XERO Certification Online & Classroom Training Course

Gaining Xero Certification Course will give you many job opportunities for you in accounting. Sign up Xero online and in classroom-based courses provided by KBM.

XERO Payroll Professional and XERO Accounts Professional training course cover both services. It will include technical support, training and HR advice. XERO training will give you full control of your business methods. 

KBM is happy to provide you with a detailed picture of the XERO course details, job options, and much more. XERO certification will boost your employability potential. You can choose whether online or in the classroom-based learning environment.

  • Overview of XERO Training
  • Course Syllabus
  • What qualification will I gain?
  • Who is the suitable of this course?
  • Requirements of the course
  • Support available for you
  • What are the jobs opportunities?
  • Why learners prefer KBM training centre?
  • XERO Training Fees
  • XERO Training Options
  • XERO Training Certification

Overview of XERO Training

If you want to gain capability and competence in the world’s most famous bookkeeping software, the XERO Computerised Accounting training course will give you everything you need to learn. It will also support you to obtain a recognised qualification. This XERO course will provide you with advanced knowledge of XERO accounts and bookkeeping. It is perfect for individuals who want to increase their career prospects. The training will improve your skills in financial management and business control. This program includes three levels (1-3) of XERO Accounting and Bookkeeping Training.

Every large or small company is required to keep their accounting books as per the law. Hence, bookkeepers play an essential role n any organisation. It will make you competent to keep records of financial transactions orderly, accurate, up-to-date.

If you are well prepared and keen, and want to work through documents, and want to enjoy observing a set of figures adding up correctly, then bookkeeping is an ideal job for you.

Course Syllabus

Level 1

  • Generating Customers Invoices
  • Compiling & Sending Customer Statements
  • Creating Account names, Numbers & Bank Payments
  • Financials
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Working with XERO Accounts Course Basics.
  • Generating Product Invoices & Credit Notes
  • VAT Changes
  • Creating Customer Receipts & Purchase Invoices
  • Supplier Payments
  • Monitoring Customer Activity
  • Generating Reports & Information
  • Managing Recurring Entries
  • The Active Set-Up Wizard

Level 2

  • Creating supplier records
  • Checking data
  • Generating customer records
  • Performing routine reports
  • Summary of the XERO course
  • Registering supplier invoices
  • Fixing opening assets, liabilities, and capital balances
  • Restoring data
  • Preparing printing a trial balance, and listing opening balances
  • Posting error corrections and amending records and checking communication history
  • Banking, payments, producing statements, and petty cash
  • Reconciling debtors, creditors, audit trails, and correcting basic entry errors
  • Invoicing, generating customer letters, introducing new products, 
  • Processing investment credit notes
  • Preparing journals
  • Creating sales credit entries
  • Verifying Audit Trail
  • Writing-off bad debts
  • Purchase orders and processing sales orders
  • Processing Trial Balance
  • Creating Backups

Level 3

  • Chart of Accounts as per Company Needs
  • The Trial Balance preparation
  • Errors in the Trial Balance
  • Disputed Items
  • Sole Trader Accounts preparation
  • The Government Gateway and VAT Returns
  • Use of the Journal
  • Prepare and Process Month End Routine
  • Contra Entries
  • Prepare and Produce Final Accounts
  • Accruals and Prepayments
  • Management of Information Reports
  • Advanced Credit Control
  • Making Decisions with Reports Using Sage
  • The Fixed Asset Register and Depreciation
  • Cash Flow and Forecast Reports
  • Bad Debts and Provision for Doubtful Debts

What qualification will I gain?

Here at KBM, you will gain a certificate from XERO UK. KBM is a XERO (UK) Approved training provider, so you will gain the following qualifications if you sign up and pass the exams successfully:

  • XERO Computerised Accounting Training Course Level 1
  • XERO Computerised Accounting Training Course Level 2
  • XERO Computerised Accounting Training Course Level 3

XERO (UK) takes all exams via online.

Exam charges are per level or assessment along with registration fee £135.

When your exams are scheduled, you will have access to XERO Qualifications online web portal for six months. We will also provide you with the practice materials. You can attempt the online exam at any time within the six months. At completion, you will receive the digital certificate direct from XERO (UK).

Who is the suitable of this course?

The XERO training course is suited to whom, who are:

  • · Looking to start their business or who are currently running their business
  • · Looking to switch from a standard to a computerised bookkeeping 
  • · Looking to increase their career prospects

Requirements of the course

This XERO course has no formal requirement to fulfil. However, we suggest that you must have essential IT and English skills to complete the course swiftly.

Support available for you

  • Tutorial guide
  • High-quality Scenario-based course materials
  • Specialist Career Management service
  • Exam fees and exam booking service under XERO
  • XERO Training Workbooks as eBook
  • State of the Art Virtual Learning Campus
  • Free XERO Computerised Accounting software

What are the jobs opportunities?

  • Senior Sales ledger clerk
  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • Payroll Specialist
  • XERO Bookkeeper
  • Senior Purchase ledger clerk
  • Accounts Administrator
  • Assistant Accountant

In some positions, you can earn, on average £50,000 per annum (source: Reed Salary Checker, UK Only).

Why learners prefer KBM training centre?

  • Receive skilful teacher support
  • Provides efficient study material and quality video
  • Task scoring and reviews
  • Proficient direction to start Accountancy Preparation
  • Accreditation
  • CPD certification after the programme
  • Arrange sessions when and where you want
  • Free CV formation service
  • support to arrange placement opportunity if required.
  • Dedicated e-portfolio to sign up your practice, anytime seven days a week at our West, East, North London, and Birmingham offices.

Free e-portfolio to check performance and practice discoveries connected into academic modules of AAT.

XERO Training Fees

The XERO course fee courses vary based on you the method of your study choice. 

  • Employer Funded
  • Self-Funding
  • Education Loan (private)

XERO Training Options

Classroom-based: We offer Daytime or Weekend sessions for XERO Bookkeeping Training Course.

XERO Training Certification

You will gain a CPD Completion certificate from KBM Training once you finish the course. At completion, you will have the choice to achieve a Certificate from SAGE (UK) subject to passing the exams.

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