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KBM has been contributing to preparing AAT professionals for over three decades. We provide innovative, comfortable and flexible online learning facilities to our students and professionals for AAT accounting qualifications. Alongside, we blend our training with IFA and offer extensive practical training across the UK. This blended training at KBM prepares successful and professional job-ready candidates that help them perform in the workplace.

AAT online learning solution at KBM

We guarantee that KBM online learning will give you the best solution to your career needs. Joining online classes allows interact with your instructors and fellow students in a real-time scenario. You can watch recordings later if you have missed your class session. On the other hand, online learning offers more convenience than a classroom. KBM's specialist tutors provide excellent 1:1 support because they are experts in online learning delivery. They equip you well with the new AAT syllabus. We will provide you with the following online learning solutions:

Alongside AAT qualifications, you will complete the Sage 50 course as your AAT training part. Sage is a popular accounting and finance across the United Kingdom. Over decades, Sage 50 has been an essential employer choice and has more employment prospects. Accounting software skills have become essential in this modern business environment. You can also learn the Sage 50 course as a separate study option to learn this software comprehensively

Who can join AAT accounting or bookkeeping?

Taking AAT Bookkeeping or AAT Accounting online courses are your perfect career springboard. We provide extensive practical AAT training from foundation to professional levels, and our learning methods offer both Classroom and Live Online solutions. AAT courses are perfect for 18+ age; the courses are suitable if you are:

  • A student
  • A professional
  • A school leaver
  • changing career

KBM is help students and professionals by providing AAT online and classroom courses across Birmingham and London. We offer AAT evening, day and weekend classes for all AAT courses, and KBM provides a welcoming environment to complement the practical syllabus. Hence, you will complete the course with the self-assurance and skills necessary to perform well in the accounting sector. 

The AAT is very well suited to formalise your advanced accounting knowledge. Our high-end learning environment is highly compatible with skills and knowledge delivery. KBM's AAT accounting course in London and Birmingham allows flexibility to suit your daily life.

AAT qualifications benefit at KBM

KBM has the most modern and state of the art online learning solution. It provides a high-end learning experience of AAT qualifications and career management at completion. KBM online learning solution provides a high-end and relaxed study environment with facilities such as:

  • AAT login connects you with your other AAT students and professionals.
  • MyAAT account will give you online tutors support. 
  • Asking questions in a real-time
  • 1:1 interaction and support from your tutor
  • Contribution in polling
  • Cooperation with fellows
  • Perfect study materials and resources access
  • Personalised calendar reflecting both past and upcoming class sessions
  • Excellent practising papers
  • Flexible study schedules and timetables
  • AAT evening courses
  • AAT day courses
  • AA weekend tutoring 
  • Customised experience solutions
  • Crystal clear lowest price
  • Personalised knowledge solutions
  • Network support towards your coursework
  • Our network connects you with knowledgeable and experienced accounting professionals.

Our professional advisers will guide and inform you further on AAT accounting courses and provide you with the best way to complete your qualifications. Hence, it would be best to make a conversation with KBM straightaway.

Complete information on AAT Qualifications?

AAT is a leading award organisation and accounting membership body with over 150,000 members worldwide. You must know that AAT online accounting qualifications develop practical accounting skills in a real-case scenario that employers will like. Hence, AAT is smarter to become a full-fledged bookkeeper or accountant. AAT offers certificates and diplomas covering AAT foundation, AAT advanced, and AAT professional levels.

Online AAT Accounting Level 2

AAT level 2 foundation certificate in accounting online gives you a strong accounting and finance administration base. The double-entry bookkeeping and accounting software are part of your learning under this level 2 certification alongside basic costing principles. Further, you will gain knowledge and skills from AAT level 2 modules in accountancy, finance, business, and communications. You will learn through the AAT Level 2 accounting course syllabus that includes: 

