Bookkeeping Courses in Birmingham

Mar 27, 2019


Bookkeeping courses in Birmingham with KBM Training and Recruitment will assist learners in full understanding of the basics of bookkeeping and its place within accounting sector.

At KBM Training and Recruitment, Birmingham, we give all required information you want to know in terms of thinking about accountancy as a job or thinking of setting up bookkeeping business, this course delivers the complete foundation of knowledge as stepping stone required to enhance your career.

KBM Training and Recruitment provide you the theoretical knowledge alongwith practical logic of various Bookkeeping courses available in Birmingham. We make you aware of such opportunities and finding the dream job. Our Bookkeeping courses in Birmingham are distributed into proportions with a quiz at the end to assist you recall and remember all components you have learnt. The reason is to make sure you understand the different bookkeeping course, knowing what you were told to do and to observe how much you have learned from us at KBM in Birmingham. Other reason of quiz is to increase your theoretical knowledge to get ready for  Bookkeeping and to see if you are ready for work when working for an employer or starting your very own business.

You will be learning the glossary of accounting terms, the basic principles of double entry bookkeeping, the importance of bookkeeping in business, accounting categories and many more. At KBM, you are going to learn all form us to get complete understanding of various Bookkeeping courses in Birmingham. You will also understand what you can come across when you were going through the various Bookkeeping courses and observing if you know it or need more assistance. Our Bookkeeping courses in Birmingham provide you an insight of real live working on accounts when you are working with employers or want to setup your own business. During the training, you have to see the different accounting software, you would be using and observing the various sectors of client we work with during the training with KBM at Birmingham.

At KBM Birmingham, we assure you have a full understanding of what you want from KBM and how we can assist you to obtain the theoretical and practical experience to find the dream job in Accounting sector. You can work in many sectors as you were trained and do not have to worry about applying for one industry.

KBM Birmingham is fully aware of the people who do not have time or the distance they travel cannot be more than three times a week so that we offer distance learning for our Bookkeeping courses. The only time distance learning work is by attending our training and classes for more than 60 hours. We want you to have the full and clear understanding of how to do the Bookkeeping courses and the practical Accounting training, once you know these than it fine for you to do it at home whenever you ever free.


The Bookkeeping courses at KBM Birmingham provide you an overview of the fundamental principles of bookkeeping.

 Focused areas:

•    Glossary of accounting terms: Equip yourself with the language necessary to make your way in the world of accounting.  This complete glossary clearly describes all of the times that you need to know to complete this courses in Birmingham.

•    Bookkeeping

•    Double entry bookkeeping: Explore into the history of double-entry bookkeeping and why it remains the important concept supporting financial accounting.

Auditing in business: Discover the importance of bookkeeping in business, why accounting records are required and kinds of files need to be kept and what are the legal requirements.

•    Three fundamental concepts: Explore the three fundamental ideas supporting double-entry bookkeeping: a separate entity, the accounting equation and the dual effect. Learn about their importance within accountancy and their application.

•    Accounting categories and dual effect examples: Discover the five key accounting categories and how various transactions fit into them. Explore practical examples of double effecting.

 The advantage of Bookkeeping courses at KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham:

•    We take quiz based upon learning from us to test you how much you obtained knowledge from us, further help and tracking your progress.

We have flexible learning options tailored to suit yourself. Study around other commitments and work at your own pace, quick or slow you are to complete the course.

•  A complete understanding of bookkeeping courses in Birmingham is divided into adaptable portions, so you know how much you have learnt and where improvement is needed.

•  Enhance your current job forecasts or going to the new career in accountancy sector with the assistance of KBM at Birmingham during our Bookkeeping courses.


You can broaden your career when taking our Bookkeeping courses with at KBM. We are here to assist you and provide guidance in finding right Accounting job. Our Bookkeeping courses say it all, our learners enjoy taking courses with KBM and recommend others to take courses leading towards career progression in accounting sector.