OCR Bookkeeping Courses

The business environment 

  • Business Environment
  • Different Types of Organisation
  • Business Ownership
  • Types of Business Organisation
  • Pest Analysis

Business resources

  • Human Resources Plan
  • Employability
  • External Sources of Finance
  • Sources of Finance Explained
  • Financial Statements

Introduction to marketing

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Target Group of Customers
  • Marketing Mix
  • The Seven Ps of the Marketing Mix- Marketing Strategies

Business accounting

  • Purpose of Accounting
  • The Role of Accounting
  • Cash-Flow Forecast Tutorial
  • Balance Sheet Example
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Profitability Ratio Analysis- Financial Ratio Analysis Explained

Human resources management in business

  • What Is Human Resources
  • Employee Motivation
  • Employee Engagement Strategy
  • Measure Performance
  • Strategic Hrm Models

Business communication

  • Types of Communication and Importance
  • Types of Business Information
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology
  • Produce Corporate Communications
  • Common Methods of Communication
  • Evaluate the External Corporate Communications of an Existing Product or Service (Example)
  • Communication in Business

Financial accounting

  • Regulation of Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Year End Accounting Adjustments

Management accounting

  • Intro to Cost Theory
  • Basic Product Costing
  • Cost of Production
  • Break Even Analysis 1
  • Break Even Analysis 2
  • Break Even Analysis 3

Creative product promotion

  • Intro to Marketing - Marketing Mix
  • Intro to Marketing - Promotional Mix
  • How to Create Ad Campaigns
  • Promotion Strategy 1
  • Promotion Strategy 2
  • Promotion Strategy 3
  • Promotion Strategy 4
  • The Role of Advertising Agencies

Market research in business

  • Research for Decisions
  • Types of Market Research
  • Types of Research Methods and Disciplines
  • Difference between Primary and Secondary Research
  • Tools of Data Collection
  • Data Collection

Internet marketing in business

  • Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Internet Marketing for Small Business
  • Challenges with the Internet Marketing

Recruitment and selection in business

  • Human Resource Management 1
  • Human Resource Management 2

Development planning for a career in business

  • Complete a Career Plan Identifying Development Needs
  • Carry Out a Skills Audit to Identify Skills Gap
  • Create Smart Targets for the Career Plan
  • Create Smart Targets for the Career Plan
  • Develop a Range of Transferable Skills
  • Discuss Methods of Cpd and Training Relevant To the Career Plan

Managing a business event

  • Role of an Event Organiser
  • Skills Required of an Event Organiser
  • Arrange and Organise a Venue for an Event Ensuring Health and Safety
  • Prepare For a Business Plan Event
  • Run a Business Event
  • Able To Follow Up After a Business Event

Developing teams in business

  • Types of Teams
  • Cohesive Team
  • Different Team Leading Styles
  • Benefits and Importance of Being in a Team
  • Strengths of a Leader
  • Weaknesses of a Leader
  • Review Overall Team Effectiveness

Aspects of contract and business law

  • Advantage and Disadvantages of A Contract
  • Contract Law - Misrepresentation
  • Offer & Acceptance of A Contract
  • Contract Law - Terms
  • Consumer Protection on Parties to a Contract
  • Remedies Available To the Parties to A Contract

Understanding health and safety in the business workplace

  • Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety Requirements
  • Health and Safety Regulations
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Key Personnel
  • Assess and Manage Risk

Business project management

  • Purpose of a Project
  • Project Management Framework - What Is a Project-
  • Prepare a Project Plan
  • Run a Project
  • Report Project Outcomes

Website design strategy

  • Purpose of Website
  • Main Elements in Web Design for Usability and Visual Appeal
  • Plan and Development of a Website

Understanding business ethics

  • Ethical Issues
  • Meaning of Ethics
  • Implications of Business Ethics
  • Social Implications of Business Ethics (1)
  • Social Implications of Business Ethics (2)
  • Ethical Concerns

Business and the economic environment

  • Economic Environment
  • Government Policy
  • Government Spending
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  • International Economy Affects UK Business
  • International Economy Affects UK Business

International business

  • Introduction to International Business
  • International Business Cultural Differences
  • Monetary Environment and International Business
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of International Trade
  • Strategy of International Business
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