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Our advanced excel courses are set up to use develop an understanding the core concepts of MS Excel and a knowledge of the many short-cuts and features (tricks) which enable you to use MS Excel efficiently, increasing your productivity and confidence when using MS Excel to an advanced level. The main features of our popular excel courses in London are:

  • Knowledge of referencing: Understanding of both absolute and relative referencing. These are essential when creating a reliable spreadsheet. Understanding how excel identifies the individual cell or range of cells is essential. A beginner may be confused by mixed referencing and 3D (accessing the same cell range on multiple worksheets) if they do not have a clear understanding of each and every part of referencing.
  • Awareness of the limitations: All computer applications have limitations; even experienced users sometimes find MS excel won’t do what they were expecting. Most of the MS Excel courses in London help their students to understand the limits of MS Excel, and how to work with these.
  • User preference: Each and every mind works in a unique way. The different versions of MS excel are preferred by a different type of users. Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel within Office 365 have different features which a user can choose from. A smartly designed course demonstrates each feature, showing its students how to use it and where to find it in each version of Excel, guiding the students to explore these options and use the one most suited to their requirements.
  • Fill handle tool:This is an amazing tool in Excel that efficiently saves time by applying formulas and creating a series of values. People new to excel often don’t appreciate how useful this tool is, but our MS Excel courses in London cover the importance and application of the fill handle. An understanding of the basic aspects of this tool will improve performance and give much more consistent results.
  • Formula auditing: When working with excel, people often have a problem because their formula is not giving the desired result. Either the wrong formula has been used or there is a problem with the data evaluation. An advanced excel courses in London assists the trainees to pinpoint the problem by using formula auditing, enabling them to sort out the problems on their own by using systematic tactics to check the references and formulas.
  • Format of value display: The values displayed are often not identical to the stored values. Our MS excel course shows how this actually works, generating a displayed value and format from the underlying stored value.
  • Data validation: A good worksheet can only be obtained by using the right data. The data validation feature checks the validity of data by checking for duplicate and invalid entries.

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