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Join in Online AAT Courses provided by KBM Training & Recruitment Ltd. (KBM). KBM is offering AAT level 2, AAT Level 3 and AAT Level 4 qualifications in the UK with extensive practical training.

If you wish to take AAT Courses in the UK, then KBM has an ideal solution for you. AAT Courses provided by KBM will lay the foundation to do exceptionally well in the accounting sector. As an experienced and specialist training provider, we make a lot of attempts to assure you get the best response to your career needs. You will become capable of joining all the classes where you can cooperate with your instructors and fellow students in a real-time scenario.

When you miss your class, you can also watch the recordings later at your availability.

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We have specialist tutors; they will make sure to equip you well on the new AAT syllabus.

Upon registration on any course, including AAT, KBM will provide you with access to:

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KBM has an innovative and state of the art learning campus to provide you with the best experience of studying the AAT qualifications.

About the AAT

AAT is one of the leading association body with 150,000 members worldwide. An AAT certification develops practical accounting skills in a real-case scenario that employers will like. So, AAT is the fastest way to become a full-fledged bookkeeper or accountant.

AAT is one of the most demanded practical accounting qualifications, which consists of the following three levels: 

  • Foundation level
  • Advanced level
  • Professional level 

Each of these levels takes approximately a year time to complete. 

AAT Bookkeeping is a particular 'short' qualification which covers certain subjects from fundamentals to advanced levels to create a bookkeeping qualification.

AAT does not ask for any other qualifications or accountancy knowledge to start the study.

Any student, leaving school or anyone wanting to change career, can start the AAT study. KBM is offering training for all levels from fundamental to expert level.

So you should not wait !

If you want any help, our professional advisers will provide you with all the guidance and information on AAT qualification and the best way to complete, so that you should make conversation.

Why Study the AAT Courses at KBM?

When you are studying AAT levels 2-4, we will provide you with an opportunity to use high-quality training and a comfortable study environment. We also assure our students have access to the best study material, resources and a support network to direct them through their the coursework. We connect students with a network of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who can answer students' accounting questions. If you study an AAT qualification, you will have access to your AAT login through MyAAT. The AAT login gives access to MyAAT, which offer you online benefits, which include:

  • Experience and knowledgeable tutors and support staff
  • Full support the network of students and professionals

Benefits of choosing KBM's AAT courses shall include:

  • Flexible study schedules and timetables – We conduct AAT evening courses, AAT day courses and weekend tutoring 
  • Crystal Clear and affordable price
  • Programmers provide customised solutions to match your knowledge and experience 
  • Relaxed and friendly study environment  

Please note, the age requirement to study the AAT courses is 18+.

AAT Level 2 and 3 Accounting

Following are the Five Units which makes Level 2 Certificate.

1. Bookkeeping Transactions

This unit provides an introduction to double-entry Bookkeeping, which prepare you to tracks and enter transactions into the accounts. Additionally, it will provide you with a blend of multiple types of accounting information.

2. Bookkeeping Controls

This unit follows on effectively from the Bookkeeping Transactions. It will prepare you on how to identify errors rectify correctly. You will learn about the banking system and how to create a complete set of accounts.

3. Using Accounting Software

Through this the unit, you will be learning various accounting software; essential to use your knowledge of Bookkeeping and double-entry to enter a data in a computerised accounting system.

We use Sage 50 Professional software to base this unit on using. This software is the most liked choice in the industry and utilised expansively by companies and accounting practices. This unit includes the basics of data entry. We KBM also offering the Sage 50 Professional courses and certificate as a comprehensive study option. Sage 50 has proven to be our most essential choice over the decades since it provides with much more employment prospects.

4. Elements of Costing

This unit will introduce the management accounting, which will provide you with the learning about "how businesses use accounts to help them plan their future" and the various type of costs concerning in running a business.

5. Working efficiently in Accounting

It is the last unit of AAT Level 2 covering to work efficiently and effectively in a working environment and how to execute your workloads. AAT has no separate exam for this unit; they will include in the final Synoptic Assessments.

Foundation Synoptic Assessment

It is the final exam for Level 2 covering universal topics and questions from the learning in the Level 2 Units.

  • AAT Accounting qualifications are one of the renowned and widely-recognised bodies in the UK and globally.
  • AAT qualifications are recognised globally, and all chartered and certified accounting bodies in the UK
  • The demand for Accountants possessing an AAT is always high.

Course Overview

AAT Level 2 and Level 3 Certificates in Accounting will provide you with the introduction to a variety of accounting principles, skills and techniques. These AAT qualifications are very comfortable for you to start your career in the accounting sector.

Our expert and friendly tutors will help you in every step of the way through email.

You will have the flexibility to work at your own choice of speed.

Along with the AAT course resources and tutor support the package of the course includes the exam fees needed to complete the course and obtain your AAT qualification proficiently.

KBM is proud to offer students the opportunity to start AAT courses in London and Birmingham. AAT evening courses and AAT day courses (levels 2-4) are available to study at the KBM. Our academic team has a very welcoming environment that compliments the practical syllabus. In a nutshell, you will feel secure while exploring, and you will leave the course with the skills and self-assurance necessary to perform well in the accounting sector. We are striving in providing our students with an ideal learning experience possible through academic and professional progression. KBM' AAT accounting course in London and Birmingham will suit your needs and daily life schedules when you are going in the accounting world with some degree of expertise. AAT is also very suitable if you require formalisation of your advanced accounting knowledge.

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