Student Support

KBMTR is committed to providing high-quality, independent and impartial Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Services to all prospective Learners who wish to consider accessing the training programmes offered by KBMTR and those already enrolled on a training programme with us.

Our IAG service is to ensure our learners and prospective learners and other customers have access to high-quality information, advice and guidance that is impartial and allows individuals groups & businesses to make informed decisions and which enables them to realise their full potential.

Learners Handbook

Our handbook offers in-depth information about all aspects of your involvement with KBMTR, from your initial enrolment to the end of your training and beyond. The handbook also details what kind of support is available throughout your journey with us, what you can expect from KBMTR and what we can expect from you.

Download handbook here.

Equality & Opportunity

KBMTR is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion; eliminating discrimination to all job applicants, staff, clients, learners and members of the community served by us. Our aim is that everyone will be treated fairly, openly, honestly, with dignity and to respect and value differences irrespective of and regardless of their characteristics.

For further details about our commitments to Equality & Opportunity, please click here.


Any requests for information, advice or guidance will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The first member of staff you will be speaking to may be passing the details of your requests to other member of the team to ensure we can offer you a personalised service which will match to your needs and aspiration. We may involve staff who can give you expert advice on a training programme you may be interested in or who can help you to communicate your needs should you ask us to do so.

There may be times when we would need to speak to an alternative provider in order to help your with queries but if we need to talk to them on your behalf, we will ask you for your explicit authorisation to discuss the level of details you have granted us to share.

Ongoing Support Beyond your Training

If you have any specific questions on topics unrelated to you training programme, we encourage all our students to discuss any concerns in confidence with a member of staff.

If you would like to find more about other organisations that may help you beyond your training with us, for example:


Throughout your journey with us, we will assist you to make informed decisions regarding the different alternatives that is available to you after you have completed your training with us.

We have provided useful resources here (link) for applying to work, enrol to further education, an apprenticeship or do voluntary work. You will also find resources about valuable training to complement your skills,

Safeguarding Topics in the News

Resuorces relating to current Safeguarding Topics in the News

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