KBM Practical Training to Get Xero Certification

Learn how to use Xero accounting software with the best training from KBM. It will help you get better jobs and become certified in Xero. You'll feel confident using Xero, giving you an advantage in your accounting and finance career.

Overview of our courses for the Beginners

Our beginner training programmes provide an introduction to Xero, a widely used accounting software in the UK used by small and medium-sized businesses and accounting firms. Understanding Xero is crucial for job seekers aiming to work in these fields.

Xero is an online accounting tool that's a step ahead of other software. Its unique features help you with everyday bookkeeping tasks like sorting out your bank statements and recording invoices. Many different types of businesses use Xero, ranging from services to manufacturing. It's also ready to make tax digital (MTD), so you can easily send your VAT returns the way HMRC wants.

We provide training courses on Xero software broken down into three easy stages for your convenience:

  • Stage One covers bookkeeping basics, VAT, creating invoices, and setting up accounts.
  • Stage Two goes into more advanced processes after VAT, leading to the final trial balance and journal entries.
  • Stage Three focuses on reporting formats that you can use within Xero.

Stage One training course on Xero software


Overview Stage One Syllabus of Stage One

XERO Accounts Stage One is for the individuals aiming to equip with the knowledge and skills to be capable of providing up-to-date and accurate information to the Management of company through an appropriate way for your company. Bookkeepers playing an active role in organisations, hence, it authenticate the records of individual financial transactions entirely, accurately, orderly and up-to-date. Furthermore, if you are systematic and organised and like to work through documents and enjoying to see a set of facts add up correctly, then bookkeeping is your desired career.

Working with Basics of XERO Accounts Programme

Understanding of the Chart of Accounts

Making Account names, Numbers & Bank Payments

Monitoring Customer Activity

Bank Reconciliations

Generating Customers Invoices

Creating Customer Receipts & Purchase Invoices

Generating Product Invoices & Credit Notes

Supplier Payments

Compiling & Sending Customer Statements

Generating Reports & Information

VAT Changes

Managing Recurring Entries

What is XERO Stage Two Training?


Overview Stage Two

Syllabus of Stage Two

XERO Accounts Stage Two Training course is an intermediate level of training you achieve. This stage two is a build-up of the knowledge and skills gained at Stage One to perform the post VAT processes. It deals with the prepayments, Accruals, asset registers and other important journals which are many.


  • Overview of the XERO programme
  • Setting up liabilities & capital balances,
  • Preparing and printing a trial balance
  • Creating customer records
  • Creating supplier records
  • Producing routine reports
  • Posting error corrections, amending records
  • Checking data
  • Entering supplier invoices
  • Invoicing, entering new products, checking communication history
  • Processing accruals, prepayment and depreciation journals
  • Audit trails and reconciling debtors and creditors
  • Maintaining Assets registers on XERO
  • Banking and payments, producing statements, petty cash
  • Creating sales credit notes
  • Processing purchase credit notes
  • Verifying Audit Trail
  • Preparing journals
  • Writing-off bad debts
  • Purchase orders, processing sales orders
  • Processing Trial Balance

What is XERO Stage Three Training?


Overview Stage Three

Syllabus of Stage Three

Stage Three is to offer individuals a more advanced understanding of XERO accounts and bookkeeping. When the bookkeeping is complete, the accounts assistant derives from taking the Accounts at the trial balance level through performing processing of journals and various control accounts reconciliations. This third stage of training is to focus on the part of reporting through the XERO software. The individuals would be comfortable in the generation of simplified pre-made reports and further advanced reports for great understanding and purposes of management reporting.


  • Preparation of a Chart of Accounts as per Company Requirements
  • Sole Trader Accounts preparation
  • The Trial Balance preparation
  • Errors in the Trial Balance
  • The Government Gateway and VAT Returns
  • Disputed Items
  • Use of the Journal
  • Contra Entries
  • Bad Debts and Provision for Doubtful Debts
  • Prepare and Process Month End Routine
  • Accruals and Prepayments
  • Management of Information Reports
  • Prepare and Produce Final Accounts
  • Cash Flow and Forecast Reports
  • Making Decisions with Reports Using XERO
  • The Fixed Asset Register and Depreciation
  • Advanced Credit Control

XERO is for whom?

The XERO course is very suitable for individuals who are:

  • Planning to start their personal owned business 
  • Planning to switch over from a manual to a computerised Bookkeeping system.
  • Wishing to make progress in their career prospects

What are the jobs when I am XERO qualified?

  • Senior Purchase ledger clerk
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Senior bookkeeper
  • Senior Sales ledger clerk
  • Accounts Assistance

What support is available at KBM?

KBM is always supportive through the learning process and even after completion of the course. The support includes:

  • Real-world examples to solve
  • Free XERO Computerised Accounting software
  • Modified and flexible individual study plan
  • Tutorial support
  • XERO Student Certification
  • Specialist Career Support services
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