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"KBM is conducting a revision session for AAT Level 4 synoptic exams. It will help students and professionals to pass their exams."

  • What is a synoptic assessment of the AAT?
  • What is AAT Level 4?
  • Credentials requirement
  • Career options after the completion of AAT Level 4
  • AAT Level 4 Synoptic Exam Revision Session 
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What is a synoptic assessment of the AAT?

A synoptic assessment of the knowledge is about the skills and learning you have achieved during the level. It overlays multiple units. However, it does not apply to all Units. It is a computer-based exam that you will sit when you complete the alternative core gadgets in the AAT level 4 qualification.

It will express your knowledge of accountancy skills and your ability to use them at the workplace. Further, it will convey to your employers your popularity as an Accounting Technician

Synoptic exams for advanced level 3 and professional level 4 qualifications demands to sit down at six fixed instances during a year. Our qualified teachers and accounts will help you in your studies.

When it comes to the length of the AAT synoptic assessment, it will vary depending on the qualification:

  • Synoptic assessment is three hours for Professional
  • Synoptic assessment is two hours for Foundation
  • Synoptic assessment is three hours for Advanced

AAT Level 4

AAT level 4 is a final level of the AAT qualifications. Once you have completed level 4, that's mean you are full AAT Accounting Technician. Like other qualifications, this level is more challenging than the different levels of the AAT. It will give you self-assurance and information you need to go onto further qualifications like CIMA, ACCA, and ICAEW.

The AAT level 4 diploma is a final stage in the AAT qualification. It is very suitable for gaining the full status of AAT Membership. Studying two elective units and four obligatory will get you ready for further specialised accounting and finance roles.

If you want to excel your accounting and finance career to the new heights, this AAT level 4 qualification will help you to complete the full trail of the AAT. We will give you practical tutor support, so do not worry help during the study. You will have an opportunity for a group study with your fellow students.

Credentials requirement

You need to complete the AAT Level 3 qualificationor you have completed a degree in finance or accounting. Exceptions are there for those that have other AAT Level 3 qualification. If you are worried about which level is suitable for you, you need to use the AAT Skill check test.

Following are the entry requirements every AAT course:

  • 18 or over, or if you are below 18 you must have had a third-party for the financial agreement
  • English language skills equivalent if English is not your first language.
  • Present at all exams at the AAT approved centre.

Career options after the completion of AAT Level 4

AAT Level 4 will take ahead your accounting and finance career. You will learn about multipart and higher accounting and finance skills. It will allow you to differentiate yourself by having expert knowledge through the optional units. Your CV will not only show your skills but will also reflect that you have the dedication and work ethics.

After the complete pathway, you are entitled as AAT Full Member. You can efficiently perform the job roles like Commercial Analyst or Accounts Manager. AAT Level 4 has an exemption from various qualifications that will allow you to become a Chartered Accountant.

AAT Level 4 Synoptic Exam Revision Session

We will run the revision session on AAT Level 4 Synoptic exam. The course will include beneficial suggestions to pass the Synoptic assessments.

Studying with KBM

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