Basic Bookkeeping Courses in Birmingham

Mar 26, 2019

The bookkeeping information is perfect if you are

1.      A small business owner requiring some knowledge of how to start off your accounts process the right way

2.      A bookkeeper who requires to update his knowledge or learn something new.

3.      A student desiring to know what this topic is and the principles of it

The Basic Bookkeeping Courses in Birmingham emphases on the recording and processing of daily financial transactions such as purchases, expenses, sales and receipts.

At KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, we are helping people about the Bookkeeping, how to adopt basic Bookkeeping and its importance if you are learning accountancy or finance for your bachelors, Masters or MBA programmes.

 Basic Bookkeeping is about producing record keeping which is origin of all financial reports. It is vital to keep up to date, accurate and correct record of financial transactions. Companies use different accounting software like Sage, QuickBooks, Xero and excel spreadsheets to record these transactions. Getting easy to accounting software is an important step for gaining a job as a bookkeeper.

At KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham we make sure you are aware of these by teaching the basic Bookkeeping, teaching how to use diverse accounting software, so you are aware how to input data, process it, reconciling it and VAT submit to the HMRC portal. Most importantly it makes sure that you are comfortable with using Bookkeeping when you are working for an employer or you are going to setup a business.


The course delivers an outstanding working information on the various bookkeeping course methodologies important to excellently record and store financial information daily. Our classes are aimed to give you a full experience in basic bookkeeping and accounting principles. Our unique approach of mixing the important theoretical concepts and practical skills give you huge competitive benefit in your job. We make sure you recognize the change about Bookkeeping courses and how to process it while working as employee or setting up a new business.

What I will study for the Basic Bookkeeping courses for KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham:

•        Bookkeeping Transactions: With KBM Training and Recruitment you will prepare and record financial documents.

•        Sales and suppliers invoices all the way to the trial balance sheet.

•        You would learn how to control accounts and reconcile to detect errors, and you will correct these errors using journals.

•        You will be using Sage accounting software to input data and generate various types of reports and submit them in the HMRC. This is what we teach you when you are doing basic Bookkeeping courses with KBM in our Birmingham office.

Delivery of the Course

Lessons will include workshops, lectures, group work, directed study, computer packages, tutorials and individual practice.

Course Benefits

Advantages of basic Bookkeeping at KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham are:

 1.      You have a complete knowledge of the basic Bookkeeping courses and substantiate your Sage expertise with our Course Completion Certificate recognised either by IAB, AAT and OCR.

2.      When course is completed at KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, you can start using it for your businesses or able to use them for employer business. You will find it easy to manage

3.      Your basic Bookkeeping will increase day-to-day as you feel more easy when managing your employers or your business accounts on daily basis.

5.      It will add value to your CV that you have learnt and obtain a Certificate for Bookkeeping courses.


Bookkeeping Training at KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham :

You can have the option of learning following Important Accounting Software:

1.    Sage 2017 v24

2.    XERO

3.    Quickbooks

4.    Forbes

5.    IRIS


Industries Covered

•    Construction

•    Wholesale

•    Retail

•    IT

•    Solicitor

•    Medical Surgeries

•    Dental Clinics

•    Online Business

•    Architect & More


KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham is here for the learners who are doing Bookkeeping for the first time, we make sure they know everything and uses during our training session or at work either with your employer or at businesses. We make sure you are confident in handling the Bookkeeping. We are always there to assist you if you need any assistance at all.

 There is a lot of job opportunity when learning the Bookkeeping and many other sectors at KBM Training and Recruitment:

•    Sales Ledger Clerk

•    Purchase Ledger Clerk

•    Account Receivable Clerk

•    Account Payable Clerk

•    VAT Administrator

•    Cash Controller

•    Bookkeeper