Bookkeeping Certification in Birmingham

Mar 27, 2019

The Bookkeeping certificate in Birmingham would provide you the skills and necessary knowledge to manage books efficiently. It consist of manual double-entry bookkeeping, and associated documents and processes, up to Trial Balance standard. Learners who want to do accounting would have to start from foundation level and work their way up to becoming a Bookkeeper certificated. The way you can do this by doing a fast track route to AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting, IAB and OCR. The Bookkeeping level has flexible certifications relevant for businesses run from the kitchen table all the way through to the boardroom.

At KBM Training and Recruitment we provide skills and knowledge necessary for you to obtain Bookkeeping Certification, we have a class which you can attend to obtain the knowledge base and the practical training where you can have the skillset of becoming a Complete Bookkeeper certificated. So that is why KBM Training and Recruitment is the best solution to the problems, do the Bookkeeping certification with KBM and analyse differences they make.

Benefits of Bookkeeping Certification in Birmingham

Learners wishing to build their practical knowledge base skills must choose the AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping, or they can do an IAB certification or OCR certification. This certification allows learners to grow specialized skills or to obtain recognition for skills that they already have.

This will enhance their general knowledge what they have when doing the Bookkeeping course which helps them in doing the practical training and helps them become aware of the different accounting software, how they work and most importantly knowing the different VAT schemes.


The certification will give learners confidence in manual bookkeeping. This may support them in entering into employment or in improving their careers. The certification side of Accounting gives you the general aspect of how it works, how to manage their finance, why is it important to do them correctly and knowing the different elements of VAT scheme which is the most important of them all when submitting it to HMRC portal.

Once you completed the Bookkeeping course this help them to get into a financial administration role as a VAT administrator, Bookkeeper and Sales ledger clerk. Once they get into these roles, they can support the financial processes within their own business and employers business as well.

This certification is the perfect knowledge for students who have already studied accountancy and bookkeeping with AAT, IAB and OCR. When you are doing these accounting courses, the course duration is three months, but this will depend on the study method and course timetable that you prepare for yourself to do the Bookkeeping course to obtain the certificate.

 At KBM Training and Recruitment we make sure you have all the knowledge of Accounting by turning up to several benefit you getting the course and to pass it. We also do three different kind of Accounting, so you do not have to worry why they different because at the end of the day they are all the same, but they are different certificate providers. Also, we offer an extra class if you are confused on one section of accounting because we want you to understand all of it and pass it successfully the first time.

Coverage of the bookkeeping certification in Birmingham

AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping ensure students have the solid bookkeeping knowledge and skills required for finance jobs. Students would gain the knowledge and practical skills needed to carry out daily bookkeeping transactions in two mandatory units (105 guided learning hours) along with AAT, IAB and OCR have the same process for learners for to obtain Certification in Bookkeeping.


The certification is consisting of two influential groups, assessed in two end-of-unit assessments:

• Bookkeeping Transactions

• Bookkeeping Controls.


At completion leaner will gain practical skills in the double-entry bookkeeping system and using associated documents and processes within different accounting software. Students will have the knowledge to check transactions for accuracy, make entries in appropriate books and ledgers are correct, and know where and how to calculate sales invoices and credit notes. Also dealing with VAT, reconciliation and trial balances, which complete their understanding of the connection between the various accounting records. This can be learnt by doing a work placement or internship in an accounting firm or non-accounting firm to observe how they manage their finance, how they record it, submit VAT, what VAT scheme they are working on and finally what Accounting software they are using. Another way is attending masterclasses or guest lectures by people working in accounting.

A student when completing Bookkeeping certification will increase the underpinning skills required in all accountancy and finance jobs. They use their skillsets to confidently perform accounting transactions and understand how to process financial information following set procedures and schedules. Also, employers do their part by giving them various tests that relate to a real set of workplace context and reviewed by practitioners and industry experts to see if can do, how to do it, using various accounting software and see if you recognize it.

At KBM Training and Recruitment we make sure you get the Certification in Bookkeeping, we can assist in terms of Practical training to understand how clients work and able to use different accounting software, so you have complete knowledge needed to get the dream job you are always wanting. 

You will gain the knowledge about the following when doing the certification with us at  KBM Training and Recruitment:

 Sales Day Book

  • Purchase Day Book
  • Credit Notes
  • Debtor /Creditor Reconciliation
  • Petty Cash Reconciliation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • VAT Calculation
  • VAT Adjustment
  • VAT Submission


Jobs you can Apply for:-


-        Sales Ledger Clerk

-        Purchase Ledger Clerk

-        Accounts Receivable Clerk

-        Bookkeeper

-        Account Payable Clerk

-        VAT Administrator

-        Cash Controller