combination to understand the theoretical concepts and gain practical skills to become a job-ready candidate. 

Our AAT courses have integration with practical accountancy training on Sage, Xero and Quickbooks software. We assist all our students in gaining professional certifications from Sage, QuickBooks and Xero.

Giving your teams the correct tools to complete their working tasks which could be a no-brainer, but a large number of employers overlook the requirements for training. The AAT provides universally licensed qualifications to give all team members with the appropriate required accountancy skills and knowledge. 

If you have ever considered providing AAT courses and training to your staff, then we KBM are here to guide you about the benefits of doing this. The blend/combination of academic theoretical knowledge of AAT courses and practical accountancy training on Sage, Xero, QuickBooks can increase the productivity and efficiency of your accounting team.

You can explore below the useful information on the following elements:

  • Suitable of Courses for Each Staff Member
  • AAT Membership Benefits for Employees
  • Consistent Advice and Support
  • Networking and Event Opportunities
  • Retain and Build the High Performers
  • Develop a Knowledgeable and Productive Teams
  • Employees Enrollment on Combined Courses
  • Endorsement Seal on the Professionalism
  • Worldwide Recognition
  • Flexible Training Timetables
  • Employees Become Well-versed Professionals

Suitability of Courses for Each Staff Member

AAT courses are organised in levels to suit every employee’s job role. It starts from the entry-level to advanced level courses, these qualifications can utilise to upskill a wide range of staff members. AAT provides learning for both bookkeepers and accountants job roles. Whether you have a member of staff that needs to further progress into accounting and finance with some experience or a financial worker that’s ready to step into a senior-level position, AAT courses can offer guidance and assistance to support their professional development. This qualification can even be suitable for any individual studying to get themselves started in a new UK region.

By offering AAT courses to your staff members, they gain the experience and further enhance the development of their professional skills, which alternatively increases the firms’ professional capability in various levels. Companies’ who invest in human capital, result in great advantage and higher returns in the future. In our opinion, what is a significant investment in your company? The answer is practical training to your accounts team, which is a company’s human capital. In other words, an increase in the employees’ efficiency and ability to deliver their tasks correctly, will increase the company’s overall productivity, which will further reflect in the profit of the company.

AAT Membership Benefits for Employees

AAT provide their members with unbelievable advantages that can upgrade their professional career. An individual holding an AAT membership has worldwide recognition as a professional accountant or bookkeeper. The AAT status is displayed in designator letters, underpinning a comprehensive professional development.

Membership with AAT can utilise the following post-nominals:

  • AATQB - Associate Bookkeeping Membership
  • MAAT - Full Membership
  • FMAAT - Fellow Membership

The title that an employee can utilise depends on the level of qualification they have studied and their experience.

They will use these titles in their e-mail signatures, business cards and online profiles, which are proof of an employee’s competence, training progress and commitment to the most elevated professional measures. This influence can create a positive image of the company with existing and potential clients.

Consistent Advice and Support

Members of AAT benefit from regular and continued advice and support, provided by AAT in the form of discussion gatherings, newsletters or mentoring to assist further the development of individuals who own this membership.

AAT is perfect for professionals that need to improve their knowledge to advance within the workforce; they can gain support and help from highly experienced AAT members. They can ask further advice on new challenges and obligations they come across, from a safe, knowledgeable resource of information.

Networking and Event Opportunities

Assisting assembly meetings with other AAT members on many occasions enhances your employees’ process towards their professional progression. These occasions cover current factors affecting the accounting industry, such as Brexit, new law charges, cybersecurity and accounting standards. There are many social occasions to attend, which gives employees the chance to learn from other qualified members’ experience and opinion. They can draw on the expertise of these individuals to illuminate their own decisions.

In every event meeting, the AAT members get to join together and share their advance knowledge and professional experience with each other. This networking experience beneficial events have global recognition in several countries. Numerous employers are managing these types of activities to engage their employees for further development in an entertaining rout.

Retain and Build the High Performers

Holding the best performing employees is a need for most of the organisations and offering training can meaningfully reduce staff turnover. AAT courses make employees happier within their role and give a more positive outlook of the organisation as a whole.

Individuals that succeed in training can be build up in their tasks performing more advanced roles, which can be an extraordinary method to formalise individual development within the company, which benefits both employees and the organisation.

Further, it is also necessary to ensure that employees are attending the appropriate training are making the most out of this training. By training staff in becoming more experienced and qualified, the business can hold their performance and give more benefits by considering their performance to motivate the employees.

Develop a Knowledgeable and Productive Teams

Gaining new knowledge, staff members are more beneficial and make fewer mistakes while working; which is often particularly crucial as errors can be expensive inside the financial segment. 

Developing a strong knowledge for the staff members enable them to create autonomous decisions with full confidence. They can share the experience, as team members at higher levels which can prompt others on best practice.

The members should show that they have embraced genuine professional advancement during the year as part of the AAT membership renewal process.

Employees Enrollment on Combined Courses

If employees have an interest in reaching a mid- or senior-level position from an entry-level position, they can combine courses to attain this. They can get enrolled on the combined courses that include Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 for more experienced individuals.

This combination of these courses can be a more cost-effective way of studying and can function as an incentive for staff members to complete the full training. Such courses can rapidly get the employee advancing, committing as much time as they find necessary to complete the courses.

Endorsement Seal on the Professionalism

Being an AAT member could be a world-recognised seal of endorsement. Their members must meet specific criteria to guarantee that they are committed to self-development and better practice. Ethical considerations are an essential requirement in accountancy, as accountants must always be prepared to provide appropriate and moral financial advice.

The staff has to act with the most elevated levels of integrity to retain their accountancy status. Their professional conduct should be of a high standard, and this seal helps to empower this status.

Worldwide Recognition

AAT is an international qualification which is worldwide recognised. For multi-national companies or those looking to expand into new regions, this qualification can explore new opportunities. Showing that all members training to a high degree, such as AAT recognised employees, can be an excellent advantage for any organisation, as the knowledge they gain during the AAT courses makes individuals more productive and efficient in their field of work.

Flexible Training Timetables

Managers can incapacitate from providing training to active employees, as they worry about how this will fit their busy working schedule. However, the online AAT courses put down this barrier, as employees have the flexibility to process the information in their free time.

Employees Become Well-versed Professionals

AAT courses offer assistance for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their ordinarily experience. These courses take your workers through tax, ethics, accounts preparation, budgeting, systems, monetary statements and many more accountancy and financial topics.


Considering all the advantages as described above, AAT courses are the ideal way to lunch your accountancy team to another level professionally. Consider training your teams adaptably to provide your organisation with the edge over your competition.

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