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KBM is offering Online Sage qualifications in London and Birmingham. You can gain hands-on practical training on Sage with guaranteed work placement.

Being one of the most preferred and popular accounting software in the different industries in the UK, Sage qualifications and training represent an important sector within the resume of a job seeker trying to join the accounting sector. KBM provides all students with the opportunity to explore in details SAGE accounting software, delivering the best experience using real companies' files under supervision of qualified accountants, throughout all our London campuses and online. Make most of your Sage training experience by joining practical accountancy training provided by KBM Training and Recruitment.

Sage 50 is a blend of accounting and payroll software; Sage Group has developed this software to assist small and medium businesses to keep records, file tax returns and produce final accounts. 

KBM is happy to explain about the Sage courses through the following points:

  • Overview of the Sage 50 Level 3 Course
  • Syllabus of the Sage 50 Courses
  • What qualifications will I gain?
  • Who is suitable for this course?
  • What support is available?
  • Duration for Sage 50 Courses
  • Course Requirements
  • What are the jobs will I qualify?
  • Sage Accounts Training & Practical Experience in bookkeeping
  • Sage 50 Training Certification
  • Why should students choose KBM education centre?
  • Study Options
  • Fast Track Option

Overview of the Sage 50 Level 3 Course

Sage 50 Level 3 course aims to deliver advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of bookkeeping, utilising Sage 50 Accounts software. Furthermore, the Sage is for individuals who already have an excellent working experience of Sage 50 accounts and wish to enhance their knowledge further. The course builds-up on the competence of Level 2 but offers the additional expertise essential to prepare the reports for a variety of business. Therefore, it enables a better understanding of the companies' financial management and overall administration. 

Industries of all size are required by law to keep records of all business transactions; this process is a "Bookkeeping". Therefore, the employees performing these tasks are named bookkeepers, and they perform an essential role in organisations. Accordingly, they perform their duties, making sure that records of all individual financial transactions are registered in the company's books accurately, orderly, up to date and extensively.

If you are organised and systematic, keen on operating through documents and enjoy observing and analysing a set of data correctly, then bookkeeping is the appropriate career path.

Syllabus of the Sage 50 Courses

  • Individual Trader Accounts preparation
  • Trial Balance preparation
  • Chart of Accounts Planning to meet the company requirements
  • Observing and Adjusting Mistakes in the Trial Balance
  • Disputed Items
  • Use of General Journal Entries
  • Prepare and Process Month End Routine
  • Contra Entries
  • The Government Gateway and VAT Returns
  • Bad Debts and Provision for Doubtful Debts
  • Prepare and Produce Final Accounts
  • Making Decisions with Reports Using Sage
  • The Fixed Asset Register and Depreciation
  • Cash Flow and Forecast Reports
  • Advanced Credit Control
  • Accruals and Prepayments
  • Management of Information Reports

What qualifications will I gain?

You will gain Certification from the Sage UK. KBM is a Sage (UK) Certified training provider, students are entitled to gain the following qualification taking into consideration that they schedule and register for the examination and pass the exam successfully:

Sage 50 Computerised Accounting Course (Level 1)

This certificate is ideal for students how are new to the Sage 50 software. The learning material covers the basic principles of the Sage 50 cloud accounting software, from the navigation on the software to creating and amending records, entering opening balances and controlling user access.

Students will gain a good understanding of the basic principles of Sage 50 cloud Accounts, and by finalising the certification, they will be aware of:  

  • Understanding how to use password protection and restricting user access
  • Understanding configuration, financial year settings and setting up tax codes
  • Creating, amending and deleting nominal accounts
  • Create bank, cash and credit card accounts
  • Understanding the role of the Chart of Accounts and forms of amending it
  • Creating departments
  • Creating, amending and deleting supplier and customer accounts
  • Entering opening balances for nominal accounts, suppliers and customer accounts

Sage 50 Computerised Accounting Course (Level 2)

This certificate is perfect for students who want to get an understanding of the core operations within Sage Accounting software. Key topics include processing sale and purchase invoices, credit notes, receipts, payments, managing the sales and purchase ledgers, processing bank receipts, and correcting errors.

Students will gain a perfect understanding and knowledge of the different range of transactions to entre in Sage 50 cloud Accounts. By finalising the certification, they will be aware of:

  • Understanding the process of entering supplier invoices, credits and payments
  • Understanding the process of entering customer invoices, credits and receipts
  • Processing and printing customer invoices
  • Processing contra entries and journal entries
  • Understanding bank, cash and credit card transactions
  • Setting up and process recurring transactions
  • Searching, checking and correcting possible errors in different transactions

Sage 50 Computerised Accounting Course (Level 3)

This certification is perfect for students who have gained the basics regarding the usage of Sage 50 Accounts and want to extend their knowledge. The learning material takes an in-depth look at the procedures for the period end, credit control and VAT Returns. It also provides extent information regarding depreciation, accruals and prepayments, bank reconciliation and other performance indicators.

