AAT Professional Accounting Technician Level 4 Apprenticeship

AAT Level 4 Apprenticeship delivers two optional specialisations, accounting and taxation. You will choose them while gaining technical knowledge. However, the general syllabus is the same. AAT's qualification makes it prominent among level 4 accounting apprenticeships.

Practical training in our chartered accounting company makes level 4 accounting apprenticeship worthwhile. We provide hand-on accountancy training with qualified and expert accountants' supervision. The company is a Gold-level ACCA partner that provides an extra edge.

KBM has a tremendous learning support system for AAT Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting. We blend this qualification with our practical accounting training. So you will experience an excellent learning solution for the AAT level 4 accounting apprenticeship. KBM's accounting and finance contribution cross three decades. Our successful students and professionals are now in the thousands.

What are the level 4 apprenticeship standards?

This level 4 apprenticeship standard includes essential Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. It will prepare you for senior accounting, finance or taxation job roles. Further, you will learn accounting ethics and communication skills alongside business awareness. 

The apprenticeship will develop your leadership, planning, prioritisation and problem-solving skills. You will build competence using different approaches. Workshops, e-learning, and workplace training prepare you perfectly, while on-the-job and off-the-job training help tremendously. 

Knowledge delivery

The level 4 accounting apprenticeship knowledge delivery has two options, Accounting or Taxation. The remaining study is the same for all apprentices. It depends on your suitability and interests. You will select one option to build your specialism, which includes:

  • Option 1 Accounting: You will learn double-entry bookkeeping elements. Knowledge of creating and reporting financial information you will gain. Accounting standards knowledge will help you prepare accounts. Also, it includes financial statements' drafting skills learning. You will understand other aspects like management accounting and tax accounting.
  • Option 2 Taxation: This includes knowledge of personal and business taxation and accounting principles core elements. You will learn to prepare tax calculations and forms. Further, you will acquire specialist knowledge on taxation like business compliance, VAT etc. Also, client paperwork preparation and filing deadlines compliance is the apprenticeship part.

The AAT level 4 apprenticeship transfers business awareness and ethical standards knowledge. You will also understand accounting regulation, compliance, system and processes. Also, it will build your external and internal audits' knowledge.

Skills delivery

Creation and presentation of financial information you will learn. It will deliver verbal and written communication skills. Also, it will develop your leadership, planning and prioritisation skills. You will gain valuable analysing expertise. Furthermore, teamwork, collaboration, systems and process knowledge will tremendously build your competence.

Behaviour development

The apprenticeship will foster your professional behaviour. You will learn how to accept and adopt changes. These are so helpful to working in a changing environment. You will know adding value to the organisation. Further, it will deliver proactiveness while adopting professionalism.

How long is the AAT level 4 apprenticeship?

You can complete this apprenticeship within 18-24 months. However, it requires 12 on-programme months. Then you become eligible for the End-point Assessment.

What AAT qualification do you need to complete?

You will complete the AAT level 4 diploma in accounting. It includes complex accounting processes. Through this, you can carry out tasks like managing budgets, financial performance evaluation, and drafting financial statements. Further, you will learn:

  • External auditing
  • Personal tax
  • Business tax
  • Cash and treasury management
  • Credit management

Also, we blend our practical training with AAT qualification. It delivers mastery for workplace competence. We have high calibre accountants and industry experts to help. Alongside our tutors, our chartered and certified accounts help you practice your knowledge in an actual workplace.

On the other hand, we focus accountancy software learning. Also, it covers digital and cloud accounting. It is every employer's choice across the UK. Our Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks professional advisors help apprentices face-to-face.

Entry requirements

Usually, employers set their apprentices' entry requirements. GCSE A-C grades or other qualifications' same-level works. It requires level 2 Maths and English achievement before apprenticeship completion. This English and Maths equate to a GCSE grade of C or above. 

KBM's level 4 accounting apprenticeships study options

We always provide flexibility and suitability in apprenticeship delivery. Hence we provide classroom, live online, and on-demand tutor-led learning delivery. You can utilise your options' suitability; their detail includes:

  • Classroom: We deliver face-to-face lessons. Our tutors are subject matter specialists. So you can study the following timetable and attend weekday learning sessions.
  • Live Online: It is structured learning online scheduled classes during the day. You can adapt the attending options like half-day, full-day or evening. Our subject matter tutors deliver online with the flexibility to study anywhere.
  • Distance learning: You can complete your programme at your own pace and time. It provides tremendous flexibility that suits your life schedule. 
  • On-demand: This is our tutor-led online learning delivery. It features a range of designed online resources. They are structured and motivate apprentices at their own pace.

KBM has qualified AAT tutors to support you entirely during and after the programme. Furthermore, we provide free AAT study and practice materials for apprentices using our live, distance learning and on-demand solutions.

What are the jobs after the AAT level 4 apprenticeship completion?

Completing the level 4 accounting apprenticeships confirms senior job roles' capability. You can confidently pursue the following accountancy jobs:

  • Commercial Analyst
  • Payroll Manager
  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • Accounting Technician
  • Accounts Expenses Supervisor
  • Senior Financial Officer
  • Tax Investigations Officer
  • Personal Tax Assistant
  • Business Tax Assistant
  • Taxation Technician
  • Assistant Auditor
  • Assistant Management Accountant
  • Assistant Financial Accountant
  • Accounts Payable Supervisor

Exams and End-point assessment (EPA)

The level 4 accounting apprenticeship has the following assessments and EPA:

  • During the apprenticeship, continuous assessment and review through formative and summative methods.
  • Apprentices will complete a role simulation synoptically to assess the application of Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. It consistently considers apprentices' job roles and specialism. 
  • The assessment methods include assignments, workbooks, reflective accounts, discussions, knowledge tests, completion observations, etc.
  • The apprentice will undergo an independent End-point Assessment (EPA) at the required competence level. External assessors will conduct your EPA, and it will confirm your apprenticeship completion.


The AAT level 4 apprenticeship completion leads to professional accounting or tax qualification credits. Further, it also results in credits for relevant undergraduate degree programmes.

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