Credit Controller Apprenticeship Level 2

Credit Controller Apprenticeship Level 2 provides an excellent career solution. It prepares you to perform a credit controller role effectively. Credit controller skills demand is massive across every sector in the UK and worldwide. They assist organisations in customer relationships and financial risk. Also, credit controllers help in organisations' sales, policies, and operations.

What does Credit Controller do?

Credit controllers have a dynamic role in all the UK and worldwide sectors. They have fast-paced and target-driven tasks. Credit controllers' primary responsibilities include collecting invoices and monitoring customers' credits, and performing other functions like:

  • Protecting cash flow
  • Managing financial risks 
  • Customer relationship management
  • Wider business activities facilitation
  • Processing and generating reminders to creditors
  • Preparing monthly statements
  • Resolving non-paid invoices
  • Daily and month-end reporting
  • Account reconciliations

Job opportunities after the Apprenticeship completion

This apprenticeship focuses on entry-level credit control roles in an organisation. It develops your career through a pathways range. These includes:

  • Credit Control Manager 
  • Team Leader 
  • Senior Credit Controller 
  • Credit Manager
  • Credit Control Assistant 
  • Credit Control Supervisor
  • Senior Credit collector
  • Credit Risk Analyst


Your journey doesn't end at this credit controller and collector apprenticeship level 2. This apprenticeship is the first step to becoming a credit control professional. It helps you progress to our Advanced Credit Controller Level 3 apprenticeship. Also, it provides additional opportunities in more specialist areas like financial services and accountancy sectors.

Further, the credit controller level 2 offers the CICM qualification. It helps you become an affiliate Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM). The CICM qualification provides a pathway towards complete qualification. Alongside becoming a competent credit manager, the qualification provides full CICM professional membership.

Entry Requirement

Usually, individual employers set their apprentice selection criteria like other apprenticeships. However, it requires Maths and English level 2 before the apprenticeship completion. Also, different relevant or prior experience comes under consideration as an alternative.

Credit Controller Level 2 Apprenticeship Duration

It provides flexibility in completion; you can complete the apprenticeship in 12-18 months using our classroom, online or self-study options.

Qualification and Training

You will complete the CICM Level 2 Credit and Collection qualification as your apprenticeship part. The qualification achievement develops your credit controller job skills. Also, the knowledge and understanding offer confidence and performance in daily tasks. Further, the CICM qualification builds your next-stage career skills.

KBM blends qualifications with practical training. Our group has 2500+ clients. We will help you learn valuable practical skills on actual clients' files. KBM's senior credit experts and accountants will supervise your training, helping you become a capable credit controller.

What Knowledge will you gain?

  • Credit management: It will deliver credit management and collection principles broad understanding. Alongside, you will gain organisational policy knowledge. Also, you will understand techniques like credit terms, using external sources of information, credit scores, and handling vulnerable customers' procedures.
  • Regulatory and compliance: The programme will help you understand the legal, regulatory, risk and compliance framework. It will give you anti-money laundering regulations knowledge. You will know how to operate and understand risk levels. Also, you will understand data protection and potentially fraudulent transactions. 
  • Products and services: The credit controller apprenticeship level 2 delivers organisational products and services essential understanding. Also, it will provide products and services with the sound knowledge they support. You will learn how your role supports products and service delivery.
  • Systems and processes: This will include your credit controller role understanding. You will know how to utilise IT, systems, tools and related processes. 

What Skill will you learn?

  • Service delivery: You will learn to deliver excellent customer service. The organisation's systems and processes knowledge you will gain. Further, you will work by reflecting the organisational values and complying with standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Work planning: You will develop planning skills, including organising your accounts and completing tasks within deadlines. It will prepare you to track customer accounts and take ownership through to completion, escalating when needed like potential debt risk.
  • Teamwork: You will gain teamwork skills and support colleagues to achieve results. The apprenticeship will help you recognise your role in a team and how it impacts others. So you will know how to build and maintain working relationships as a team member.
  • Communication and relationship building: This aspect will develop your interpersonal communication skills with customers and colleagues. You learn to communicate via email, face-to-face, phone, and text. So you will properly communicate with customers and colleagues on a potentially tricky topic.
  • Negotiation and decision-making: You will learn how to provide mutually acceptable solutions to credit issues while complying with your organisational policy. It will help you take ownership through resolution and escalate when needed.
  • Continuous improvement: It will help you understand and identify opportunities to improve work practices. Also, you will learn how to implement required changes.
  • Personal development: This aspect will help you improve your performance on feedback. It will build your development capability. You will know how to update with new relevant changes. Further, you will understand how to assist your manager and team.

What Behaviours will you develop?

  • Honesty and Integrity: You will understand how to demonstrate truth, sincerity and trustworthiness in your role. It will help you show your integrity by doing the right thing. Further, you will know how to maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Flexibility: It will develop your behaviour to adapt to positive changes, work patterns and priorities while carrying out new tasks.
  • Resilience: You will learn how to display strength, energy and enthusiasm in your job. It will make you capable of dealing with setbacks and remaining positive when under pressure.

Off-the-job training

The credit controller apprenticeship level 2 requires 20% off-the-job training, which means 1-day weekly training. KBM's credit management experts will help you complete your off-the-job training. Our team also provides mentoring and coaching to apprentices free of cost.

What are the KBM apprenticeship delivery methods?

KBM combines online or classroom delivery. Regular workplace training and self-study option are available at KBM. KBM fully meets on-the-job and 20% off-the-job training requirements. Our credit experts’ team help you even after your apprenticeship programme completion. Our apprenticeship delivery model includes:

  • Practical on-the-job learning
  • Observations
  • Workshops
  • Online self-study resources
  • Skills days
  • Masterclasses
  • Rolling apprenticeship starts and cohort delivery.
  • Trainers' face-to-face visits
  • Virtual workshops and webinars
  • Classroom sessions
  • Off-the-job training 

End-point Assessment (EPA)

You must pass your EPA to complete your credit controller apprenticeship level 2. It will examine the knowledge, skills and behaviour you acquired from the programme. It will include:

  • Assignments: You will complete two work-based projects. One will check your business skills and behaviours. The other will examine your apprenticeship occupational knowledge, skills and behaviours. 
  • Professional discussions: This structured interview will explore your responses to the assignments, knowledge, skills and behaviours you gained from credit controller apprenticeship level 2.

KBM has dedicated itself to helping you achieve your career goals effectively. Our support system always assists you at any time. Join KBM to study and succeed using our comfortable and flexible learning environment.

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