Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship

KBM offers the business administrator apprenticeship level 3 standard. Business admin apprenticeship's knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be applied to all-size companies. It has extensive sector coverage, including public, private and charitable. Every business across the UK requires this role, making it a perfect career progression solution. 

What is Apprenticeship Standard?

Occupational standards provide a base for apprenticeship standards. Trailblazers, a group of England's employers, help develop apprenticeships for a particular position. They set out apprentices' knowledge, skills, and behaviour (KSB). 

Business admin's KSBs focus on a specific job role to perform their duties effectively. Further, apprenticeship standards also include qualifications and practical training alignment with professional recognition. You can do this flexibility using multiple methods.

What is Business Administration Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard?

Business admin level 3 is among popular admin apprenticeships standards with a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours. The role focuses on the administrative services of a business. You will assist in developing, implementing, and improving admin services. 

This business administration apprenticeship prepares you to perform independently or as a team member. You will learn internal and external customer dealing. Further, you will learn to interact and supporting with different organisation parts.

Business administrators have a highly demanded skills. They contribute to an organisation's efficiency. It adds value by supporting functional areas, teamwork, and issue resolution. Its flexibility allows you to develop a wide range of skills. Further, business admin role expectations include:

  • Taking initiatives
  • Managing priorities
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Managing people
  • Mentoring and coaching 

Your role delivery requires efficiency and integrity with a positive attitude. The apprenticeship will develop your productive skills learning approach. Further, it also requires strong communication skills. You will learn both verbal and written communication skills.

Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours

A business administration apprenticeship includes knowledge, skills, and behaviour development as follows:

  • Knowledge delivery will help you understand organisational purposes, values, and vision. Further, you will learn stakeholder management and the organisation's aim and activities. The organisation's policies and processes like payment and data processing are your learning part.
  • Skills delivery has a central focus. You will learn IT, social media, decision-making, and record and document-keeping skills. Further, you will acquire planning, management and task high-quality maintenance skills. Relationship-building, interpersonal, and communication skills you will also gain.
  • Behaviour development is essential in the apprenticeship. You will understand professionally behaving ways. Exemplary qualities demonstration with integrity and managing performance will you learn. Further, you will gain adaptability, responsibility and multitasking skills.

KBM's Business Administration Apprenticeship Delivery

KBM delivers apprenticeships combining regular workplace training, online or classroom workshops, and online resources for self-study. Our delivery methods ensure meeting off-the-job training requirements and fully support apprentices' journey. Our apprenticeship delivery includes:

  • Trainers' face-to-face visits
  • Practical on-the-job learning and observations
  • Off-the-job training sessions
  • Skills days and workshops
  • Classroom sessions and masterclasses
  • Virtual workshops and webinars
  • Online resources for self-study.
  • Rolling apprenticeship starts and cohort delivery.

KBM tailor its delivery to meet the apprentice's, programme's and employers' requirements; adopt individual learning styles. We blend our delivery and provide the support and resources to achieve success. Below are our apprenticeship delivery aspects methods:

  • Face-to-face: Our Trainer visits apprentices' workplaces at small intervals. These sessions include practical learning, observations, and activities catered to the programme. Apprentices complete self-study/activities between the trainer visits.
  • Digital/self-study: KBM's online learning platform can be accessed from all devices and contains massive study resources and learning plans. Apprentices encourage shared learning. They quickly contact their trainers or course experts for help. We designed our online system to help in face-to-face and self-study. 
  • Support teams: KBM has dedicated teams to support programme delivery. The Learner Support Team supports learners with additional learning or social needs, helps in engaging/retaining learners and informs throughout the programme.
  • Cohort delivery: KBM offers a cohort or group delivery training solution for some programmes, with group workshops, webinars, and interactive activities. Cohort workshop days for larger employers are an effective way of achieving 20% off-the-job training.

Eligibility, Entry Requirement and Duration

England's residents 16+ are eligible for apprenticeship. New or existing employees are eligible for apprenticeship. Your relevant background and experience also lead to joining a level 3 business administration apprenticeship. The entry requirements include:

  • 5 GCSE A*-D 
  • Grade 9-3, including GCSE English at Grade A*-C
  • Grade 9-4 and Maths at Grade A*-D 
  • Grade 9-3 or equivalent

You can flexibly complete the apprenticeship programme within 12-18 months. English and Maths skills learning is also the apprenticeship part.

Business Administration Career Prospects

Business admins' skills demand is everywhere. It is applicable in any industry or sector. You can work in any department like HRM, marketing, procurement, sales, customer services, finance, and accounting. Both public and private sector businesses hire business admins.

Business Admin Apprenticeship's Progression

Your administration skills and knowledge will fully support you in pursuing a career in business admin. Also, you can progress to business admin level 4, a higher apprenticeship programme. Furthermore, it unlocks massive career opportunities in management and senior roles.

Assessments and exams

The programme will build an evidence portfolio with work-based evidence and observation. It will assess your business admin knowledge, skills, and behaviour. Further, personal statements, pictures, assessors' observations, testimonies, and practical work will form the assessment.

End-point Assessment (EPA)

You need to pass your EPA to complete your apprenticeship programme. It will include:

  • Multiple-choice combination 
  • Role simulation
  • Professional discussion 

This testing will show a comprehensive performance picture of a business admin apprenticeship standard. You will demonstrate the application of the following elements in an integrated way:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills 
  • Behaviours

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