Sage 50, the UK's best payroll solution

May 05, 2023

Sage 50 Payroll is small and medium-sized businesses' main payroll software product. With Sage 50 Payroll, you can easily manage payroll processes, including payslips, employee pay, pensions, expenses, and more. You'll also get a built-in time and attendance system that supports employee attendance and absence management, accurate tax calculations and an easy way to submit your HMRC papers.

You can use the Sage 50 payroll system in the Cloud. Sage 50 payroll is making tax digital compliant and HMRC-recognised and keeps you updated with all the latest payroll legislation. It is easy for employees to access their payslips securely online, facilitates the secure transfer of data, reduces data loss through manual intervention and employee error, increases accuracy with automatic matching of allowances and earnings, and provides a flexible platform for employees to view, maintain and update their accounts.

Sage 50 Payroll is an integrated all-in-one solution to your HR, payroll and P11D needs. Sage 50 Payroll integrates with other solutions such as Sage 50 Pensions module, Sage salary & supplier payments, Sage employee benefits, Eligibility Verification (EV) and more.

Furthermore, Sage 50 Payroll enables you to manage your payroll with security and accuracy confidently. Compliance is achieved simply by downloading the appropriate forms and completing them online. Sage Payroll also allows you to quickly submit your payroll online, enabling you to keep track of all your employees' financial information easily. If a Member or their employee has a workplace pension, Sage Payroll will help you manage their contributions, withdrawals and entitlements.

At KBM, we take training very seriously. We create our courses to provide expert information and practical training. Following the initial training; you should be able to jump straight into using the software. We choose our expert trainers for their personalities and enthusiasm, so your experience will be engaging, rewarding and productive.

Sage Payroll is the most popular payroll and HR software. It has excellent functionality, easy-to-use features, and powerful reporting. We provide accurate salary and deductions calculation training according to tax legislation and offer training on using Sage Payroll. Our in-house experts can train you remotely, also.