Credit Controller | Collector - Level 2

The Credit Controller/ Collector profile is to monitor and manage Clients, Buyers/Customers’ accounts by adopting organisational guidelines to collect monies owed and to meet the work quality target. The role includes active and practical communication with customers who have not paid or who have reached credit limits or minimise bad debts but maintaining constructive relationships on a long term basis with buyers and customers.

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Course Coverage:

KBM Tutors and Teachers will deliver coaching and learning to improve their knowledge, skills and behaviours to meet the requirements of the Credit Controller / Collector. Candidate will be able to process credit applications; agreeing credit terms and payment arrangements, invoicing, monitoring payment, allocating and reconciling cash, proactively contacting customers to collect the debt and outstanding balances; resolving disputes, debt support and recommending write-offs. KBM will help the apprentice in building knowledge, skills and behaviours as under:

  • Knowledge – Credit management, understanding of the legal, regulatory, risk and compliance framework, Industry & organisation understanding, products & services, understanding of the systems, tools & processes including IT tools.
  • Skills – Service to customers using the organisation’s systems, work planning, teamwork, communication, relationship building, identification of acceptable solutions to credit issue, identification of opportunities to improve work and personal development.
  • Behaviours – Honesty and integrity by doing the right thing. Maintain appropriate confidentiality, Adapting positivity to changing work priorities and patterns.

Entry Requirements:

Employers will set the selection criteria for their Apprenticeships. Employers may want most candidates to have Level 2 Maths and English. Other relevant or prior experience may also be considered as an alternative Employers may stipulate higher entry requirements than those listed and should, therefore, be treated as the minimum entry criteria.


This apprenticeship has entry level role to the organisation. The apprentice will be fully competent in the role and can continue to develop their career within the organisation through a range of possible pathways. These include senior credit controller/collector, credit risk analyst, team leader and credit manager. If the apprentice chooses to study the suggested CICM qualification, they can be affiliate members of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management a pathway towards full qualification as a credit manager and full professional membership of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management.

Post Completion Tracking / Support:

After completion of the apprenticeship, we continue to track and engage learners by offering support surrounding employment, including new careers advice. KBM offers guaranteed work placements either within the KBM Group of companies or our extensive network of partners.

On & Off the Job Training & Coaching:

We meet individuals in achieving the 20% off the job learning rule & includes formal face to face teaching at our training centre &/or virtual classroom training. Practical skills training, E-learning modules & research projects / independent study assignments. Training is underpinned by 1:1 & group tutor coaching sessions (face to face/Skype). On the job training includes job shadowing, experiential learning to gain real-world skills. We always recommend a workplace mentor for learners to utilise in addition to our training services to help develop knowledge & skills & appropriate workplace behaviours & practices. Our dedicated staff will offer coaching formally & informally in sessions or via email, phone & text.

Resources/Online Technology use:

  • Our solution to meeting includes diverse delivery approaches: peripatetic delivery, workplace observation, blended learning, webinars, online web resources & a dedicated student portal.
  • We offer flexible delivery & timetables to suit the needs of the employer & learner.
  • Our blended learning offers workplace training & assessment, off the job workshops, tutorials, online learning & interactive resources.
  • Apart from the class-based learning, KBM assists learners through online videos, study material/contents and assignments.
  • All learners have access to the student portal which shows all type of progress and milestones.
  • KBM’s admin staff is available to assist learners through all possible mediums including 1-1 tutorials on Skype, Whatsapp and Telephone.

End-Point Assessment:

  • Assignments: The apprentice completes two work-based assignments, one related to business skills and behaviours, the other on occupational knowledge, skills and behaviours. Both build a synoptic picture of the apprentice’s ability to meet the requirements of the standard and how these are applied.
  • Professional Discussions: This is a structured interview exploring responses in the assignments, knowledge, skills and behaviours, assignments production and apprentice performance. This enables a synoptic assessment to check the range of Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours in the Standard.

About Course:

  • Job Roles: The apprentice can adequately perform the job roles as Credit Controller / Collector.
  • Awarding Body: Credit Controller / Collector Level 2 is accredited by Chartered Institute of Credit Management / NOCN
  • Duration: 12 – 18 months
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