  • AAT Bookkeeping Transactions focuses on bookkeeping transactions knowledge and abilities that help you online introduce double-entry bookkeeping and its processes and documentation. You will learn how to extract an initial trial balance before adjustments. At completion, you will understand accounting transactions in the bookkeeping system. Completing this unit ensures that you can process customer and suppliers' transactions and process receipts and payments effectively. Furthermore, the course will allow you to process transactions using ledgers to the trial balance.
  • Bookkeeping Controls is a foundation level about more complex procedures. This AAT unit provides you with online knowledge and skills on various accounting records and consolidates your double-entry bookkeeping skills. This study unit will make you capable of preparing the VAT control accounts, sales, and purchases ledger control accounts. Reconciling purchase and sales ledgers skills are also this unit part. In the end, you will fully understand payment methods and bookkeeping system controls. It provides control accounts and journals using skills. Further, you will also learn cash book reconciling with a bank statement.
  • Elements of Costing provides online costing introduction, and it develops a solid foundation and equips with cost recording techniques. This unit will deliver the costing system importance as an internal decision-making source. You learn to provide information to your managers for internal business planning, control, and decision-making. Information on actual and budgeted costs and income provision learning is also this unit part. The AAT level 2 elements of costing strengthen your knowledge and skills for more complex costing and management accounting aspects
  • Using Accounting Software unit focuses on typical bookkeeping transactions and tasks running utilising an accounting software solution. Most accounting or finance job roles demand computer software to process data and information. Using Sage 50, you will learn electronic accounting information processing practically. It strengthens your bookkeeping tasks running sequence skills, and understanding of data entry basics. Further, online learning includes setting up an accounting software solution, sales and purchase transactions processing, bank transactions processing, cash processing, period end task performing, and reports production. 
  • Work Effectively in Finance unit is about professional skills and behaviours for a workplace because it focuses on finance. So our online support will help you understand these transferable skills you will apply in many working environments. Alongside understanding finance functions and abilities, you will gain knowledge of ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and sustainability within a company. This AAT level 2 unit completion will make you competent to work in finance.
  • Foundation Certificate Synoptic Assessment will examine the knowledge and skills you acquired from the above five units. This online unit will summarise all key learning areas of these units. It will provide you practice questions to identify the topics that need revision to prepare thoroughly for the assessment, and AAT will examine them within the overall synoptic assessment. We will help in AAT level 2 exams preparation. AAT usually conduct synoptic assessments near the completion of your course.

AAT Bookkeeping Level 2 Online

This AAT level 2 bookkeeping certification delivers online learning about managing accounting books. You will learn manual double-entry bookkeeping and understand processes and documentation up to trial balance standard. AAT level 2 bookkeeping syllabus includes:

  • Bookkeeping Transactions unit will develop your double-entry bookkeeping foundation. You will learn online the bookkeeping process, documents preparation, extract an initial trial balance before making adjustments. It will make you capable of manual double-entry bookkeeping operations. Further, it will build a strong progression foundation to more advanced computerised and manual bookkeeping skills. This unit completion will give you proper financial transactions understanding. You will gain expertise in customer, supplier, receipts, and payments processing and learn ledgers to the trial balance transactions.
  • Bookkeeping Controls will help you online learn to work on journals, control accounts, and payment methods. This unit will help you learn more complex bookkeeping procedures at the foundation level. Alongside consolidating your double-entry bookkeeping knowledge, it will develop your understanding of the relationship between various accounting records. At completion, you will fully understand bookkeeping system control, payment methods, using control accounts, and journals. You will also understand bank and cashbook reconciling. Further, using a journal to redraft the trial balance stage and subsequent initial adjustments will also be your learning part.

Online AAT Advanced Accounting Level 3 Diploma

AAT level 3 accounting focuses on more complex accounting tasks like advanced bookkeeping, accountants ethical practices, financial processes, and final accounts preparation. Online AAT advanced diploma in accounting level 3 syllabus includes:

  • Advanced Bookkeeping unit will reinforce and develop your previous level skills. You will learn to apply advanced double-entry bookkeeping skills and principles about implementing the acquisition and non-current assets disposal procedures. You will become capable of preparing and recording period-end adjustments, depreciation calculations and trial balance extending.
  • Final Accounts Preparation unit gives you knowledge and skills using online technology about sole trader and partnerships accounts drafting. You will also gain governing company accounts regulations understanding. Further, you will learn how to distinguish different organisations' reporting requirements, financial recording, and reporting requirements of various organisations types. This study unit will make you capable of explaining final accounts needs while applying accounting and ethical principles in preparation. You will learn accounting records preparation from incomplete data or information. Further, this unit will give you proper skills for sole traders and partnerships accounts preparation alongside understanding key differences between a sole trader and limited company accounts.
  • Management Accounting: Costing unit helps you understand your cost and management accounting role to help company management make decisions. At this online unit completion, you will understand management accounting use and its purpose for an organisation, and it provides cost apportion and cost dealing techniques. Further, it will allow you to analyse and review budget deviations and report to the company management.
  • Indirect Tax unit teaches about the value-added tax, and you will online learn the routine and non-routine returns preparation and submission to HMRC. You will understand the VAT legislation application and accurate VAT return preparation and its submission to HMRC timely. It helps learn errors, omissions, late filing, and payment implications. Further, you will understand VAT information reporting under regulatory and organisational requirements.
  • Ethics for Accountants online unit will make you understand the accounting environment professional ethics, like ethical working behaviours, principles, unethical behaviour identification and taking proper action on illegal acts. Further, you will recognise your ethical role and understand professional accountants’ ethical code and its accounting relevance. 
  • Spreadsheets for Accounting unit will build your spreadsheet integrating skills on advanced level accounting concerns using our online learning medium. This unit completion will make you perfect in meeting customer needs by designing and structuring relevant spreadsheets. You will understand how to record, format and organise data using spreadsheet software. Further, you will learn accounting information preparation and reporting techniques and gain skills in spreadsheet software tools for manipulating, analysing, verifying and protecting data.
  • Advanced Diploma Synoptic Assessment unit will test your knowledge and skills application you learnt in an integrated way throughout the qualification in workplace scenarios that change and ensure validity over time.

AAT Level 3 Bookkeeping Online

This level 3 online qualification is perfect for an experienced bookkeeper because it progresses into a job or further study. This AAT level 3 focuses on double-entry bookkeeping, intermediate spreadsheets, accounting software, and financial statements. This AAT level 3 bookkeeping syllabus includes:

  • Advanced Bookkeeping online unit upgrades your bookkeeping skills and develops a foundation for advanced bookkeeping and managing non-current assets records. Alongside, it helps you prepare unincorporated organisations’ final accounts. This unit will help you move on to final accounts and give you more technical skills from an employer’s perspective. Further, you will learn advanced double-entry bookkeeping principles application and non-current assets acquisition and disposal procedures. It will help you in preparation and recording calculations, period-end adjustments alongside preparing and producing an extended trial balance.
  • Final Accounts Preparation unit focuses on sole traders and partnerships final accounts preparation and provides awareness to alternative business organisation structures. This unit gives regulations understanding about governing company accounts. You will learn to distinguish between various organisation types' financial recording and reporting requirements. Further, you will know how to explain final accounts need and apply ethical preparation principles. You will learn how to prepare accounts from incomplete information. Alongside you will learn to produce sole trader and partnership accounts and recognise a limited company and a sole trader’s key differences.
  • Indirect Tax unit is about value-added tax (VAT); it helps you prepare and submit routine VAT returns to HMRC (the UK Tax Authority) alongside some non-routine issues understanding. You will online learn to apply VAT legislation compliance and accurately prepare and submit VAT returns timely. Further, this unit will give you a business implication understanding of omissions, errors, payment, and late filing. This AAT level 3 course study unit will help you report VAT-related information under the organisational and regulatory requirements.

