AAT Courses in London

Whether you are looking to move up the ladder or launch a career in accountancy, our training and qualifications will equip you with the expertise and confidence to succeed. If you are looking for AAT courses in London, KBM can be your best choice offering daytime, evening and weekend classes. Get enrolled and start building up your career in accounting, bookkeeping and finance.

AAT Bookkeeping Accountancy Courses

At the heart of every organisation, bookkeeping is the centre of businesses worldwide. There is a high demand for bookkeepers from employers with accounting and financial management qualifications. 

Work your way up from entry-level accounting, starting with bookkeeping, to a senior-level position and advance your knowledge at your own pace. Gain on-the-job experience as you progress through your learning and fast-track your way to becoming a chartered accountant. 

The AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is the UK's leading professional body for entry-level accountants. If you seek to develop real-life skills that will help you build a career in accounting or finance, studying for your AAT qualification with KBM will help you reach your future goals properly.

The AAT qualifications are around 80% of all vocational accountancy courses, with organisations like Morgan Stanley, Sainsbury's, P&G, the Ministry of Defence and many more continuing to employ AAT-qualified members.

With international recognition, and recognition from sponsoring bodies such as CIPFA, ICAEW and ICAS, the AAT has a broader recognition as the established industry standard for technical accounting ability. 

Our AAT courses with practical training offer the best progression pathway to fast-track into a career as a bookkeeper accountant. AAT bookkeeping courses usually take several months to complete. 

You can get the transformative advantages of a bookkeeping course.

An AAT Bookkeeper is certificated to provide bookkeeping resources to help businesses of all sizes and types with accurate financial records ensuring that accounts are up-to-date and verified.

A bookkeeper also helps businesses stay in complete control of their finances. They deal with day-to-day finance tasks such as data entry, payroll and VAT returns and can prepare anything. The types of services include:

  • Purchase orders and invoices
  • Sales accounting and credit control
  • Cash and banking admin
  • Using data to make financial statements
  • Data processing
  • Payroll accounting

AAT Level 1 Award in Bookkeeping

Everybody can achieve this AAT bookkeeping level 1 qualification with any background in three to six months. This level 1 bookkeeping course delivers valuable skills and knowledge in manual, single-entry bookkeeping. 

AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping

The AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping qualification provides double-entry bookkeeping competency. Associated accounting documents and processes knowledge you will gain. You will understand transactions' accuracy and their entries into accounting books and ledgers. Also, you will learn credit notes and sales invoice calculations. 

This short course has three months completion time. The two assessments' completion allows you to complete the full AAT Certificate in Accounting Level 2, the entire AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting or the AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping. This AAT Level 2 bookkeeping certification is a fast-track way to the AAT Level 3.

AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping

The AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping offers practical bookkeeping skills for the job. It provides financial processes, accounting concepts and principles knowledge. Further, you will understand advanced bookkeeping, value-added tax (VAT), payroll, and financial statement preparation. You can also progress to a higher-level accounting job or study with this course. 

You can complete this level 3 bookkeeping certificate between six to twelve months. Achieving this Level 3 bookkeeping qualification qualifies you to apply for the AAT bookkeeping member (AATQB). Also, it makes you capable of starting your accountancy; you can pursue the AAT Licensed Bookkeeper at completion, enabling you for self-employment.

At KBM Training & Recruitment Ltd., we provide various AAT courses to achieve your career objectives. We have a modern IT Lab, expert tutors and flexible timing for delivering AAT courses in London.

AAT Level 2 Accounting Courses

You can join us in the evening, morning, weekend, or weekdays for the AAT Level 2 course in London. We provide all the study materials and books to get yourself ready for level 2.

AAT Level 3 Accounting Courses

You can join us in the evening, morning, weekend, or weekdays for the AAT Level 3 course in London. We provide all the study materials and books to get yourself ready for level 3.

AAT Level 4 Accounting Courses

You can also join us in the evening, morning, weekend or weekdays for AAT Level 4 in London. We provide all the study materials and books to get yourself ready for level 4.

Weekend Accounting Courses

We usually run our AAT weekend accounting courses on Saturdays. These classes are suitable for people working full time. We also offer AAT Level 2AAT Level 3 and AAT Level 4 courses on the weekends.

Why KBM?

KBM tutors are highly qualified accountants possessing a wealth of industry experience. They are helping our students and professionals to become job-ready candidates. Our support resources include:

  • Expert Tutor support
  • Free high-quality study material
  • Free exam preparation kit
  • The flexible payment option
  • Exam Booking Service
  • Student Discount Card/NUS

Entry requirements

The recommended entry requirement include:

  • Fundamental GCSE qualification in Mathematics and English
  • Interest in bookkeeping and accounting
  • 18+ year age or third-party payee for any financial agreement

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KBM training tutors are qualified accountants with significant expertise in accounting and bookkeeping. They are well-known in the industry for these courses. Contact KBM to learn more about a variety of AAT courses in London to book your place and reach your dream career in accounting. To get further information, please get in touch with the KBM course advisor.

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