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QuickBooks pro is a new generation quickbooks app which is designed to support and manage your accounts in a user friendly way. Now you can handle your business finances really easily and conveniently as it features many online transactions and simplifications. You can check records of sales, expenses, profits and tax liabilities at any time while performing the regular accounting tasks. It is easy to understand but you may benefit from some quickbooks training to familiarize yourself with the new features. What’s new in quickbooks pro 2015?

  • More details, more ease  This version allows the business owner to get a quick, accurate picture of the enterprise performance very easily on the homepage. This software easily picks out your leading clients and suppliers, top expenditure headings, and gives a comparative view of profits and margins, etc
  • Smart reporting system  With the help of this intelligent software solution, business reporting has become easier to use, whilst still giving access to the details. Your financial reports have never been so easy to understand, interpret, compare, customize, comment on and send out.
  • Supports the collaboration  Now, there is no need to waste your precious time sending the accounting files and data to your accountant - quickbooks pro 2015 features a “share folder” which saves time and facilitates collaboration with your account.
  • Improved efficiency  This software supports high speed connectivity and allows departmental collaboration, boosting efficiency. Here you can find all the important notes, reminders, notifications, alerts and alarms in a single window.
  • Keeping track of transactions  This software makes recording data and invoicing simple tasks; now it is easy to track your cashflow and credit and see outstanding bills from suppliers and to your customers.
  • Expense management  Quickbooks pro 2015 allows the payment of bills, bank deposits and credit card transactions directly through quickbooks, so you don’t need to swap screens to access your banking and shopping apps. This saves you time and frustration.
  • Access to the insights of your businesses  Quickbooks shows the underlying data in an Excel spreadsheet format, so you can get your totals and summaries just as easily as you can see your detailed financial position

Quickbooks pro 2015 is reliable and flexible, and if you use our quickbooks training, it will work more effectively for you. Our quickbooks pro 2015 course helps you to understand the best way to use this software and help you to manage you accounts professionally.

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