Top reasons to achieve an AAT Qualification

"Job support and employer approval. AAT synoptic assessments and AAT levels and post-qualification earning potential."

No matter you are a student finding a career kick start or to you want to become professionally competent to handle a company accounts with challenging job roles. So the AAT would be a good kick start for your career. The AAT qualifications will make you capable of achieving your career goals. You will gain professional knowledge and skills required to perform an accounting job role. Becoming an AAT qualified is an ideal way to earn more and more. You will explore here the benefits of the AAT qualification.

Reasons why to achieve an AAT Qualification:

AAT training course in accounting will help you to start your career in accounting and bookkeeping. If you are looking to go further in your accountancy career or you want to become a qualified accountant without any previous work experience? The AAT qualification is an excellent start to your job. 

Bookkeeping is one of the most earning qualifications, where you will not set aside ever, the effort to look at what an AAT competency will offer you. It has the following strong reasons:

1.   AAT is a symbol of excellence: AAT will help you to put real bookkeeping competence that will be developed. AAT Accounting and Bookkeeping qualifications are in line with the demand of employers in today's accounting and finance sectors. We will use real-world practical accounting skills in day-to-day organisational practices. AAT qualifications are recognised and the mark of engagement in any industry. The capabilities help employees and employers to develop their accounting skills for business. AAT qualifications have a worldwide acceptance and provide you with a professional status.

Suppose you are looking for some good career opportunities and you have recently graduated. In that case, AAT is an ideal choice because it will help in the required knowledge and skillsets, which the employer is looking. It will make you capable of solving the real-world issues of business undertakings, as it gives a practical exposure.

2.   The skills that an employer wants: Accounting and bookkeeping is vital for any business. Hence, the high demand for accounting and bookkeeping skills exist in all the sectors across the UK. The practical and business-focused courses help you in the management of the accounts, budgets, finance, and cash flow effectively. These skills are a part of organisational growth. AAT qualification enables you to build your CV with a high level of excellence which employers are looking. Through getting AAT certifications, it boosts up the chances of getting hired in a well-reputed organisation.

3.   Fast-track way for the other professional bodies: AAT qualifications are highly recommended to progress your dream career in the chartered accounting. Hence, it will be a fast track way for chartered accounting. AAT qualification facilitates you for the entry in further certifications.

4.   Great return on your investment for your dream career: AAT qualification courses are so much economic as compare to others. The AAT qualification is a dedication to enhance your skills for your job. You will have an opportunity to be placed in a high salaried role in a company. AAT qualifications have a significant return on your investment that you will get after AAT qualified with job security.

5.   Make the most out of your career gap: No matter, if you have any gap in your qualifications and still want to study. If you're going to get into a professional career in finance and accounts, AAT qualifications will help you to build up your skills and knowledge. An AAT qualification will bridge the gaps. It will boost your confidence to apply for jobs in accounting and finance.

AAT job roles and salaries

Through the AAT Access Level 1, you can earn up to £12,000 on the following job roles:

  • Clerical assistant
  • Cashier

AAT Level 2 will make you capable of earning £19,500-£22,000 through the following jobs:

  • Account clerk
  • Finance assistant
  • Trainee Bookkeeper
  • Accounts administrator

When you an AAT Level 3, you will earn £25,000, you can perform as:

  • Ledger manager
  • Senior bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounts manager

AAT Level 4 is a higher level, which makes you capable of earning £32,000-£42,500 by performing on the job roles like:

  • Tax supervisor
  • Vat accountant
  • Fixed asset accountant
  • Commercial analyst
  • Payroll manager
  • Senior financial officer
  • Cost accountant
  • Assistant financial accountant
  • Senior bookkeeper

 6. Enhance your potential of earning: If you are in an accounting job and want progression in your career in the sector, you can enhance further opportunities through an AAT qualification. With the AAT course, you will achieve knowledge and recognitions. It will develop your accounting, bookkeeping, and finance knowledge and skills. Advanced accounting techniques will help you to pursue top positions and job roles. 

7.   No age requirement or limit: AAT qualification will be a pathway for exploring many opportunities and will give you new challenges and experiences. You need not worry about your age; there is no age requirement for AAT qualifications.

8.   Key skills and knowledge for school leavers: AAT course will provide you with the skills and experience as per the demand of employers. Entry-level qualification and other accounting courses will develop your career pathway.

9.   AAT standards: AAT provides proper guidance for its students for their successful career in accounting and finance. AAT courses are in line with the most up to date standards.

Entry Requirements

No previous knowledge or skills in bookkeeping or accounting are necessary to get a start in the AAT Bookkeeping. The essential entry-level AAT qualification is for the individuals who have no proper background knowledge in accounting and bookkeeping. No specific age requirement or experience is necessary to start the AAT course. The only requirement is your strong desire to start a career in the accounting sector.


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