Benefits of becoming a Business Admin Apprentice

May 05, 2023

The benefits of becoming a Business Administration Apprentice are many. They include the opportunity to understand better the role of business and how it impacts our daily lives, as well as an insight into business practices. Apprenticeships give you a chance to work in your official field while also learning new skills in a challenging environment that is constantly changing.

Confidence increaser

Becoming a Business Admin Apprentice is an excellent way to learn about your chosen industry. It builds self-confidence and soft skills and helps you gain invaluable professional experience. You will take on various tasks and roles, including working in a team environment.

Also, you will get hands-on experience in various areas of your industry, including launching new products, accounts and back-office processes. You will work as a team and gain a better understanding of the business behind the products you sell or offer to customers.

Soft skills development

Joining the office environment at a young age means you will develop soft critical skills such as organisation, communication, ability to work under pressure, time-keeping, teamwork and managing your performance, amongst many others! These soft skills can give you a massive advantage over others in the business job market later in life. Business Admin Apprentice gains a work-based qualification.

Business Admin Apprenticeship versatility

Business Admin Apprenticeships are ideal if you are looking for the perfect job. It allows you to gain real work experience. This position involves working in various departments within an office and can involve typical office tasks such as photocopying, filing, and data entry. The business admin apprenticeship also allows your creativity and problem-solving skills to flourish.

Actual office working experience

Working in an office environment is excellent. If you want to become a Business Admin Apprentice and set your sights on working in an office, this programme is for you. You will be able to learn about the different types of employees, how to deal with clients and how to get things done. You will learn some skills employers look for, like email etiquette, dress code and professional mannerisms implementation for your next job.

Encourages entrepreneurship

Becoming a Business Admin apprentice is the perfect career choice if you want to get a job in a busy office and help run the office at a lower wage or an hourly rate. With specialist training, this will be your opportunity to start earning at least minimum wage. At the same time, you may already have some experience working in an office environment. 

There are many benefits to developing your business admin skills further, including having key soft skills such as time management and customer service, which will help with the increased workload once you have completed your apprenticeship. In this programme, you will learn all about getting into business and the various steps involved in starting your own company. 

Business Admin Apprenticeship covers key skills such as time management, prioritising, teamwork and self-motivation. Working with a mentor in a natural business environment can help to develop your skills even further and show you that there is more to official qualifications than simply sitting down and stamping them on paper.

How can KBM help you?

Join one of the best companies to go through an apprenticeship. KBM has a dedicated team focused on helping organisations to understand and make the best use of the apprenticeship funding available to them and deliver Business Administration apprenticeships for aspiring apprentices. For information on programmes, please contact us at 020 3621 6315 or