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VAT training courses

Our VAT training course covers the many aspects of VAT used in the accountancy procedures used on a daily basis within most companies and organisations.

  • The VAT training course shows our students how the VAT rules and regulations are applied in the maintenance and preparation of bookkeeping records.
  • Our VAT training course emphasises the importance of completing VAT returns correctly.
  • We explain when output VAT is charged by a company, and when the company is authorized to recover input VAT.
  • The Quality of our VAT training course  High quality training is provided by KBM’s Chartered and Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors. Our teachers are professional industry specialists in their own fields, and supervise your practical work, giving one-to-one support when you need it. Whether you choose the 3 month Fundamental course using Sage and quickbooks bookkeeping with Sage Payroll, or a more advanced course, the inclusion of VAT is always important, and our training covers this.
  • Structure of our VAT training course  We have structured and designed our VAT training course very carefully, covering all practical skills that are necessary to understand and complete accounts from the source documents. Our training shows how the VAT information from the source documents feeds into the VAT return. The practical exercises use real life data, building up your understanding of the VAT rules and processes, step by step, and enabling you to understand the VAT rules in any bookkeeping job. This step by step approach makes our courses suitable for everyone, regardless of their previous knowledge and experience of VAT And bookkeeping.

    Our VAT Training course uses scenarios which demonstrate how to deal with VAT on an international basis. There are additional VAT Rules for cross-border transactions and international services. Our seminars focus on the complex VAT treatment related to international services.

    On completion of our VAT training course you will have:

    • Knowledge and practical experience using computerized bookkeeping and payroll packages such as Sage, Sage Payroll, IRIS, QuickBooks, VT or TAS.
    • A working knowledge and proficiency using MS Excel spreadsheets.
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