Advanced Credit Controller Debt Collection Specialist Level 3

Advanced Credit Controller / Debt Collection Specialist profile include to work with internal and external customers, both commercial and consumer, to ensure that the cash flow of their organisation is maximised while attaining customer outcomes. He can specialise in Credit Risk or Advanced Collection or Enforcement & Recovery. The role includes active and practical communication with customers who have not paid or who have reached credit limits or minimise bad debts but maintaining constructive relationships on a longer-term basis with buyers and customers.

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Course Coverage:

KBM Tutors and Teachers will deliver coaching and learning to improve their knowledge, skills and behaviours to meet the requirements of the Credit Controller / Collector. The role focus is toward active interaction with customers at high risk because of multiple debts, consistently reaching credit limits or breaching credit agreements, missing repayments to minimise/recover bad debts but maintaining sustainable relationships. Apprentice roles are fast-paced and target driven with detailed knowledge of law, regulations and business environment. KBM will help the apprentice in building knowledge, skills and behaviours as under:

  • Knowledge – Understanding of principles of credit management & debt collection together with a sound understanding of organisational guidelines, enforcement and recovery, understanding of the legal, regulatory, risk and compliance framework, Industry & organisation understanding, products & services, credit risk, understanding of the systems, tools & processes including IT tools.
  • Skills – Apprentice will be able to review & analyse customer applications, seek information and make decisions on credit limits and organisational requirements, referring upwards where necessary. Apprentices deal with complex relationships, resolving issues and making recommendations outside standard processes where required.
  • Behaviours – Delivers excellent service, identifying and meeting customer needs. Develops strong, positive and sustained relationships with customers, recognising the business context of their relationship and their importance to the organisation. Communication including listening to understand the customer’s circumstances, negotiation and decision making, teamwork and personal development.

Entry Requirements:

Individual employers will set the selection criteria for their Apprenticeships. Employers may want most candidates to have Level 2 Maths and English. Other relevant or prior experience may also be considered as an alternative.


Apprentice can apply professional membership of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management or the London Institute of Banking & Finance, depending on which qualification is taken.

On & Off the Job Training & Coaching:

We meet individuals in achieving the 20% off the job learning rule & includes formal face to face teaching at our training centre &/or virtual classroom training. Practical skills training, E-learning modules & research projects / independent study assignments. Training is underpinned by 1:1 & group tutor coaching sessions (face to face/Skype). On the job training includes job shadowing, experiential learning to gain real-world skills. We always recommend a workplace mentor for learners to utilise in addition to our training services to help develop knowledge & skills & appropriate workplace behaviours & practices. Our dedicated staff will offer coaching formally & informally in sessions or via email, phone & text.

Resources/Online Technology use:

  • Our solution to meeting includes diverse delivery approaches: peripatetic delivery, workplace observation, blended learning, webinars, online web resources & a dedicated student portal.
  • We offer flexible delivery & timetables to suit the needs of the employer & learner.
  • Our blended learning offers workplace training & assessment, off the job workshops, tutorials, online learning & interactive resources.
  • Apart from the class-based learning, KBM assists learners through online videos, study material/contents and assignments.
  • All learners have access to the student portal which shows all type of progress and milestones.
  • KBM’s admin staff is available to assist learners through all possible mediums including 1-1 tutorials on Skype, Whatsapp and Telephone.

End-Point Assessment:

End Point Assessment will be carried out to check the ability of the apprentice to demonstrate competence in the role. It takes place in the last circa three months of the apprenticeship, once the apprentice has met the Gateway criteria, and consists of the assessment methods described below:

  • Assignments: The apprentice will complete a structured assignment be set by the independent assessment organisation during the end-point assessment phase of the apprenticeship. The structure will ensure that the assignment covers, in a synoptic manner, the core of the Standard and the specialist option that the apprentice has chosen.
  • Professional Discussions: The Professional Discussion is a structured interview between the apprentice and the Independent Assessment Organisation’s Assessor, covering the knowledge, skills and behaviours in the Standard. It will explore the content of the assignment, together with how it was produced, providing validation for the assessor of what has been submitted.

About Course:

  • Job Roles: The apprentice can fully perform the job roles as Advanced Credit Controller / Debt Collection Specialist.
  • Awarding Body: Advanced Credit Controller / Debt Collection Specialist Level 3 is accredited by Chartered Institute Of Credit Management / NOCN
  • Duration: 18 – 24 months
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