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An apprenticeship in accounting fully guarantees your dream career. KBM has a decisive contribution to accounting apprenticeship delivery. Over decades, we massively prepared expert accountants through accountancy apprenticeship routes. 

Practical hands-on accountancy training is our crucial focus. Our Gold Level ACCA partner firm is the best in accountancy training. It helps us tremendously in preparing competent accountants and bookkeepers. Hence, it makes KBM the best accounting or bookkeeping learning place.

Accounting as a career?

Accountancy is an enriching career. In a few years, the accounting profession can bring your income beyond £28,000. KBM has a more extended accounting history. We helped thousands of students and professionals in accounting, finance, bookkeeping and taxation.

An accounting apprenticeship is a reliable pathway to becoming an accountant or finance professional. Business accountancy learning is the apprenticeship goal. You will achieve this by studying accounting qualifications while shadowing qualified accountants.

What is an accounting Apprenticeship significance?

Most aspiring accounting individuals lack practical work experience. School leavers often overlook accounting apprenticeships while deciding on their careers. The apprenticeship benefits are great. It develops and fulfils skill gaps that enhance employability potential.

Apprenticeship is earning while learning opportunity. They give interaction opportunities with the same career people. Also, apprenticeships deliver industry-recognised qualifications and real work experience. Furthermore, an apprenticeship sets your sustainable career path directly.

Accounting apprenticeships have the edge over the typical routes. They prepare you as a fully qualified accountant. So no school or a university will you attend. Hands-on practical workplace training and vocational qualifications are apprenticeships' success factors.

What do you need before joining an accounting apprenticeship?

A pre-apprenticeship is a stepping-stone phase. It helps you become an apprentice. You need to meet the employer's skills and experience requirements essentially. KBM can quickly connect you with employers if you have some accounting knowledge and experience.

Our pre-apprenticeship programme is an ideal employability booster. It provides accounting qualifications and accountancy work experience. KBM also provides employability skills and English and maths support. Our support confirms your apprenticeship eligibility.

No breakthrough in becoming an apprentice is not worrisome. Our qualified accountants prepare apprentices. They deliver AAT Level 2 qualification and practical accountancy training to help you become an apprentice. KBM will assist you with accounting apprenticeship pathways.


How can you join an accounting apprenticeship?

You need to find apprenticeship vacancies to join the programme. KBM has a top employers' network across the UK. It makes us capable of finding accounting apprenticeship vacancies. Our team also connects apprentices with employers. 

Apprenticeships' qualifications and training

AAT apprenticeship has achieved vast popularity across England. KBM has AAT approval for its accounting apprenticeship qualifications delivery. We blend AAT qualifications with our practical accountancy training. KBM offers the following AAT accounting apprenticeships:

AAT has designed level 4 accounting apprenticeships, covering accounting and taxation specialisms. AAT assistant accountant apprenticeship prepares to assist a finance team. The AAT payroll admin apprenticeship delivers payroll management competency. 

Our all programmes include accounting software training. We properly focus on digital and cloud accounting. Our various accounting software solutions training has high value for you. You will learn to use Sage, QuickBooks, Xero, IRIS and much more.

Why accounting apprenticeship at KBM?

KBM has its ACCA's Gold Level partner firm, which keeps us out of the crowd. It helps us update our industry best practices. Further, it also informs employers' skills requirements. Hence, we are fully capable of transferring accounting apprenticeship knowledge, skills and behaviour.

KBM's apprenticeship delivery

We have a complete accounting apprenticeship delivery solution. It includes systems, processes and infrastructure with the latest technology. Further, trainers, mentors, qualified accountants and support staff help you tremendously.

Apprenticeship delivery methods at KBM

Our apprenticeships deliver regular workplace training. We meet 20% off-the-job training requirements. Our support helps apprentices during their journey. Our apprenticeship facilities include:

  • Online resources for self-study
  • Rolling apprenticeship starts, and cohort delivery
  • Skills days and workshops
  • Trainers' face-to-face visits
  • Practical on-the-job learning and observations
  • Off-the-job training sessions
  • Classroom sessions and masterclasses
  • Virtual workshops
  • Webinars

How can you achieve an apprenticeship?

There are many apprenticeships in England with various role levels. Both government and the employer contribute to funding. Apprenticeships are entirely free for apprentices. Hence, no student loans or tuition fees there. Contact us, and the rest is with KBM.

Accounting apprenticeship foundation at KBM?

We offer a complete solution to your accounting apprenticeship transition swiftly. Join our AAT Level 2 accounting qualification that we blend with accounting work experience. Our ten weeks foundation will turn your apprenticeship rejections into offers. The benefits include: 

  • A fully government-funded programme where you pay nothing)
  • Classes with dedicated tutors' support
  • AAT approved qualification
  • Work experience with chartered accountants
  • Accountancy training on Sage 50, QuickBooks and Xero
  • Professional CV and interview preparation
  • Apprenticeship placement
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