Overview of the AAT Qualifications via Distance Learning Option by KBM

You can have all the information about the AAT Qualifications via Distance Learning Option through the KBM Training & Recruitment Ltd. You can choose as an ideal training provider, particularly for the AAT qualification. KBM has proud of helping thousands of students and professionals in the accounting and finance sectors.

If you are stepping up from your current role as an accountant or you are interested in becoming an accountant but have no previous experiences. Then the AAT qualification is an ideal way to kick-start your career in the accounting profession.

Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the UK's leading professional accounting membership body with more than 150,000 members in more than 90 countries across the Globe. AAT has the license of four of the UK's leading chartered accountancy bodies which include CIPFA, ICAEW, CIMA and ICAS. 

KBM is glad to explain everything about the AAT qualifications:

  • Why do you need an AAT?
  • What are the AAT levels?
  • How much can I earn when I am AAT qualified?
  • What are the methods of learning AAT?
  • How long will I take to become an AAT qualified?
  • Benefits and Advantages of becoming AAT qualified?
  • Why Study at KBM?

Why do you need an AAT?

The AAT Accounting Qualification is very popular in all segments of the accounting sector with a purpose to provide students with all the knowledge, practical skills and competent essentially required to enhance your career prospects in accounting and finance sector.

AAT qualifications have worldwide recognition with a general consideration as essential to bag several accounting job roles. You can study without any barrier like age, experience and previous skills requirements, so it is ideal for anyone seeking a career pathway in the accounting and finance sector.

The whole of the Procter and Gamble, HMV and NHS have been entirely successful in using AAT to helping their employees developing their accounting skills. They are paving the way for the AAT's position as industry-leaders when it comes to accounting.

What are the AAT levels?

The AAT qualification ranges from the fundamental level to the advanced level in accounting. Break up of AAT different qualifications is:

AAT Level 1: It is a basic introduction of accounting and finance skills, which is in the form of a short course to take the first step when you complete this qualification you are an AAT member, which will open the door to various accounting job roles. You should be at the age of 16+ to enrol in this course. 

AAT Level 2This is the first stage of the AAT. This course will make you capable and competence through the skills and knowledge essential for accounting. It includes principles of the double-entry system, credit control, trial balances. This course has no essential requirement of AAT Level 1 to gain this Level 2 qualification.

AAT Level 2: This level is the first step to gain full AAT accounting qualification and dream career in the accounting and finance sector. The course provides you with a full understanding of essential financial tasks and activities like dealing with supplier and customers records, figures entries and invoices with discounted calculations relating to taking pictures to the trial balance. It also covers recording journals, payment methods, bank reconciliations dealing. AAT Level 2 has two differences which are:

  • AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping has two subjects
  • AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting have five subjects

AAT Level 3: This is a middle stage of the AAT which construct on the knowledge and skills learnt at the previous Level 2 of which the central focus is on specific accounting tasks and assignments like formal preparation of accounts. At completion, you will obtain the AAT Diploma in Accounting.

AAT Level 4: This is a final and most advanced stage of the AAT, which provides essential knowledge and skills like preparation of the budget, financial performance through financial statements drafting. At completion, you are an AAT qualified member, which validates your advanced skills and knowledge in accounting and finance.

How much can I earn when I am AAT qualified?

It depends on variations like location, employer and the certification you have. You earn according to the specific guideline. When you are a Level 1 or Level 2 qualified you can easily make around £21,000 as an initial salary, for example, as a Bookkeeper or Accounts Clerk.

Interestingly, passing through each level will enable you to take the next step in your accounting career, which can see you walk into various positions like:

  • Accountant
  • Accounts Manager
  • Purchase Ledge Supervisor 
  • Sales Ledger Supervisor 

These positions will make you capable of earning over than £31,000, rising to the £50,000 depending on the experience individually.

What are the methods of learning AAT?

All AAT qualifications offer essential learning options when it comes to methods of AAT study method. You can either select take full-time or part-time and online from your home or anywhere or in a classroom.

At KBM, we offer both on-demand and distance learning method solutions, that's mean you can study anywhere you want.

How long will I take to become an AAT qualified?

The courses of the AAT are self-paced, so this will be up to you. Generally, each level should take somewhere between six months or a year to complete, but this can be in lesser time if you are working within the accounting and finance sector.

With KBM Training on-demand service, you'll even be able to access the course at times that suit you using tutor-led videos that fit into your daily timetable.

Benefits and Advantages of becoming AAT qualified?

Apart from the numerous advantages of becoming AAT qualified, some glaring benefits include:

  • A nationally and internationally recognised qualification
  • A pathway of developing training and progression
  • Both public and private sector employers' demand, with many employers considering AAT qualifications as an essential requirement of their accounting staff.
  • Competence and confidence in your skills and abilities
  • Access and support of a professional body within the accounting sector

Why Study at KBM?

KBM Distance Learning Solution covers all your learning need from the comfort of your home. The timetable is flexible, and you enjoy full support from your qualified trainers, as you would have in-centre. Unlike other providers, we dedicated training managers, who speak to you every day and give you feedback and assist you in your learning to make it more productive. If distance learning is not for you will need real-time support, this is not a problem because our online interactive sessions have the best option for you like having a virtual class setup. 

Our qualified staff, including Trainers and Tutors, are available to answer all the queries in real-time, you can get feedback knowledge in real-time. You can check your VAT figures and in real-time.

An online learning platform accesses all the courses through, the platform managing all your training performance and progression. It also guides you about the next training level.

Leadership and customer care are at the core of our services. Our team is always welcome you to assist you and will treat it as an opportunity that opens new avenues for you. We are here to helping you in developing your skills, knowledge and competence to achieve your career goals.

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