AATQB and experience of our successful AAT student Katherine

"AATQB membership after completing AAT experience, provided by one of our successful students. Practical accounting is perfect with blended AAT learning provided by KBM."

The training support team is beneficial and cooperative. IT support of the KBM is super; my studies were never disturbed because of any IT issue.

I liked the blended learning, online and books; they provided videos and quizzes. Furthermore, the AAT green-lights and mocks this combination was to give me certainty (many times!) heading into my exams. I passed every step in a first attempt.

With this AATQB accounting membership, the student who has completed their Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping or Advanced Diploma in Accounting can apply for membership of AAT as a bookkeeper. 

Bookkeeping membership (AATQB) gives professional recognition and allow us to put AATQB letters after our name. We will analyse a broader scope of bookkeeping and access to a bookkeeping and accounting community. No work experience is required for the bookkeeping membership.

The AAT has an excellent scope of practice. It is very famous, and in high demand, It is a professional qualification which will take us from no detailed knowledge through to a Certified or Chartered Accountant.

AATQB membership allows us to express our bookkeeping expertise and skills to employers, clients and associates. We will achieve professional recognition by using the designatory letters AATQB after our name. AATQB is also great if you want to become self-employed and offer bookkeeping services to your client.

The Bookkeepers are an essential part of the finance or accounts department in any business. It guarantees the accuracy of financial transactions swiftly. It is the reason KBM has built a package to build up our skills from a foundation level up to handling advanced bookkeeping jobs, so we can pursue those compensating jobs and build a dream career in accounting and finance.

The knowledge and skills you will gain at KBM.

  • Foundation Award in Accounting Software
  • Step by step instructions to run the principles of double-entry bookkeeping and understand journals, control accounts and a Trial Balance
  • Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • Instructions to complete bookkeeping transaction
  • Tasks to perform by using accounting software
  • Make financial statements partnerships and sole traders.

An AATQB Bookkeeper can give services to help organisations with correct financial records to guarantee that their accounts are accurate and up-to-date. A bookkeeper help organisations in broader oversight of their company accounts. Bookkeepers manage regular finance tasks, for example, VAT returns, data entry, payroll, and set anything in the trial balance.

You do not need any previous bookkeeping experience or accounting qualifications to start studying the AAT short qualification. Only intention to learn is required. It's OK in case you are a school or college leavers, or want to change your career, and want to try AAT without going to the complete qualification.

Are you finding an online bookkeeping course for beginners merely starting in the finance industry? KBM's AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping is a perfect start for entry-level or junior level jobs in the accounting sector. 

AATQB will give you proper knowledge and competence for the bookkeeping job roles. You can find out about necessary financial transactions within a bookkeeping system. It includes recording financial transactions using journal adjustments and double-entry bookkeeping. Bookkeepers play out multiple tasks. It includes recording balancing accounts, preparing invoices and payments, income and expenses, completing and VAT returns. You will also be capable of managing payroll and followup of supplier debts. 

Bookkeeping is the heart of any business. Every company demands bookkeepers for their different scopes. You can independently work or work through self or employment. So it makes us capable of working on many employers. 

Our AAT Bookkeeping Certificate courses are the perfect way to start a great profession as a bookkeeper. We can work in an organisation, or we can work part-time as self-employment. 

AAT Bookkeeping courses take a short time to complete so that we can have many advantages of a bookkeeping course. An online bookkeeping course is a flexible option to fit around life schedules.

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