Bookkeeper Qualifications Birmingham

Mar 27, 2019

Bookkeeping qualification is defined as recording and processing of daily financial transactions like purchases, expenses, sales receipts and VAT. The Bookkeeper Qualifications in Birmingham meant to increase skills of bookkeepers. This is where you make a regular record of activity that is happening with the business finance and making sure you do a financial report.

It is very important to keep an up to date, accurate all the transactions. Many companies use various accounting software like Sage, QuickBooks, Xero and excel spreadsheets to keep a record of these transactions, making sure it up to date and done correctly throughout the process. Getting easy to accounting software is an important step for gaining a job as a bookkeeper.

At KBM Training and Recruitment we make sure you perform correctly, we provide you the information and guidance to show our trainee how it should be done. While practical training, we train you various accounting software, you will learn to operate these softwares, how to input data, making invoices and receipt and doing the transaction and VAT return. We make sure our learners understand and know why we are doing this and how to save it within different accounting software.

 The bookkeeper qualifications delivers an outstanding working knowledge of the different bookkeeping methodologies and practices essentially required to effectively record and store financial information on a daily basis. We make sure you understand it first then approach it knowing you have the skill to do it. Our course is meant to give you a complete experience in bookkeeping and accounting principles that you have complete understanding and able to operate them effectively.

Our exclusive approach of mixing the essential theoretical concepts and practical skills give you an massive competitive benefits in your job. Once you have completed Qualification with us, then help you find the job you are looking for in the market and make sure you are prepared for that. All of our courses are internationally recognised and accredited by AAT, the Association of Accounting Technicians.

These qualifications are necessary for employers because they give you practical, industry-focused knowledge that you can use from day one. At KBM Training and Recruitment we provide all the tools needed for Bookkeeping qualification and looking for that perfect job in the accounting sector or non-accounting sector by managing their finance or you wish to setup a business. We make sure you have all the applied knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge so that you are fully confident and knowing that your hard work would be paid off if you join KBM.

What does the bookkeepers qualifications Birmingham cover?  

The qualification ensure learners have the complete bookkeeping knowledge and skills necessary for finance jobs is by doing either AAT, IAB or OCR diploma with us at  KBM Training and Recruitment. We make sure students would gain knowledge and practical skills needed to perform daily bookkeeping transactions and assignments.


The qualification is composed of two essential assessments:

• Bookkeeping Transactions

• Bookkeeping Controls.

The course is suited for anyone inspired by becoming a bookkeeper and other financial roles to start a career in accounting.

•    New entrants into the accounting sector

•    Learners pursuing accounting qualification

•    Candidates with overseas experience.


Overall this qualification covers

You will be learning the following :

  • Sales Day Book
  • Purchase Day Book
  • Credit Notes
  • Debtor /Creditor Reconciles
  • Petty Cash Reconcile
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • VAT Calculation
  • VAT Adjustment
  • VAT Submission


Industries Covered

  • Construction
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • IT
  • Solicitor
  • Medical Surgeries
  • Dental Clinics
  • Online Business
  • Architect & More


The benefit of Bookkeeping qualifications Birmingham with KBM Training and Recruitment:


•Blended learning approach with revision based clients accessible from home to give you maximum support in learning. We provide you with a work booklet so that you can revise about our clients, software and different nominal codes. Also to write information down which may be essential for you to in the future. 

•Flexible one to one training sessions built around your availability, with the option to choose days, timing and sessions

•We help you with job hunting after training. Give you step by step order to help get the job that you are looking for and doing the qualification within the Bookkeeping.

 •Certification form certified Accounting firm

•Specialised one to one coaching sessions for CV, Interview preparation and Job hunting tips

•Installation of software in your laptops for practice from home

•Covering experience requirement for all significant accounting bodies 

This what we do at  KBM Training and Recruitment to meet your needs regarding doing the Bookkeeping with us, provide the practical skill and help you find the job you always wanted.