Bookkeeping For Beginners in Birmingham

Apr 03, 2019


Bookkeeping for Beginners

The bookkeeping information on this site is ideal for you if you are

•    A small business owner (or entrepreneur, solo-preneur, blogger) needing some idea of how to start off your accounts process the right way

•    A bookkeeper that wants to refresh your knowledge or learn something new

•    A student wishing to understand what this topic is about and the principles behind it

Bookkeeping emphases on the recording and processing of daily financial transactions like purchases, expenses, sales and receipts.

At KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, we are here to assist people to know about Bookkeeping, how to do Bookkeeping and why is it significant for people to learn Bookkeeping if they are learning accountancy or finance.


Bookkeeping is about preparing daily record keeping activity which is basis of all financial reports. It is very important to keep up to date, accurate and correct record of all the transactions. Employers use may accounting software like Sage, QuickBooks, Xero and excel spreadsheets to record these transactions. Getting easy and familiarised to accounting software is an important step for gaining job role as a bookkeeper. That’s why KBM make sure you are aware of these by teaching you how to do with our practical accounting training, teaching to how to use different accounting software, so you are aware how to input data, process it, reconciling it and VAT submit to the HMRC portal. The important factor is conformability with using Bookkeeping when working for an employer or your planning to setup business.


The course provides applied knowledge of the different bookkeeping methodologies and practices necessary to record and store financial information daily. The course is structured to provide you a complete experience in bookkeeping and accounting principles. Our exclusive approach of mixing the essential theoretical concepts and practical skills give you massive competitive benefits in your job. At  KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, we make sure you know the difference about Bookkeeping and how to process it while working for employer or setting up business.


Learn Bookkeeping with At KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham

You will find out how to do things like:-

•    Track your income and expenses

•    Process bank reconciliations

•    How to read a balance sheet

•    What computer software is available

•    Invoicing customers

•    Tracking your bills

•    The nitty-gritty stuff about journals and ledgers


The presentation of this information comes from two angles:-

1.    How it works

Describing the principles and methods of entering the financial data into the books in an organised way.

2.    How to be used

Putting into practice, the techniques learned in a business setting and supporting that with structured office procedures.

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Bookkeeping for beginners in Birmingham at KBM Training and Recruitment:

You can have the option of learning following Important Accounting Software:

1.    Sage 2017 v24

2.    XERO

3.    Quickbooks

4.    Forbes

5.    IRIS


You will be learning the following :

•    Sales Day Book

•    Purchase Day Book

•    Credit Notes

•    Debtor /Creditor Reconciles

•    Petty Cash Reconcile

•    Bank Reconciliation

•    VAT Calculation

•    VAT Adjustment

•    VAT Submission



Industries Covered

•    Construction

•    Wholesale

•    Retail

•    IT

•    Solicitor

•    Medical Surgeries

•    Dental Clinics

•    Online Business

•    Architect & More


KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham is here for the learners who are first time doing Bookkeeping, we assure they know everything and uses while training session or at work either with employer or businesses. We assure comfortable and confident handling the Bookkeeping, and we are always here to assist if you need any assistance from KMB.


Job opportunity after learning the Bookkeeping:

  • Sales Ledger Clerk
  • Purchase Ledger Clerk
  • Account Receivable Clerk
  • Account Payable Clerk
  • VAT Administrator
  • Cash Controller
  • Bookkeeper


Accounts Assistant:

  • Financial Controller
  • Junior Accountant
  • Asst. Management Accountant
  • Sr Bookkeeper
  • Credit Controller
  • Finance Manager
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Budget Analyst
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Assistant Controller
  • Accounts Assistant