UK is Transforming into Digital Accounting

Apr 20, 2020

Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals (ACDAP) analyses that the small business accounting industry is experiencing fast track changes because of the higher advancement in technology continues to transform the ways of businesses to manage finances. ACDAP is here to help successful transition into digital accounting through its MTD compatible solutions and training programmes. ACDAP now becomes very solid source for transforming the business into Digital Accounting leading towards computerised and cloud accounting. ACDAP qualifications are internationally recognised, meeting the needs of employers, government and learners, both now and in the future for the purpose of the digitisation of accounts. ACDAP qualifications equip learners with real work scenarios for all accounting practices including digital accountancy & the MTD

Various data and reports are evidencing that over half (59%) of small businesses do not think they need an accountant in 10 years’ time and 56% believe they use accountants for help with tasks outside of accountancy in the future. 42% of small businesses expect to talk face to face with their accountant in the future. Based upon the accountancy expertise and solid track record, the ACDAP’s have identified some prominent features required for the transformation in MTD.

It is time to strategise

ACDAP is of the view that strategic thinking regarding your practice is not something you can do in between day-to-day client management. It is very important to provide your company’s strategy the attention it needs and make time to focus on MTD. So look at your practice accurately. Do you have the right clients, the right team, and the right workflows and processes would be successful over the next five to 10 years.

Vision needs to be defined

ACDAP stresses upon the vision prior to going into the cloud, it is vital to first outline your practice’s goals. What about your practice and where improvement is needed. