AAT integrated practical accountancy training to train your team

"AAT qualification with practical accountancy training is a perfect blend to have a productive and knowledgeable team. Train on Sage, Xero & Quickbooks."

  • Suitability of the courses for your employees
  • AAT membership benefit for employees
  • Continued advice and support
  • Event opportunities and networking
  • Building and retaining your high performers
  • Developing a productive, skilled and knowledgeable teams
  • Your employees' enrolment on combined AAT courses
  • Professionalism seal
  • Global recognition
  • Flexible training schedules

Many employers overlook the requirements for training. If your team is equipped with the correct tools that they have to do their work could be a no-brainer. The AAT provides qualifications, which are licensed and give an extra edge to your accounting team. KBM will help you if you want to train your team. Our blended learning (academic knowledge and practical accountancy training) is a great solution. The training will include Xero, Sage, and Quickbooks. It will make your team productive and knowledgeable.

Suitability of the courses for your employees

AAT offers assorted qualifications with levels to suit your employees with interest in accounting and finance. You can utilise these courses to upskill your staff right from entry-level to advanced level courses. We provide both AAT qualifications for bookkeepers and accountants. 

AAT offer help to support the professional development of your staff. No matter you staff member want to move into accounting with some previous experience or a financial work which is ready to move into an old part. AAT qualifications will equip your staff with practical experience and develop their accounting skills, which is ultimately useful for your company. You will have a great future return on your investment you do for your employees. You will see your accounting processes will run smoothly, and the productivity of your firm will be enhanced. It will reflect as an increase in your profits.

AAT membership benefit for employees

AAT has incredible advantages for its members to upgrade their daily lives. AAT is a professional accounting body which gives many benefits and authority to its member. AAT membership is recognised worldwide. 

AAT members have designatory letters to appear their status. They can undertake to proceed to professional development. They can claim discounts from retailers also. AAT members can utilise the following post-nominals:

  • FMAAT - Fellow Membership
  • MAAT - Full Membership
  • AATQB - Associate Bookkeeping Membership

The designation that the employee can utilise is subject to their level of experience and study. They can use in their business cards, online profiles and, e-mail signatures. These letters reflect that your employees are well-trained, competent, and committed to the highest professional standards. It makes a positive impression of the employee with your clients and those they work with inside as well.

Continued advice and support

Furthermore, AAT members benefit from consistent advice and support. AAT gives newsletters, discussion gatherings, and mentoring to help these staff to develop their capabilities. AAT is perfect for professionals who want to improve their knowledge within your workforce because they gain help from experienced AAT members. So they can get ready for new obligations and challenges.

Event opportunities and networking

Interaction with other AAT member in particular and other attending occasion makes a difference in pursuing their professional advancement. These events include topical factoring that affects the accounting industry, like Brexit, cybersecurity, new charges, and accountancy standards. Moreover, there are social occasions you can attend. These events will allow employees to organise with members. In each event, meeting with the AAT members to gain join together. They share their advanced knowledge with you. Networking has numerous benefit from recognised globally. Many employers conduct such kind of event to engage individuals for development in a perfect way.

Building and retaining your high performers

Keeping the best performers is a demand for most employers, and offering training can significantly reduce the employees’ turnover. It makes employees more delighted within their job role and gives a very positive picture of the organisation as a whole.

The employees who succeed in training would be build-up for advancements and other duties. It would be a perfect way to formalise employees’ development within an organisation, which give benefits to employees and the organisation as well.

Perfect training will properly develop the skills of your employees. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your employees are getting the AAT training or looking at how they can utilise their training. By having experienced staffs, the organisation can retain its performance and offer more benefits by thinking about their performance to motivate your employees.

Developing a productive, skilled and knowledgeable teams

With the high knowledge, groups become more beneficial and make lesser damaging mistakes to the bu. Inside the accounting and financial aspects, this is often particularly essential as the errors can be possibly expensive.

Development of a robust knowledge base for the group will allow them to make autonomous decisions with full confidence. They will further share this knowledge, as your team members at higher levels; they can prompt others on best practice as well.

Your employees' enrolment on combined AAT courses

Suppose your employees show their interest in reaching a mid-level or senior level part from their entry-level position. Your employees combine their AAT courses to obtain this. Your employees can enlist on combined AAT courses that include level 2, 3 or level 4. Level 4 is for individuals who have more experience. It is a very economical and effective way to study AAT courses and can be considered as an incentive for the employees to complete their training. 

Professionalism seal

Becoming a member of AAT would be a world-recognised world-recognised seal of acceptance. AAT members meet the criteria to guarantee that they are committed to better practice and self-development. Ethical accounting is essential, as accountants must be prepared to provide impartial advice. 

Global recognition

AAT qualifications are accepted worldwide. However, AAT qualification carries weight globally, no matter where your business is going. Multi-nationals or those looking to wander into new avenues, AAT qualification will open a package of opportunities. AAT recognised accountants are more efficient and productive in their fields. Hence, it is an excellent advantage for your business.

Flexible training schedules

Managers may get worried about how this will fit around the active schedule of their employees. Hence, with online AAT training, this ought not to be the case because they can process the information in their life schedules. They can consider during their commute, when they have any amount of downtime or in between gatherings.

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