AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping

The AAT level 2 bookkeeping certificate offers a bookkeeping career with tremendous skills and knowledge to work in any industry. Also, you can utilise freelancing or self-employment options after completing it. This certification requires no specific background or experience but your learning commitment.

KBM will fully develop your valuable practical accountancy skills at this level 2 bookkeeping. You will understand the double-entry bookkeeping system alongside utilising associated documents and processes. Also, this qualification will focus on transactions for accuracy and making entries in appropriate accounting books and ledgers. You will learn how to calculate sales invoices and prepare credit notes.

Why study at KBM?

KBM has prepared thousands of bookkeepers and accountants in the last three decades, making it the centre of accounting excellence. Hence, we ensure you successfully achieve your AAT level 2 bookkeeping qualification at KBM.

We blend AAT qualifications with practical bookkeeping training and work experience. Our high calibre accountants and tutors will prepare you for your assessments and exams alongside your qualification and training. You will gain training in the KBM's ACCA Gold Level Chartered and Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors firm. This practice will enormously boost your capability.

The AAT level 2 bookkeeping provides the option to work towards a full AAT qualification. Our chartered accountants will assist you in your qualification and training. You will practically work on our client's actual files in our Chartered and Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors firm.

Also, you will learn computerised accounting using software like Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, IRIS, and Advanced Excel. Our Pro Advisors will fully assist in your learning. Computerised accounting is every employer's demand. Hence, you will become fully employable because it enhances your bookkeeping potential.

We have over 95% AAT success rates showing our commitment to delivering accounting, finance, and taxation qualifications and training. KBM is the AAT-approved training provider with the following success factors:

  • AAT exams and assessments preparation 
  • Expert classroom-based and online learning support
  • Practical training and AAT subjects blend a perfect study and practical combination 
  • E-portfolio solution for your booking at any time in West, North and East London and Birmingham KBM's training centres
  • Free e-portfolio for tracking your performance and training with integration into AAT academic modules
  • Weekend and evening classes availability
  • CPD Certification availability that is required to become the AAT Member with all AAT levels integration
  • Three certificates achievement including AAT, CPD and a computerised accounting certificate from one software like SAGE, XERO or QuickBooks
  • Interview and CV preparation support alongside job hunting techniques.

Distance learning delivery options

KBM's distance learning delivery will enormously help if you prefer an independent study at your own pace and time towards your preferred qualification completion date. It is ideally flexible and suitable for your daily life schedule.

We will provide your free study, assignments and practising material according to the AAT requirements. Our dedicated tutors and support staff will support distance learning through our online student portal.

Entry requirements

You can start with any qualification. It depends on your existing skills and experience. However, a good English and Math standard provides the best success chance.

AAT level 2 bookkeeping suits school leavers, university leavers, and career changers. You need to sign up with AAT, where KBM will help you promptly.


The AAT level 2 bookkeeping certification effectively prepares you to perform different bookkeeping and accounting jobs. So you can pursue enormous job opportunities across any sector. At completion, you can confidently apply for the following positions:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Clerical Assistant
  • Trainee Bookkeeper
  • Finance Assistant
  • Accounts Clerk
  • Accounts Administrator

Also, the level 2 bookkeeping certification achievement qualifies you to progress towards AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping.

Annual salary range

Salaries depend on location and working sectors. Also, it considers your experience length and nature. Hence, the salaries are variable, and you can expect between £15,000 and £28,000 annually.

Completion time

This AAT level 2 qualification has three months completion time. However, it varies on the study method, option and course schedule.

AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping Syllabus

This level 2 bookkeeping qualification effectively develops your practical accountancy skills for working in the double-entry bookkeeping system. It delivers associated documents and processes utilisation skills.

Also, you will cover transactions for accuracy, appropriate books and ledger entries. Calculating sales invoices and credit notes preparation skills, you will learn. The qualification's syllabus includes the following mandatory units:

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Principles of Bookkeeping Controls

Introduction to Bookkeeping

You will acquire manual and digital bookkeeping systems. It will also deliver associated documents and processes utilisation valuable skills. Also, you will learn the double-entry bookkeeping system's basic principles, and the unit's outcome will include:

  • Bookkeeping systems setting up understanding 
  • Customer transactions processing
  • Receipts and payments processing
  • Supplier transactions processing
  • Transactions into the ledger accounts processing

Principals of Bookkeeping Controls

This second mandatory unit will build knowledge and skills from your previous Introduction to Bookkeeping unit. It will offer preparation skills for value-added tax (VAT) control accounts. Further, you will learn about control accounts, journals and reconciliations.

Also, it will develop your capability to work on receivables and payables ledger accounts. You will know how to use the journal to record various transactions and correct errors. Furthermore, following adjustments, this study unit effect prepares you for redrafting the initial trial balance. At completion, you will understand:

  • Control accounts utilisation
  • Bank statement and the cash book reconciliation
  • The Journal utilisation
  • Trial balances production

Course assessments

The two mandatory unit assessments complete this qualification. The proportion of this qualification assessed by externally marked assessment is 100%. All the qualification assessments are: 

  • Computer-based
  • Set and marked by the AAT
  • Time-limited 
  • Under controlled conditions
  • Scheduled by training providers or assessment venues 
  • The AAT assessment venue, KBM, has its AAT-approved assessment at its centre to help you

Assessments schedule

You will book your assessments when you're ready. KBM will assist you in checking assessments' availability and schedule. You can sit for the assessments at completion, available at a specific time during the year. The AAT synoptic assessments examine your connections and understanding of the different qualification topics.


You must pass the two mandatory unit assessments. The AAT will award grades on a performance basis across the qualification. There are no individual graded unit assessments. Unit assessments give marks to calculate the overall qualification grades, which are:

  • Distinction
  • Merit
  • Pass


Synoptic assessments' result availability is within six weeks of the synoptic window's last day. You'll see your assessment results online using your MYAAT account on the AAT website.


You must enter for an assessment when you are well prepared to pass the assessment. It provides liberty in resits because of no restriction on re-sits. If you are unsuccessful in an assessment attempt, you will discuss your results with your tutor for appropriate revision before going for the assessment retaking.

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