Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship Level 3

The Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship provides a strong career ladder. KBM has over three decades of contribution in preparing capable accountants by apprenticeships. These Level 3 AAT apprenticeships play a tremendous role. They enable you to perform accounting job roles effectively. Assistant Accountant jobs are enormous you can pursue at completion.

Hand-on practical accountancy training is essential at KBM. We have produced thousands of accountants from apprenticeship programmes. Our Gold Level ACCA partner chartered accountancy firm perfectly trains apprentices. So we are proud of having ideal accountancy working and learning place. 

How is accountancy as your career?

Accounting has fruitful career prospects. As an assistant accountant, you reach around £30,000 annually. On the other hand, assistant accountant jobs are massively available. Hence, assistant accountant level 3 AAT apprenticeships are worthwhile. 

Accounting skills demand is massive and exists in all industries or sectors. You can work in any organisation's accounting or finance section. You can also compete for assistant management accountant jobs. Public and private sector businesses always look for assistant accountants.

What qualifications make an assistant accountant?

It has no formal qualifications required, but an accounts assistant apprenticeship. Alongside other accounting vocational qualifications, apprenticeship is a powerful way of becoming an assistant. It takes only 18 months. Further, KBM practical accountancy training and accountancy software learning tremendously help.

What will you gain from an assistant accountant apprenticeship?

Assistant accountants help an organisation's accounts or finance team. Their job function is to provide professional assistance in all business accounting areas. AAT level 3 assistant accountant apprenticeship brings expertise chest.

You will learn various accounting tasks to perform as an accounting team member. These tasks will include ledger preparation and maintenance. A cash flow forecasting and bank statement reconciliation is your learning part. 

Further, you will understand data entry, month-end and year-end accounts preparation, VAT returns and calculations. Also, you will learn excellent organisational skills. The apprenticeship will transfer knowledge, skills and behaviour to make you an expert accountant.

What knowledge does an assistant accountant apprenticeship transfer?

It will transfer valuable business awareness knowledge like transactions and compliance with financial information. You will fully understand relevant IT systems and accounting processes. Further, you will learn transaction entries, reconciling, sales, purchase and payroll processes.

Furthermore, level 3 AAT apprenticeships will help you understand double-entry bookkeeping. Also, it will enable you to assist in decision-making and apply regulations for VAT calculation and return submission. Using ethical standards to protect an organisation's reputation is also your learning.

Assistant accountant apprenticeship skills delivery

You will learn to produce quality and accurate information for accounting analysis. Also, you will learn problem-solving, communication skills, effective data recording and analysing and decision-making support.

What behaviour does accounting apprenticeship develop and enhance?

The level 3 AAT apprenticeships develop your ethics, integrity and accountability. It grows and enhances your accounting profession's behaviours. You will understand accepting changes adds value to the organisation. Further, it will improve your productivity, team working and collaboration.

What AAT qualification will you achieve through an assistant accountant apprenticeship?

You will achieve the AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting as your apprenticeship. You can achieve this qualification online or classroom. Further, we blend the AAT qualifications with our hands-on practical accounting training. It allows our students to apply AAT qualification knowledge and build their confidence.

Our AAT students' pass rate is over 95%. Our AAT qualifications learning solution effectively helps you. Our chartered accountants help in accountancy practice. You will do this on actual files at our accounting workplace. Alongside, we offer accountancy software learning. We have ProAdvisors for Sage, Quickbooks, and Xero to help you.

Entry, eligibility, and duration

Assistant accountant apprenticeship completion time is within 15-18 months. The apprenticeship requires English and Maths skills learning completion. The eligibility includes:

  • For Adults Age 18+ while School Leaver's age requirement is 16-18
  • 5 GCSE A*-C /Grade 9-4 with English and Maths, AAT L3, or equivalent accounting qualification

Our assistant accountant apprenticeship delivery

We offer apprenticeships that we blend with practical accountancy training. Our chartered accountancy firm will be your practising place. Qualified and experts account will supervise and help you. You will learn accounting software like Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks. They massively help accountants; our delivery methods include:

  • Online or classroom workshops
  • Online self-study. 

Our roll-on and roll-off apprenticeship delivery ensure meeting 20% off-the-job training. We support apprentices' across their journey; it includes:

  • Skills open days
  • Workshops
  • Classroom sessions
  • Masterclasses
  • Trainers' face-to-face visits
  • On-the-job learning 
  • Observations
  • Self-study resources
  • Virtual workshops 
  • Webinars

Progression opportunities

Assistant Accountant competence is a progression foundation for various career paths like Corporate Recovery Analyst, Audit Trainee, Tax Accountant or Credit Controller. At completion, you will have massive job opportunities like:

  • Accounts Clerk
  • Trainee Accounting Technician
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Finance Assistant
  • Cashier 
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Purchase Ledger Clerk
  • Sales Ledger Clerk


Assessments check your knowledge, skills and behaviours at your work experience completion. They can be your on-programme assessments. Further, performance appraisal evidence and your training provider feedback on your progress review will demonstrate your competence.

Why join KBM for an assistant accountant apprenticeship?

KBM has completed hundreds of accounting apprenticeship programmes. We have dedicated assessors and tutors to develop your accounting skills. KBM's support team fully work to assist you swiftly. Please contact us to experience our innovative and high-quality learning solution. 

Furthermore, we provide high-quality recruitment support. You will gain complete information on assistant management accountant and assistant accountant jobs. Our team will help you connect with employers free of charge. We also assist in CV and interview preparation. Our goal is to facilitate our students and professionals in all their studies and job-related matters.

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