AAT Bookkeeping Courses | AAT Level 2 and Level 3

Join KBM to achieve the AAT bookkeeping qualifications successfully. These qualifications do not require any previous academic or work background. You only need Math and English skills, making your success chances bright. KBM's students' first attempt AAT pass rate is over 94%.

Focusing on junior roles, the AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Certificate develops your double-entry bookkeeping valuable skills. Also, it offers associated documents and processes understanding. Calculating sales invoices and preparing credit notes, you will understand. Further, you will learn transactions for accuracy and make entries in accounting books and ledgers.

The AAT Level 3 Bookkeeping Certificate offers more advanced bookkeeping knowledge and skills. So, you can effectively perform in higher-level bookkeeping or accounting jobs. Alongside excellent progression, it provides AATQB status and AAT Licensed Bookkeeper membership. So, you can start your accounting business after this qualification.

These qualifications properly enhance your earning potential. The AAT level 2 bookkeeping makes you earn between £15,000 and £28,000 annually. With level 3 bookkeeping, your income will be between £18,000 and £35,000 annually. 

Studying AAT Bookkeeping Level 2 and Level 3 at KBM

We offer AAT Level 2 and AAT Level 3 bookkeeping qualifications and training. These qualifications effectively prepare you for work, self-employment, and freelancing. It helps you learn valuable bookkeeping skills with enormous flexibility; we offer online, classroom, and distance learning solutions.

KBM's Bookkeeping Practical Training

KBM support has massively produced successful bookkeepers over three decades, making KBM a centre of bookkeeping excellence. We achieved this by blending our extensive hands-on practical bookkeeping training with AAT qualifications.

KBM has its ACCA Gold Level Chartered and Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors firm. We use it for your practical training. It will tremendously develop your job role competence to perform at your workplace correctly. Also, you will practice on our actual clients' files, boosting your confidence.

Individual Support

Our tutors, expert bookkeepers, and qualified accounts will help you achieve your learning and career goals. They will support you individually to make your programme a success. Further, our recruitment staff help you connect with open vacancies alongside CV and interview preparation.

Accountancy Software Solutions Training

Also, we essentially focus on computerised bookkeeping, every employer choice. You will learn bookkeeping software like Sage, QuickBooks, SAPA, IRIS, etc. We do this to improve your employability potential. Our Pro Advisors team will practically train you for bookkeeping software.

Exam Preparation Support at KBM

Our student support staff offer full assistance during and after your study at KBM. KBM tutors, accountants and industry experts fully assist your exam preparation. Also, we have our AAT-approved assessment venue. So, you will experience our one-window solution.

Flexible Learning Options

You can study and complete qualifications with total flexibility. We offer classroom study options across London and Birmingham. Also, it has flexible daily, weekend and evening session facilities. Further, KBM's dedicated teaching, training and support staff fully assist you.

KBM's online and distance learning solutions work perfectly. Our online and distance learning solution has free AAT study, assignment and practice material. The online study method needs to follow our flexible online class schedule. With distance learning, you can set your own study completion pace.

AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping | Coverage & Duration

The AAT bookkeeping level 2 qualification develops your double-entry bookkeeping system skills for working. Alongside you will gain associated documents and processes knowledge and abilities.

Also, you will learn the accurate transactions and their entry into appropriate books and ledgers. You will understand how to calculate and prepare sales invoices and credit notes. It has the following two mandatory units:

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Principles of Bookkeeping Controls

Furthermore, you can see the complete AAT level 2 bookkeeping certificate syllabus and assessments here.

You can complete this AAT level 2 bookkeeping qualification in three months. Further, it depends on your learning method, option and schedule.

AAT Level 3 Bookkeeping | Coverage & Duration

The AAT level 3 bookkeeping qualification offers advanced and complex skills and knowledge. Also, it provides excellent progression. Hence you can perform higher-level accounting or bookkeeping roles effectively. This AAT level 3 bookkeeping qualification has the following two mandatory units:

  • Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements
  • Tax Processes for Businesses

At completion, you have valuable knowledge and skills, including:

  • Advanced Bookkeeping
  • Accounting principles and concepts
  • Business issues: payroll and value-added tax (VAT)
  • Financial statements preparation

Click here for the details of the AAT level 3 bookkeeping certificate syllabus and assessments.

Also, you will qualify for high-value AAT bookkeeping member (AATQB) and AAT Licensed Bookkeeper membership. The membership allows you to start your own bookkeeping business with this level 3 qualification.

You will complete AAT level 3 bookkeeping in two months, considering your study schedule, learning method and options.

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