Sage Course in Birmingham

Apr 03, 2019


Sage is now world’s renowned source of accounting software. Around 80% of employers in the UK use Sage to store the financial reports including sales, expenses, VAT submission and profit. Sage assist a large number of business types (small to big size industries) to manage their incoming and outgoing of the business. In nutshell, it reflects about the profit and loss, cost of the services, sales and more important submission to the HMRC.

Sage covers all types of industry which is a value addition for business to manage finance through Sage software.  At KBM Birmingham, we teach and train all elements of Sage with our practical accounting training. In nutshell, we show the usage of the software, information about input clients details, working in different sections of business, operations about bank and most important VAT submission to the HMRC portal.


Benefits of Sage Course

Sage course in Birmingham assist accountants to record daily transactions and control the company's accounts effectively in both to work as an Accounts Assistant in the Finance Department of business or planning to setup and run your own business or want to work as a professional accountant, you suck skills will add value to a team. Sage course provides you with the information to be self-sufficient, so you have no need to rely on an external accountant.

 KBM at Birmingham assist you people become aware of the results that Sage has on business and most importantly to themselves. If take and complete a Sage course with KBM, it open doors for many opportunities for you about jobs to work for a company in handling their finance, setup and startup your own business or as a private accountant. Our Sage course enable you not only software features but also provide you with the required training to help you in using the Sage software and deliver you the understanding of your business. We have professional trainers / Excel experts to build well structured, flexible Excel reports based on refreshable links with Sage data.

Sage preparation starts by understanding your objectives so that the training can adjust for maximum relevance and effectiveness. KBM at Birmingham has highly level qualified staff who are ACCA and industry qualified, an extra boost about getting that industry knowledge, skills and also being aware how industry work and how does Sage operates in a different working segments. The Sage course include a comprehensive Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) Member Package, fully accredited by the ICB and covers all level of core bookkeeping qualifications.

KBM at Birmingham deliver training and provide information on the software and client during the training session. This structured training program include all important aspects of bookkeeping and accounts preparation. The programme is designed to provide individuals hands-on practical experience by using accounting software introductory level. Every large or small business need to ‘keep books’ by the law. The bookkeepers play a important role in organisations; ensuring records of individual financial transactions are accurate, orderly, up to date and complete.

KBM at Birmingham, we informed our learners opportunity of having Sage and doing the course as job market is open and same time competitive. It is a fact when learners complete the course they can look for job easy by reassuring them they know the software and know how to use them. Further they know their industry that they been trained on. We tell our learners that the industry that you being trained on that should be the job sector you should apply for because you have the industry knowledge and plus experience.