Advanced Credit Controller Apprenticeship Level 3

Every business across the UK and worldwide essentially focuses on credit management and debt collection. Hence, there is Credit Controllers tremendous demand that exists everywhere. The advanced credit controller apprenticeship provides expertise in advanced credit control functions.

Also, apprenticeships provide learning while earning, making it a golden opportunity. KBM has an extensive track record in making people employable from apprenticeships. Choosing KBM to gain the advanced credit control apprenticeship guarantees your successful career.

What do Advanced Credit Controllers do?

An organisation's advanced credit controller role is significant in managing credits and debt collection. They work with internal and external all types of customers and maximise their organisation's cash flow. Also, achieving fair customer outcomes is the credit controllers' function.

Retaining positive and sustained customer relationships is the credit controller's goal. They must have relevant law and regulations knowledge. Credit controllers contribute to business operations, policies, sales, financial risk management and customer relationships. They interact with diverse and high-risk customers for:

  • Multiple debts
  • Reaching credit limits
  • Breaching credit agreements
  • Missing repayments to minimise or recover bad debts 

Credit controller is a rewarding career with fast-paced and target-driven roles. The advanced credit control apprenticeship delivers the full capability to become a successful credit controller. It focuses on both credit management and debt collection. If you are interested in this profession, this apprenticeship will help you enormously.

Job opportunities after the apprenticeship completion?

At completion, you can confidently apply for credit management and debt collection jobs. The credit control level 3 apprenticeship qualifies you for the following roles:

  • Collections Agent
  • Finance Controller
  • Collections Adviser
  • Credit Risk Manager
  • Senior Credit Controller
  • Debt Collection Specialist
  • Advanced Credit Controller
  • Customer Account Manager
  • Credit and Collection Representative

Why join KBM for the Advanced Credit Control apprenticeship?

KBM has delivered hundreds of apprenticeships. Our dedicated assessors and tutors practically develop your valuable skills and knowledge. KBM's apprentices' support team fully assists in your study matters.

We have our innovative and high-quality learning delivery infrastructure to help you promptly. You can benefit from our extensive recruitment support. We provide complete information on credit controller and debt collectors’ jobs and apprenticeships.

Our commitment is to facilitate our apprentices in all their studies and job matters. Further, we can connect you with employers free of charge. Also, we help in preparing your CV and interview. Our support will continue even after your programme completion.


The apprenticeship completion makes you eligible for your next progression steps. You can move forward either in Financial Services or Accountancy sectors. Also, you can obtain the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) or the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) professional membership.

Entry Requirements

Employers set their apprentices' selection criteria. At least a grade of 5 GCSE (or equivalent) in Maths and English will help. Level 2 English and Maths is a requirement you can complete during the apprenticeship, where KBM will help you fully. Relevant prior experience also comes under consideration during your selection.

The Apprenticeship Duration

The typical completion time is 18-24 months. However, you can flexibly complete the advanced credit control apprenticeship in 20 months, including learning delivery and the End Point Assessment (EPA).

Qualification and Training

The advanced credit control apprenticeship delivers valuable practical training and qualification. You will achieve a CICM Level 3 Diploma in Credit and Collections. So, the advanced credit controller and debt collection specialist level 3 apprenticeship will effectively develop your credit management and collection knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

Further, KBM will help you through maximum practical work. We have our 2500+ clients, and you will practice on their actual files. Also, you will apply the CICM qualification knowledge practically. It gives total confidence to perform at your workplace perfectly.

Although the core learning package is the same, you must choose an option from the following according to your specialism: 

  • Credit risk
  • Advanced collections
  • Enforcement and recovery

Another option is to choose either a Credit Control or a Collections route for your programme's CICM Level 3 Diploma element.

What Knowledge will you gain?

The advanced credit controller and debt collection specialist level 3 apprenticeship provide expert command over:

  • Products and services
  • Systems and processes
  • Legal, regulatory and compliance
  • Credit management and debt collection
  • Industry and organisation understanding

What Skills will you learn?

The credit control level 3 apprenticeship skills delivery is tremendous. It will deliver workplace and specialism skills like:

  • Results-oriented service delivery
  • Negotiation and decision making
  • Customers relationships management
  • Teamwork with colleagues and collaborators
  • Communication with customers and colleagues
  • Continuous improvement to improve work practice
  • Personal development on feedback to improve performance

What Behaviours will you develop?

The advanced credit controller apprenticeship develops your professional and occupational behaviours, which include:

  • Resilience, energy and enthusiasm demonstration
  • Flexibility, changing work priorities and accepting changes
  • Integrity, doing the right things and maintaining the confidentiality

Learning Outcome of Advanced Credit Controller Apprenticeship

The advanced credit control apprenticeship will provide you with the following learning outcomes:

  • Legal, risk and compliance understanding
  • Systems, tools and processes understanding
  • Complex customer relationships management
  • Customer application reviewing and analysing 
  • Appropriate enforcement and recovery action decision-making
  • Credit management and debt collection principles' understanding

KBM's Advanced Credit Control Apprenticeship Study Options

KBM provides classroom, on-demand, live online, and tutor-led delivery methods. We always focus on flexibility and suitability in our apprenticeship delivery. You can choose to study from the following solutions:

  • Classroom: KBM offers face-to-face study. We have subject matter specialists to help you. You can study by following our timetable; weekday learning sessions are also available.
  • Distance learning: This learning method is ideal for completing your programme at your own pace and time. It provides complete flexibility to suit your life schedule. 
  • Live Online: You can select our structured learning online classes during the day. Our tutors deliver online learning with the flexibility to study anywhere. Options like half-day, full-day or evening are available at KBM.
  • On-demand: KBM offers a tutor-led online learning option. It includes a range of online designed resources. These sources are structured and motivate our apprentices to complete their programmes at their own pace.

KBM has qualified tutors to help you effectively during and after your apprenticeship. Furthermore, we will provide you with study and learning materials free of cost using our live, on-demand, and distance learning apprentices.

20% Off-the-job training

Advanced credit control apprenticeship has a 20% off-the-job training requirement. So you need a 1-day weekly training. Our expert credit management professionals assist you in your off-the-job training. Also, we provide mentoring and coaching to our apprentices free of charge.

End-point Assessment (EPA)

KBM offers its full support in passing your EPA. The EPA examine the Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours (KSB) you acquired from the Advanced Credit Controller Apprenticeship. The EPA will include assignments and professional discussions to check your occupational knowledge, skills and competence. You must pass your EPA to complete your credit control level 3 apprenticeship.

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