AAT Bookkeeping Qualification leading to the AATQB

AAT bookkeeping modules of level 2, will lead you to become an AATQB. You can open your Bookkeeping practice after having bookkeeping training from the KBM Training & Recruitment Ltd. (KBM)

Are you seeking a professional AAT Bookkeeping course in London? That's great, and you got one! We are here to give a picture of some detailed information about the course and the AAT Bookkeeping course provider. We, KBM are happy to provide you with all the information on the AATQB by covering the following aspects:

  • What is the AAT Bookkeeping course?
  • What is AATQB?
  • What are the subjects of AAT Bookkeeping?
  • What is the detail of the course contents?
  • What about the Assessment of AAT Bookkeeping Exams?
  • What are the jobs available for Bookkeeper?
  • What is Bookkeeping Training?
  • What about the Duration of the Course?
  • What about the Course Tutors of KBM on AAT?
  • What are the Bookkeeping Courses Study Options?
  • Why Study at KBM?

What is the AAT Bookkeeping Course?

Bookkeeping is a necessary part of business practices, and it is at the centre of all the businesses. "Bookkeeping" is a skill that is in massive demand across the UK and worldwide. The bookkeepers can work as an employee of the organisation and even self-employed as well. The "self-employed" accountants attract a broad and diverse portfolio of clients and customers. Self-employment allows you to work on your convenience and gain work-life balance. We are aiming to prepare you through high-quality training, which encourages you to meet your career goals and to get your perfect job role.

If you want to excel as a Certified Bookkeeper, the AAT Qualified Bookkeeper (AATQB) status is for you. For the AATQB Status, you have to complete the AAT bookkeeping study successfully, which it has a split into two levels that is:

Once you successfully pass all five exams, you can achieve the AATQB status; this will give you a launching point to build up a successful profession in the Bookkeeping.

What is AATQB?

After passing all the five exams - you will achieve the AATQB status, which will make you capable and competent in the following aspects:

  • Knowledge of the cost recording systems based on income and expenditures, including an understanding and skills of variations actual verses, expected figures based on the onset.
  • You will understand the functions of spreadsheets / advanced knowledge of Excel
  • Learning and practising accounting software, with reliable login, passwords integration and backup methodology
  • AAT bookkeeping an essential part of the programme focus on ethical concerns and sustainabilities.
  • The vital element is the understanding and knowledge of the double-entry bookkeeping system and its associated processes.
  • Following banking receipts and payable policy.
  • A basic level of complexity, including the control accounts, journal, and reconciliations are the part of this course.

What are the subjects of AAT Bookkeeping?

The subjects include:

  • Bookkeeping controls
  • Bookkeeping Transactions
  • Elements of Costing
  • Work Effectively in Finance
  • Using Accounting Software

What is the detail of the course contents?

A student gaining this qualification will improve:

  • Double-entry Bookkeeping experiences 
  • Learn how to use control accounts, journals, and trial balance.
  • Students will also gain knowledge and competence to use an accounting software 
  • Students will be able to process financial data as per the schedules and procedures of the company
  • Expertise and capabilities on providing information to suppliers, colleagues, clients and other stakeholders when they ask.

What about the Assessment of AAT Bookkeeping Exams?

Students need to complete:

1. Four-unit assessments

2. One complete synoptic assessment

The student will 100% assess their study externally.

Assessments in the AAT Bookkeeping:

  • AAT will set and print
  • Classes will be computer-based
  • There will be time limitations
  • Will be scheduled by training tutors or by the assessment venues

Assessment will take place at recommended venues and centres in a controlled environment. Students have to pass all the necessary Assessments and the synoptic assessment for completion of the qualification and to gain a grade.

Unit and synoptic assessments have no separate grades, but the results achieved in all the Assessments will add to the student's overall ranking for the course.

What are the jobs available for Bookkeeper?

  • Bookkeeper as employee
  • Senior Bookkeeper as employee
  • Self-employed Bookkeeper
  • Sales/Purchase Ledger Clerk 
  • Credit Controller as in AP / AR role
  • VAT administrator

By performing on these job roles, you could earn, on average more than £26,000 per year. 

What is Bookkeeping training?

KBM has effective ways of giving AAT Level 2 qualification. We are combining the practical working requirement of AAT. The bookkeeping training through KBM will be between 40 to 80 hours to provides you with the best blend to know all the things you stud through books. We provide training through the real client and fill the gaps between theoretical study and working practice. You will gain hands-on practical competence and knowledge of working through software such as Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, and Advanced Excel Skills.

What about the Duration of the Course?

As per our assumption and experience of delivering AAT bookkeeping course, majority students take six months to complete.

What about the Course Tutors of KBM on AAT?

Tutors and teachers of the KBM are of high calibre with a wealth of decades experience bookkeeping and accounting. The instructors of KBM has helped thousands of student to achieve over 97% pass rate in exams.

What are the Bookkeeping Courses Study Options?

You are free to choose any one of the study options suitable for you to ensure your learning does not disturb your daily commitments.


In addition to our daily schedules, we conduct evening, weekend and daytime classes for AAT Bookkeeping programmes at our London and Birmingham campuses. We provide numbers of study training; you will sit with confidence throughout the exams. We assist our students with expert support in weekends and evenings. We offer a flexible study mechanism and start dates of the programmes. Even after your exams, you will gain from our certified and experienced teachers the efficient learning techniques and ongoing acknowledgement.

  • Through the face-to-face session in the classroom, our Experts will lead a designed programme
  • Sessions will be on the set times of the day
  • We provide the digital path to the KBM's OLMS (Online Learning Management System)
  • We provide workbooks for exercising on activities purposes.

Why Study at KBM?

KBM has highly-calibre accounting professional and qualified tutors to provide you with the best experience in training and knowledge. Our coaching and guidance course of Accountancy will enhance your confidence by working in a real-life scenario.

Also, there are massive advantages and benefits of joining KBM:

  • KBM has AAT Approved training centre
  • KBM CPD Certified specialists provide practical hands-on training.
  • Certification and recommendation from "KBM Chartered and Certified Accountants (KBM Group firm)
  • Enrol with BAC
  • Gain MAAT Status
  • Useful advice and guidance to open Accounting Business
  • KBM teachers have a wealth of experience; they will be available for one-to-one support during the currency of the course
  • We provide competence and capability on popular and globally-recognised accounting software such as Sage, QuickBooks, Xero, VT, Auto Entry, Iris, Forbes, and many others.
  • Confirmed job placement
  • We provide customised and trailed skills needed by employers of any size
  • We will provide reading/study material and videos to understand the modules of the course better
  • We offer free employability support like recruitment assistance, CV preparation; we also provide mock interview sessions.
  • We accept various payment options, including Debit card, Credit card, Cash, Bank Transfer and PayPal.
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