Bookkeeping Course Birmingham

Mar 27, 2019


The Bookkeeping course Birmingham is perfect for people working in a small business, working for employer or wants to kick-start their career in Accounting. Also, we have classes for those who wishes to re-train as a book-keeper. It is perfect for people who have the theoretical book-keeping knowledge or wish to obtain practical experience to strengthen their understanding when doing the Bookkeeping course. At KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, we teach the bookkeeping course for you to understand it, doing the practical side of it and use them everywhere you go if you are looking to start your career or looking after your employers' finance account.


The component included in the training of the Bookkeeping course Birmingham with KBM Training and Recruitment:

•    Analysis of source documentation (expenses, purchases and sales)

•    Invoice coding and posting

•    Purchase ledger

•    Sales ledger

•    Bank reconciliation and reconciliation summary

•    VAT return and reconciliation

•    PAYE reconciliation

•    Payroll journals

•    Aged debt analysis and review

•    Credit control

•    Processing supplier payments

•    Processing customer receipts

•    Trade creditors

•    Generating trial balance

•    Profit and loss

•    Balance sheet

•    Introduction to payroll

•    Introduction to Income Tax

•    Introduction to Corporation Tax


The course consisting the use of accounting software like SAGE, QuickBooks, Xero and Microsoft Excel. At KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, this would be the training upon when you select the Bookkeeping course. These accounting software you are going to be use when inputting all the data, reconciling it, VAT return and submit to HMRC. Also during the Bookkeeping course in Birmingham, we are going to train how to use the software correctly and what are the important elements that you have to work while using this software.


There are no entry requirements for the Bookkeeping course Birmingham at KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham. KBM is here to assist you get the Bookkeeping course you looking for, help you do the courses, do the practical and finally assist you to find the dream job.

 Businesses in all sectors want book-keepers and accounts assistants in the UK and especially in Birmingham. It offers the variety of jobs for part-time work, temporary and permanent work who is particularly suitable for those and who wish to have a great work and life balance. At KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, we make our trainees aware of job opportunity in variety of sectors, we train learners in these sectors to provide the industry knowledge of managing their accounts or want to start a business within the industry they have studied in during the bookkeeping courses and the practical training.


There are several opportunities in Birmingham for Bookkeeping, that is why KBM Training and Recruitment is here to assist you to get the bookkeeping course you need to find the dream job in Accountancy. We improve your career progression as book-keepers and accounts, if you select to move into payroll administration or wish to commence further training and move into accountancy.


Study at KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham

 - Bookkeeping Transactions

- Bookkeeping Controls

- Elements of Costing

- Working Effectively in Finance

- Using Accounting Software

- Introduction to Payroll

- Developing Lifelong Learning Skills

- Introduction to Business and Company Law

- Business Communications and Personal Skills


Course Delivery

Accountancy and Business modules will deliver through teaching classes and training which are one-to-one and very hands-on, we have open workshops if you need any assistant at all about theory or the practical side, group work, individual work and independently directed self-study, including homework. At KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, we provide you with all of those while you learn the Bookkeeping courses with us.

It is very important for the students who want to complete at least one-week placements as a point of their studies. The reason is while you study the Bookkeeping courses with us in Birmingham, we want you to have the feeling when working in the Accounting firm or non-accounting firm to have a wisdom in what they do how they do it and see how are they different from everyone else. That is why KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham is here to assist to make sure you are becoming aware of the job roles coming around for you, how to approach it and how the Bookkeeping course you did with us makes it a considerable beneficial when you are looking for jobs in Birmingham.

Jobs Opportunities after completing the bookkeeping course in Birmingham:

•    Sales Ledger Clerk

•    Purchase Ledger Clerk

•    Account Receivable Clerk

•    Account Payable Clerk

•    VAT Administrator

•    Cash Controller

•    Bookkeeper


Also if you are looking into Account Assistant is:


•    Bookkeeper

•    Financial Controller

•    Junior Accountant

•    Asst. Management Accountant

•    Sr Bookkeeper

•    Credit Controller

•    Finance Manager

•    Accounting Clerk

•    Budget Analyst

•    Payroll Administrator

•    Payroll Clerk

•    Assistant Controller

•    Accounts Assistant


At KBM Training and Recruitment we are here to assist you to find the job you are looking for in Birmingham by making sure you get the right training from KBM, apply for the right Bookkeeping course and making sure you get the proper practical training. It is assured once you have completed the Bookkeeping course and the training with KBM, we will help you get a job by following a step by step order to get the job you are looking depending upon the training you have done with KBM.