Sage Accounting Training with Guaranteed Work Placement

KBM provides Sage Accounting training with guaranteed work placement to prepare students for to broaden the chances of job roles in accounting and finance. Sage training is coupled with work-placement to provide you with significant insights into accounting and finance jobs.

Sage accounts provide vital support to the businesses by aligning their functions and making the overall business processes more efficient. Acquiring these accounting software skills is critical. Sage training comes with work placement opportunities which enable workers to gather insight into how sage operates in an accounting department. Many Accountancy training programs of KBM training comes with guaranteed work placement to give candidates theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Successful business involves a combination of tasks with complex nature and functions that helps streamline processes. Businesses process a multitude of transactions in a financial period. For example, some transactions may happen, but the cash needs not have been paid or not received. These transactions are the accruals, and they are highly essential because they provide precise data and information on financial conditions of business. The Sage course will explain how its users can develop the features provided in Sage 50 to calculate accrual transactions.

Sage courses provided by KBM are available online and as regular courses which allows you to choose to work online or come into one of our training centres. They allow you to complete your work at your own pace, allowing you to set the timing of how you choose to work.

Sage Courses for Beginners

For the Beginners of the "Sage 50 Accounts training Level 1" is perfect aiming to provide you with the capabilities to give up-to-date and proper information to Administration, complying with the rules and regulations for your business. All business types are required by law to keep records and bookkeepers have a "key-role" to do so. In this way, guaranteeing Records of monetary exchanges are accurate, orderly, up to date, and comprehensive. Moreover, if you are composed and systematic, enjoy working through archives and appreciate seeing a set of figures sum up legitimately, the best career for you is a Bookkeeping.

Everybody has a dream to gain an excellent job in their life. Learning Sage is ideal for those who are unemployed and looking for a career in the Accountancy field in addition to those who are currently employed and want to get a better job role. If you are a beginner, by achieving proper training and experience in how to use Sage 50 will make you noticeable as a professional. There are massive job vacancies in many companies for those who completed sage training and experience. The average salary for this job role is around £46000 

Advantages and Benefits of Sage 50 Accounting Course for Beginners

  • Sage 50 Accounting Software is a faster, powerful and effective accounting and invoicing solution which is most appropriate for small businesses. However, it has no restrictions but is mainly for organisations having about 5 to 99 employees’ workforce. 
  • The software has different versions for different levels of financial activity which one of the best and easiest accounting applications for small and medium-sized enterprises/employers
  • Sage 50 is a modern software solution to amplify the benefit, and one would have to study all chapters of the course in length. It consolidates perfect reporting functions and features along with the advanced tools for accounting, taxation and management 
  • Through choosing a study on a complete course on Sage 50, you can precisely expect to manage company VAT records, invoicing, prepare financial and sales reports
  • Additionally, the most recent Sage 50 (2016) is for user-friendly interaction including simple installation, quick activation and fast registration. Clients can anticipate to set up the software very quickly, and the solution is automatically updating with the latest versions. Hence, the user will always be up to date with sage.
  • Furthermore, Sage 50 increases efficiency, proficiency and profitability in a multi-client scenario. Apart from making various degrees of security, Sage 50 similarly creates reports including salary proclamations, accounting reports, incomes etc.

What is the Suitability of learning the Sage 50 Accounting?

  • Massive knowledge of different tools and functions of the Sage 50 accounting program can develop candidates and add value to their organisation.
  • Likewise, Sage 50 software is also best to use for those who have their businesses and want to be self-sufficient in handling their accounting and invoicing, so on. Experience in Sage 50 accounting programme will allow individuals to be less reliant on external accountants.
  • Modern working capability of Sage 50 will help clients confidently and provide high-standard accounting services to organisations.
  • Sage 50 is perfect for those who need to develop a seamless upgrade from the manual payroll processes to a computerised system. When you have skills, knowledge and competence in Sage 50, a client can express their capability to perform accounting duties on software to the potential employers. The Sage 50 online course is flexible and adaptable for the student, individuals, entrepreneurs who need to learn the basics of computerised invoicing and accounting.
  • People from all backgrounds and sectors can gain Sage 50 accounting course; it doesn't require any academic qualifications. Essential knowledge of numeracy, literacy and computer skills are the requirement.

Advantage of becoming Sage 50 Accounts Qualified

  • Approval for your capability utilising Sage programming
  • Expanded earning potential
  • Increased opportunity for your career development
  • universal recognition
  • An advantage when applying to Accounting jobs
  • Stand out to employers

Which are the Job roles one can apply after the completion of Sage 50 Courses?

After completing the Sage 50 Accounting course, many job roles are available to the individual. KBM provides a high standard of sage learning experience and training makes the user deliver high-quality work to the companies. KBM helps to place our clients in proper job positions depends on the skills they have acquired and requirements.

  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Payroll Administration
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Credit Controller
  • Management Accountant
  • Finance Assistant
  • Junior Accountant

These are only a few job roles that you can pursue after completing the Sage Accounts Training. A qualified sage individual has a "key-role" in the organisation. The average salary of these job roles is a starting range from £20,000 to £45,000 annually, which depends on the experience. Sage 50 Training alongside KBM will support you to explore a proper work placement for your career in accounting and finance.

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