Quickbooks training by KBM is for your better accounting career

"Quickbooks training will help you in boosting your employability potential for better job prospects."

If you are desiring to progress in the accounting and finance sectors. Or you want to gain competence in world’s most famous bookkeeping software. KBM is glad to provide you with the detailed information on the Quickbooks course. 

  • What is Quickbooks?
  • Eligibility for enrollment in Quickbooks training
  • What is the syllabus of Quickbooks?
  • Benefits of gaining QuickBooks training
  • Duration of the Quickbooks training course
  • Excellent tutor support

What is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is an excellent tool for all organisational demands. It helps in managing income and expenses of small business. Quickbooks provides many solutions including invoicing clients, paying bills, developing abstract and preparing for taxes. Our Quickbooks training will increase your skills and knowledge in the accounting and finance.

Eligibility for enrollment in Quickbooks training

Quickbooks course is perfect for the individuals who want to improve their career prospects. KBM will help you how to use Quickbooks software right from the start to end. It does not matter, you have already signed up. The Quickbook training course will make you capable the programme independently. Small business owners need to learn Quickbooks run their successful bookkeeping system.

QuickBooks course has no specific entry requirements, only literacy and numeracy skills are needed to join the course. 

What is the syllabus of Quickbooks?

This course has 3 Levels, as detailed below:

Level 1:

  • Quickbooks Accounts fundamentals
  • Developing account names, numbers & bank payments
  • Creating Customer Receipts & Purchase Invoices
  • Financials and bank reconciliations
  • Preparing invoices for clients
  • Compiling & Sending Customer Statements
  • Stock and product control
  • Active set-up wizard
  • Customer activity monitoring 
  • VAT Changes.
  • Preparing invoices & credit notes
  • Supplier payments
  • Managing recurring entries
  • Generating reports & information

Level 2:

  • Generating customer records and supplier records
  • Installing opening assets, liabilities and capital balances,
  • Synopsis of the Quickbooks programme
  • Minimizing bad debts
  • Banking and payments, generating statements, petty cash
  • Taking up trader invoices
  • Audit trails and fixing up basic errors
  • Affixing error rectification, revising records
  • dealing with invoicing and services records
  • Managing purchase credit notes
  • Process daily reports and Examining data
  • Generating sales credit notes
  • Processing journals
  • Creating Reinforcement and Restoring data
  • Checking up audit trail
  • Purchase orders, preparing sales orders
  • Preparing trial balance
  • Reconciling debtors and creditors

Level 3:

  • Creating a chart of accounts
  • Preparation of sole trader accounts
  • Extended trial balance
  • Prepare and process month-end routine
  • Preparation of trial balance
  • Correction of trial balance errors
  • Stock valuation
  • Final accounts for partnerships
  • Appropriation accounts
  • Gateway and VAT returns
  • Stock control
  • Fixed asset register and depreciation
  • Processing of year-dnd accounts and archive data
  • Accruals and prepayments
  • Work in progress and finished goods
  • Cash flow and forecast reports
  • Making decisions with reports using Quickbooks
  • Bad debts and provision for doubtful debts
  • Exporting data including linking to other systems
  • Advanced credit control
  • Management information reports
  • Prepare and produce final accounts
  • Contra entries
  • Use of the journal

Benefits of gaining Quickbooks training

  • Quickbooks allow access to past exam papers and further information regarding professional association.
  • At completion we will provide you with help on your CV and interview advice. It will enhance your career potential.
  • You will have a great support after completing your training, so your questions will be answered swiftly.
  • We will provide you with the free study material so you can learn and practice in the time slots given.
  • You will gain training from our Professional and Certified Tutors

Duration of the Quickbooks training course

The duration of Quickbooks course is six months equivalent to 75 guided learning hours (GLH) and the total qualification time (TQT) is 165 hrs to finish this training course. 

Excellent tutor support

You will have expert support sessions in evenings and weekends with flexible study methods. Our highly skilled tutors will provide you with the practical learning methods and consistent support, after your exams as well.

Classroom-based learning

  • Classes have a set periods during the day
  • Face-to-face classes are led by expert instructor
  • You will have the workbooks for training purposes
  • Regular support to access our online learning resources
  • Flexible and adjustable classes schedules
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