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Sage is one of the most popular accounting packages; it is designed to assist a business to deal with cash flow, billing and invoicing. It is available in three languages and has the facility to switch from one language to another (e.g. English to Spanish or French) whenever you want. The features of Sage include automated audit trails, tax calculation and VAT Returns, automatically generating standard accounting reports (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet etc), along with other reporting, analysing and forecasting tools which help you keep track of the financial health of the company. Sage also has a Payroll tool enabling small companies to easily manage payroll in house.

This premium accounting software is suitable for small to medium sized companies, and is popular among large scale retail outlets, small manufacturing units, construction firms and many not-for-profit organizations. Sage provides the following versions to many small businesses:

Sage simply accounting first step

Sage simply accounting first step Is the basic version to manage cash, sale and purchase transactions and inventory management without requiring any special technical knowledge of accounting terms.

Sage simply accounting premium

Sage simply accounting premium Is an advanced accounting and analysis tool supporting faster decision making and data consolidation.

Sage accountants’ edition

Sage accountants’ edition Is specifically designed for the accounting and consulting companies to maintain high quality and advanced accounting and bookkeeping.

Sage accounting packages have the following strength:-

  • Available in bilingual versions
  • You can choose to work with accounting or simple terminology – whichever you are more comfortable with.
  • Sage offer a wide range of services, including training and online support
  • Sage software is user friendly, with many add on facilities to increase the efficiency of a small business, such as online advertising and invoicing, mobile payments, credit card transaction, and many other modern facilities
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