Online Sage Payroll Training Course

Online Sage payroll training at KBM is a quicker, more comfortable and flexible method to gain knowledge and competency on the HMRC Payroll rules such as SSP, SAP, RTI, FPS, and much more. You will achieve the Best Payroll Training at KBM.

Sage has proved itself as one of the most demand accounting and payroll solutions in the United Kingdom with a global presence.

More than six million customers are using the sage software, an increasing number of businesses relying on Sage to aid their companies accounting practices. The unique edge the Sage has is the "growing demand" of the Sage certified individuals. Sage certifications give the impression that you are a competent Sage user, and it provides credibility to prospective employers that you are entirely up-to-speed and ready to start using their Sage systems efficiently.

You should be aware that notwithstanding the fact, majority employers considering Sage capabilities as absolutely vital for the prospective payroll and accounting job roles, Sage software is also ideal for those who are looking to start their businesses.

Have a look at the complete information on the Sage and have the answer to your queries.

  • What is Sage?
  • What is the Sage 50 Payroll?
  • What are the stages of Sage 50 Payroll?
  • What is the Sage 50 Payroll online course?
  • What is the Sage Payroll certification?
  • What are the benefits of Sage payroll courses?
  • What is your career after Sage certification?
  • What are the requirements and funding options?
  • Why Sage 50 payroll courses at KBM?

What is Sage?

There are two different areas you can be a Sage certified:

  • Sage 50 Payroll certified
  • Sage 50 Accounts certified

What is the Sage 50 Payroll?

Sage 50 Payroll or Sage Payroll is the same thing, which is employee payroll management solution for small and medium-sized companies developed by the Sage Group.

This well-reputed prominently leading payroll software which gives a broader range of the payroll capabilities and competencies like:

  • Calculation of the cost of wages
  • Leave, Absence, overtime
  • Bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, hourly payments
  • Paying employees accurately
  • Creating compliant payslips
  • Printing payslips, P60s and payroll reports
  • Managing VAT records
  • Reporting to managers
  • Reporting to the HMRC

What are the stages of Sage 50 Payroll?

The Sage 50 Payroll has following three stages:

Stage 1: Setting up your payroll (Beginner level) two weeks Duration 

You will learn the security of the software like setting up password protection on the software, setting up the company information, develop payments and deductions, pensions schemes, employee records, and setting of the nominal link. At completion, you will:

  • Learn about the management of password protection and restriction on the access of the user
  • Understand the configuration of the software to match the requirements of the company
  • Be capable of preparing pay elements for payments, deductions and net payments and understanding of the pay element reports
  • Learn how to examine the legislation settings in the software
  • Understanding about the methodology of developing, editing and customising records of employees
  • Learn about the setting-up the nominal link and post salary journals to Sage accounts software
  • Be capable of developing basic pensions schemes

Stage 2: Processing Payroll (Intermediate level) two weeks Duration 

You will learn the basic payroll running, RTI submission, period and routines, how to process a starter and leaver and nominal link postings. At completion, you will:

  • Be capable of developing a basic weekly/monthly payroll running including the transmission of payslips to the employees via email
  • Be capable of National Insurance Number Verification (NVR) and submit/perform RTI
  • Learn how to make changes by using rollback function
  • Learn about setting up new starters and without P45 details, and process on the leavers
  • Develop electronic payments to the employees and HMRC and submit electronic documents directly from stage 50cloud payroll
  • Completion period and routines consisting of producing and analysis of P32
  • How to create the nominal link postings to the accounts software

Stage 3: Holiday schedules, Statutory payments and editing reports -  two weeks Duration 

You will learn about:

  • Statutory sick pay
  • How to develop holidays schemes and post absences
  • Maternity, paternity and adoption
  • Historical reporting and payslips
  • Editing of existing payslips
  • Pay reviews 

At completion, you will:

  • Gain understanding when and how to submit the Employer Payment Summary (EPS)
  • Be capable of producing statutory payments and calculation of employee entitlement
  • Understanding of historical product reports with payslips.
  • Produce a pay review to a determination of the impact of changes to employees pay
  • Understand how to allocate and to process earnings attachment 
  • Be capable of preparing holiday schemes and record holidays

Learning about editing the existing payslip to show in a different order and include email settings

What is the Sage 50 Payroll online course?

Online lives classes provide you with opportunities to interact with your tutor and fellow students; hence you can enjoy a shared and combined learning experience. During the learning, online live classes held regularly to provide you with the study support and structure you can gain through a familiar classroom environment, wherever you go, without any borders! The classes are very interactive supervised by a course master to learn a specific topic in each session. Students can directly ask about the doubts in real-time, participate in polls and check their information against the fellow students. You can participate in different business, payroll, finance, IT and accounting courses online. KBM will give access to:

  • Join in polls
  • Dedicated online learning portal
  • A plan of live sessions
  • Massive study materials 
  • Talk with fellow students
  • High-quality papers for practice
  • Personalised Calendar with upcoming and past classes
  • Ask doubts in real-time
  • Free of cost Career Management Service to offer CV advice, industry news, and interview techniques from experts and recruitment support our Career Advice

What is the Sage Payroll certification?