Students will acquire a strong understanding of more advanced features of Sage Accounts software, and by finalising the certification, they will be aware of:

  • Producing and understanding the credit control reports and documentation
  • Managing the credit-control options
  • Performing a cash flow forecast
  • Producing and understand your financial reports
  • Performing bank reconciliation
  • Preparing and producing VAT Returns
  • Performing period-end procedures

Sage 50 Computerised Accounting Course (Level 4)

The Sage 50 Level 4 certificate is perfect for students who aim to use the stock control system within Sage 50 Accounts. The learning material covers the management of the stock system from setting up to performing stock takes. It further provides information regarding purchase and sale orders, proforma and quotes invoices, as well as foreign trading and intrastat reporting.

Students will achieve a perfect understanding of the stock, processing orders and invoicing, in Sage Accounts and by finalising the certification, they will be aware of:

  • Planning a stock system
  • Creating product records and entering opening balances
  • Preparing and processing purchase and sale orders
  • Understanding different customer discounts and how to apply them
  • Understanding foreign trader options and Intrastat procedures
  • How to produce quotes, invoices and credit notes
  • Stock takes and stock year ends procedures
  • Recurring transactions procedures

The examination is conducted online through the Sage (UK) website. Cost of each exam per assessment or per course level, which includes registration, is £135. Upon receiving the schedule of the exam assessment, students get access to Sage Qualifications online portal for six months. Within the portal, additional practice materials are there to help students perform well in their exam. Students are eligible to complete the online examination any time within those six months. Once succeeded in the exam, we will provide students with the digital certificate which they can download or print directly from Sage (UK) online portal.

Who is suitable for this course?

The Sage 50 course is ideal for the people those:

  • Are considering starting up their business or who are presently operating their business.
  • Are thinking to switch from a manual Bookkeeping to a Computerised Bookkeeping.
  • And are exploring to develop their career prospects

What support is available?

  • High-quality scenario-based and real-life programme materials
  • Tutorial support from a high-calibre accountants
  • Sage online portal for exam prices and exam booking  
  • Tailored private study plan
  • Professional Career Management service
  • Sage Student Membership and Certificate
  • We will provide Free Sage 50 Computerised Accounting software to the students who book Sage 50 Computerised Accounting – Fast Track course.

Duration for Sage 50 Courses

The recommended time of the programme to complete is 2 Weeks.

Course Requirements

Students are required to have fundamental IT knowledge to run Sage 50 software effectively, which refers to the basic Level 2 Theory of Sage 50 Computerised Accounting.

What are the jobs will I qualify?

After completing this course, a student is qualified for the following job positions:

  • Sage Bookkeeper
  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Accounts Administrator
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Senior Purchase ledger clerk
  • Senior Sales ledger clerk

As per Reed Salary Checker (UK), the average annual salary for these job roles varies on more than £50,000. 

Sage Accounts Training & Practical Experience in Bookkeeping

Combining the experiences and practical knowledge, you would be ready to build a career pathway in Accounting and Bookkeeping. Our dedicated support on the sage accounting training programmes is in place to gain the skills essential to fast track your business in the field of Accounting and digital world.

Suppose you are looking to gain knowledge in the universally available accounting software. In that case, the Sage 50 Computerised Accounts course will provide you with complete working knowledge while helping you achieve an acknowledged qualification.

Sage 50 Training Certification

KBM will issue a certificate to the students after their training programme. Further, students have also got the opportunity to attain certifications from SAGE (UK), subject to passing the online exams for each level.

AAT/Sage Exams

The certificate is available upon the student's performance on the computer-based assessments. The student should pass the essential element of evaluation to complete the qualification. It has the Grading as Pass or Fail, and the minimum level of performance is 70%.

Why should students choose KBM education centre?

  • Flexibility in time and location in classes organisation 
  • Provides practical study material and quality video
  • Receive skillful tutor support
  • Assignment scoring and reviews
  • Accreditation from certified buddies
  • Issue CPD certification at completion
  • Free CV preparation service
  • Support to arrange placement opportunity if required.
  • Gives dedicated e-portfolio to enrol your practice, any time seven days a week at our East, West, North London, and Birmingham offices.
  • In-demand practical software exercises that will help students to improve their experimental approaches.
  • Proficient guidance to start Accountancy Preparation
  • Free e-portfolio to follow student's performance and training discoveries connected into academic modules of AAT.

Study Options

Classroom-based: We offer weekend and daytime classes for Sage 50 Bookkeeping Level 3 Training programme at our London and Birmingham campus.

The alternate option is to take this course online or self-study basis; you may pick Sage Training – Fast Track.

Fast Track Option

You can take economic benefit of Fast Track option by combining Sage 50 Accounts Level 1, 2 & 3 courses. You would also get a dedicated Tablet PC and a Free Sage 50 Accounts Software.

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