Sage Line 50 Training in Birmingham

Apr 03, 2019


KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham delivers a complete course for Sage 50. During the course, learners will have an exam style question to answer and it is a MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) assessment test. This MCQs test is checked automatically, you can have an instant grade and provide information about passing the course. The exam are based upon your knowledge and understanding of Sage 50.


At completion KBM will award you a certificate from Sage 50 Accounts for the UK. You can explore through the Google to check for official Sage 50 UK courses for accounting and payroll, with qualifications from a variety of awarding bodies. All materials accessed via our e-learning portal, enable learners to carry out as per their suitability.

 Sage line 50 Training in Birmingham:

KBM has a bespoke course and training to meet specific needs and available across Birmingham. Since all learners are different from each other about what qualification they have, their work and experience, so we assure that our training is provided to all types of the learners in our training centre in Birmingham.

 Sage 50 Accounts Course:

This Computerised Accounts Level 1, 2 & 3 courses for Sage 50 Accounts is designed to assist learners understand the use of Sage software in our training centre in Birmingham. It add substantial value to your CV - learning more software within Sage.

Bookkeeping Diploma:

The Sage Line 50 training in Birmingham can be selected to take parts of the course at our centre in Birmingham. We provide all skills needed to know from the Bookkeeping within Sage.

Sage 50 Beginners Course (UK):

Sage-line 50 course at KBM include all the important aspects of bookkeeping and preparation of accounts to provide learners with hands-on practical experience of using Sage 50 accounting software introductory level.

 Sage 50 Intermediate Course (UK)

KBM is well aware of the law to "keep books" without considering size of the firm or business. KBM knows bookkeepers play a very important role in organisations; ensuring records of individual financial transactions are accurate, orderly, up to date and comprehensive. Sage 50 Accounts is the most frequently used in accountancy and KBM delivers this training and understand the positive characteristics it has on our learners.

Accountancy Work Experience using Sage 50:

The space exists between the theoretical knowledge and practical skills. While you go for interview almost all employers ask for experience in accounting software and industry sector. Considering the importance of experience, KBM offers practical side of training and experience of using different accounting software and expertise in the industrial sector.

Practical Accountancy Course on Sage 50:

When you get the training with KBM Training and Recruitment you would be learning about the production of reports for management purposes Monthly, Quarterly Management. Accounts Running the year-end procedure in Sage line 50 Accounts to close the financial year and start a new fiscal year. KBM is approved training provider of AAT, OCR and ICB.

Sage 50 Accounts Course:

Sage 50 accounts course have 3 levels developed to deliver you a complete understanding of accounting and the accounting systems and use of the SAGE accounts in managing the financial characteristic of business. After learning, you learners would be tested about the expertise of Software and general understanding, learners are upskilled for using Sage-line 50.

Sage 50 Certificate Course:

Learners can enhance their knowledge in Accounting and you can get a position in the field of Accounting. Our Sage 50 Certificate Course provide you the necessary knowledge and skills to manage day-to-day accounting tasks and the running of organisation’s books.