Advanced Excel

A comprehensive training course with up to date material to practice at home and during your class. We will also provide a step by step manual of all the tricks you can do using Excel spreadsheets to gain better management reporting and budgeting skills.Excel spread sheets are the most powerful tool, extensively used for reporting and analysis. There is a way to make it an even more powerful tool in the management of your business. The benefit of additional Microsoft Excel training will give you a more efficient vision of your operation as well as improve your analytical and reporting skills.Whether you're looking for a beginner, intermediate or advanced Excel training program, you won't be disappointed in the end result. You will learn valuable tips and tricks to improve your excel skills. Course contents:

    • Summing Techniques
    • IF, Cell References, Formula Linking,etc
    • New Formulas of Excel 2007 Sumifs, Countifs, Iferror
    • Database Formulas
    • Subtotal (Formulae & Procedure)
    • Tables
    • Macros
    • Look up References (Vlookup, Hlookup,etc)
    • Data Validation
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Date & Time Formulas
    • Charts & Graphs
    • Protection & Security
    • Goal Seek
    • Groupings
    • Pivot Table
    • Pivot Table Charts
    • Hyperlinks
    • Scenario
    • Hlook ups
    • Vlookups
    • Web workbooks
    • Sharing Workbooks
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