Business Admin Apprenticeship

Business administrators' valuable skills help develop, implement, maintain and strengthen businesses' administrative services. Demand for business administrators' skills is growing across England. Public, private and charitable sectors SMEs and large companies look for business administrators. 

Becoming a business administrator brings career opportunities wide range with excellent progression to senior levels. All industries and sectors require business administrative services. These significant factors make apprenticeship a fantastic career solution. 

The apprenticeships, alongside learning, are swift earning sources. A business admin apprenticeship effectively delivers adequate transferable knowledge, skills and behaviours. Also, business admins help interact with internal and external customers appropriately. 

What is a business administrator's role in an organisation?

An Apprentice administrator in a business is like a full-time employee. It contains smooth handling of various day-to-day tasks. A business admin's roles include organising, staffing, planning, controlling and business operations directing. 

Business admin junior roles include communicating, data entry, filing, note-taking etc. Further, a business admin helps in secretarial duties like typing documents, photocopying, faxing, and preparing spreadsheets.

Completion time and progression of business admin apprenticeship

The business admin apprenticeship has 12-18 months of completion. It has massive popularity among similar apprenticeships. KBM is excellent for achieving advanced level 3 business administrator learning benefits. 

This level 3 achievement makes you capable of performing business admin roles competently. It has career progression while confirming your higher apprenticeship level 4 eligibility.

How much is a business administration apprenticeship worth?

A business admin apprenticeship is worthwhile; after completion, you can annually earn around £30,000. It makes you capable of working in diverse disciplines like marketing, customer services, and HRM. 

Also, you can work in the supply chain, finance, and procurement. Hence business admin apprenticeship is worthwhile in terms of opportunities and money-earning scenarios.

Business admin apprenticeship; a confidence increaser

Business administrators daily face different while greeting visitors and meeting clients. A business administration apprenticeship is a tremendous confidence booster. It helps you become more confident naturally by developing your managing people skills. 

These skills are an essential business administrator role demand. Further, it delivers soft skills significant for organisation, communication, time-keeping, pressure working, teamwork and managing performance.

What is business admin apprenticeship level 3?

Business administration apprenticeship level 3 standard offers a firm ground in organisation processes and operations. Alongside it provides a more comprehensive working. 

It includes knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be applied anywhere. Business administrators have a highly transferable set of knowledge skills and behaviours. 

Also, IT, social media, recording keeping, planning, management and decision-making skills learning comes under this apprenticeship standard. These functions are applied in all sectors, and you will achieve this fully while working across an organisation.

What is business admin apprenticeship significance?

A business admin apprenticeship is tremendously beneficial because it does not demand specific background knowledge or education. It requires full time work and focuses on practical skills learning in an actual working environment. 

Furthermore, it is a perfect flexible learning solution while earning the following significant benefits:

  • Transferable skills development: The business admin apprenticeship is fully work-based and develops skills transferable to any other role.
  • Progressing via the company: Most employers retain their apprentices after completion, making you a valuable company asset and ensuring job security.
  • Entrepreneurial advantage: Aspiring entrepreneurs can acquire appropriate advice and guidance.
  • Confidence booster: It becomes a confidence booster because you work with teams and meet new customers, increasing confidence in performance.
  • Versatility: It helps you learn the same core skill set that you can apply in different ways, which leads to versatility.

What is a business admin apprenticeship's skills delivery?

You will acquire high-end job role skills. It will strengthen your capability and support your progression. Alongside, you will develop command over IT systems and social media utilisation. Correct record and document keeping, interpersonal and communication skills will you learn. 

The business admin apprenticeship's skills are entirely transferable. Task completion by meeting high-quality standards is an essential learning part. Further, a business admin apprenticeship offers planning, decision-making, task-organising, and project-management skills. 

What knowledge will you acquire?

This apprenticeship provides in-depth knowledge about an organisation and broader business environment adequately. You will learn about an organisation's purpose, aims, future vision etc. 

Also, you will learn about the value of the organisation's skills and stakeholders, policies, and regulations. You will understand business principles' application, organisational processes, and external factors.

What learning will a business admin apprenticeship provide about behaviours?

A business admin apprenticeship massive impacts your professional behaviour. It covers professionalism, exemplary qualities' demonstration, integrity, reliability, and self-motivation while learning adaptability and responsibility. 

Further, it includes performance management, accepting feedback positively, using initiative, and showing resilience. The apprenticeship prepares you for role-model behaviour and positive contribution to productivity and cohesion.

The apprenticeships on and off-the-job training

20% off-the-job training is compulsory by government rules that deal with apprenticeships. KBM fully complies with apprenticeship rules. We provide 1:1 group tutors to help our apprentices effectively. 

KBM's delivery includes face-to-face classroom and online solutions. You will benefit from research work, projects, and study material. Most importantly, hands-on practical training will help tremendously.

On-the-job training has a significant focus at KBM. It helps apprentices understand and apply their knowledge and real-world workplace skills. Our experimental learning and job shadowing helps us a lot.

Our apprenticeship staff provide coaching formally and informally. Our workplace mentors develop apprentices' knowledge and understanding effectively. We always remain in contact with our apprentices through multiple mediums to help them swiftly.

How to gauge the business admin apprenticeship suitability?

We provide free impartial information, advice and guidance (IAG). KBM is an approved Matrix quality standards IAG provider. We ensure our IAG services help inspire people to make better-informed career choices to lift aspirations.

We use assessment tools in the initial assessment to examine your English and maths skills because they are pre-requisites. Further, you will know everything about the apprenticeship suitability. Please contact KBM for proper advice.

What will the end-point assessment (EPA) examine?

To complete your apprenticeship programme, you must clear the end-point assessment (EPA). You will demonstrate your business administrator skillset in the EPA. KBM offer valuable assistance for your EPA preparation. 

EPA will assess your business administration knowledge, skills and behaviour. It will also test your business admin standards' understanding. Further, EPA also checks your strategy and regulatory obligations capability.

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