The Sage payroll certification is the only accredited performance-based certification programme approved by the Sage. It is the next step in your training and development as an experienced user of the Sage. 

Stage 1

Here you will learn:

  • The navigation legislations settings of the software
  • Configuration of the company setting-up employee records
  • Development of payments and deductions
  • Setting-up basic pension schemes
  • Developing users and access rights
  • Setting-up the nominal link

Stage 2

Here you will learn:

  • Processing of the payroll running using rest payments
  • Applying the minimum/living wage 
  • Correction of errors
  • Processing of the nominal link to the Sage Accounts 
  • Advancing the holiday pay
  • Period end routines
  • Processing of starters and leavers

Stage 3

Here you will learn:

  • Setting up and process a student loan
  • Processing statutory sick pay
  • Attachment of earnings orders
  • Processing statutory maternity
  • Paternity and adoption pay
  • Setting up pay reviews
  • Historical editing payslips.
  • Entering holiday details and absences
  • Producing the employer payment summary (EPS)

KBM is approved training provider of the Sage (UK) and has the honour of producing thousands of Sage Qualified professionals. At KBM you can:

  • Gain the courses and register for assessments 
  • Successful pass the Sage exam
  • The Assessments are online through the Sage (UK)
  • At completion, you will be entitled to obtain Sage 50 Training (Beginner Certificate)
  • You will receive a free electronic Certificate with No extra charges
  • Upon booking the exams, you will get access to the Sage qualification online portal for six months with additional study and practice materials
  • You can attempt to take the online exam at any time within six months. 
  • Once completed successfully; you will get the digital certificate directly from the Sage (UK).

The Exam fee, including registration, is £135 per exam or stage. 

What are the benefits of Sage payroll courses?

Sage computerised Payroll qualification opens exciting avenues for your desired careers as well as enhancing payroll skills and knowledge if you are currently working. This course will provide you with a dynamic learning tool to entirely understand and operate your Sage 50cloud Payroll software. At completion, you can prove and apply your knowledge and obtain an official Sage qualification. Start your training as early as possible without waiting for the beginning of the new term. The glaring benefits include:

  • Start your own Payroll Bureau
  • Work in small business
  • Free Payroll Software
  • A payroll career can lead to great opportunities
  • Study through the online learning portal
  • Improve your employability potential
  • Update your knowledge of sage payroll
  • A career path into payroll
  • Includes interactive tests to check your knowledge
  • Ideal continuing professional development course
  • Virtual scenarios will take you through all the stages
  • Gain a skill to boost your CV

What is your career after Sage certification?

Sage Certification will examine your skills and knowledge in one of the most popular payroll software solutions in practice across the globe. Besides improving product information, you will also learn running of the automated calculations. You will learn the up-to-date, safe and secure payroll practices at best. Some of the prominent job roles include:

  • Payroll Consultant
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Payroll Supervisor
  • Payroll Manager
  • Senior Payroll Adviser
  • Payroll Director
  • Payroll Advisor
  • Payroll Clerk

What are the requirements and funding options?

Sage 50 Payroll Training is without any prerequisites but requires keenness and quick learning. During the study of Sage qualification:

  • Computer-based assessments (CBAs) will examine your knowledge and skills - CBAs are administered by assessment centres or Sage training providers and run entirely on laptops or PCs.
  • You will sit for the assessments when you are prepared and ready for the exams.
  • You will have to check the training provider for the availability and schedule of completing CBAs.

If you are thinking about learning the Sage but have questions about the fees, the financial support is available if you qualify. The government of the UK and other agencies provide funding, financial aid and loans for individuals who take the training. The financing would base upon your circumstances, such as:

  • Your age
  • Location where you live 
  • Your financial status 

If you are successful for the Apprenticeship scheme, your employer will make the payment of your training; there is no age requirement.

The Fee for Sage Payroll stages will subject the study method you choose. You can pay the Sage course expenses in the following ways:

  • Funded by your employer
  • Self-funding, if you are paying 
  • Private educational loan

Why Sage 50 payroll courses at KBM?

  • KBM is Sage and AAT approved Training Provider
  • The world-class and user-friendly online learning platform
  • Outstanding rating from our students
  • Industry experts and renowned accountants and expert tutors
  • Dedicated online learning portal
  • Real Scenario-based training and practice on Sage 50 Payroll
  • CPD Completion Certificate to increase the value of your CV
  • Our Course is fully compatible with Mac's, PC's, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone etc. accessible through 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection
  • Video tutorials with excellent quality
  • You can have tutor support by phone, email and live chat 
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