Online AAT Level 4 Accounting

This level 4 AAT professional diploma in accounting focuses on financial statement drafting, budget management, and financial performance evaluation. This online AAT level 4 qualification has five optional units: business tax, credit management, personal tax, external auditing, and cash and treasury management. You need to complete only two optional units from these five. This AAT accounting level 4 diploma fully supports your job progression towards senior-level finance roles because it equips you with higher accounting task delivery. This level 4 accounting syllabus includes the following mandatory AAT level 4 modules and optional units:

  • Management Accounting: Budgeting unit of this AAT level 4 delivers online higher-level accounting and finance skills. You will understand the budgeting aspect essential to plan, coordinate and authorise organisation costs controlling activities. It will teach you about target setting, constructing achievable plans and monitoring results to improve organisation performance. Further, this unit will develop your planning and control skills, including statistical analysis, management accounting, variance analysis, and writing communication. You will learn the standard costing application and its budgeting links. At completion, you can successfully prepare income and expenditure forecasts, budgets and demonstrate how budgeting improve organisation performance. This unit will provide you with management reporting skills. You will utilise these skills for budgetary information while using the precise and proper format.
  • Management Accounting: Decision and Control is a mandatory professional level unit. You will online learn skills on advanced costing principles. These skills help you become a management accounting finance valuable team member. Further, you will analyse various costing techniques, and standard performance improving calculations and demonstrate multiple statistical methods of analysing business information. Alongside, you will gain competence in using proper financial, non-financial performance, cost management and evaluation techniques. These skills are essential to enhance value and help make decisions.
  • Financial Statements of Limited Companies unit will improve your foundation and advanced accounting skills. You will online learn how to draft limited companies’ statutory and consolidated financial statements and interpret financial statements using ratio analysis. You will emphasise identifying and recording transactions in accounts and ledgers using double-entry bookkeeping principles. Further, learning includes drafting unincorporated organisations’ financial statements from the accounts and records. This unit completion will make you capable of demonstrating ethical financial reporting frameworks and principles. It provides expertise on published financial statements’ key features.
  • Accounting Systems and Controls unit will provide you with the importance of organisational accounting function roles and internal controls in minimising loss risk. You will online learn accounting system evaluation to identify weaknesses and assess impacts on its organisation’s operations. At completion, you will understand your organisation’s accounting function roles. You will effectively evaluate the accounting system, internal controls, and relevant procedures application. Further, you will become capable of recommending an organisation’s accounting system improvements.
  • Business Tax (optional unit) will introduce UK taxation and its business relevance. Using online technology will provide knowledge about taxation’s impact on running businesses for sole traders, limited companies and partnerships. You will learn tax returns preparation and business taxation computing. At completion, you can effectively develop supporting tax computations and tax returns. This unit will make you competent in advising the UK's tax regime. Further, you will understand the tax regime business impacts, advice on tax reliefs, and report taxation to HMRC. Further learning includes tax computations preparation for capital assets sale.
  • Personal Tax (optional unit) will deliver skills on key taxation aspects affecting UK taxpayers. You will online understand National Insurance, Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, and Capital Gains Tax. At completion, you will become competent to analyse theories, rules, and principles underpinning taxation systems. It will equip you with the taxpayer's total income calculation, income tax and payable National Insurance contributions. Further, you will understand the Capital Gains Tax account and Inheritance Tax basics.
  • External Auditing (optional unit) focuses on financial statements external audits on International Standards on Auditing (ISA) using online technology. The audit gives assurance about the credibility of financial statements information. You will demonstrate auditing principles understanding and professional ethics importance. Further, you will evaluate the audit evidence procedures, internal control system, planning process, and audit procedures.
  • Cash and Treasury Management (optional unit) will help you identify the cash movements and make informed decisions to maximise the business wealth. You will learn statistical techniques, cash receipts and payments forecast preparation, and evaluate cash management principles in rules and government monetary policies context online. Further, the unit will teach you how to assess financing raising ways according to organisational requirements. You will learn to invest surplus funds evaluation methods following the organisational policies.
  • Credit Management (optional unit) is about credit control principles understanding. You will understand these principles in the context of relevant legislation, contract law, best practice, professional ethics and organisational policies. Further, it will help you describe contract breach contract remedies and customers’ contracts terms and conditions. You will analyse contract law and relevant legislation impacts on credit control. Moreover, it will help you assess credit risk, grant credit, debit collection techniques, credit control. Further, you will become capable of advising and recommending a credit control system to company management.
  • Professional Diploma Synoptic Assessment unit will examine your knowledge and skills application of this online AAT level diploma within a workplace context in an integrated way. However, the scenarios may change over time, ensuring validity. KBM provides valuable support for AAT level 4 exams.


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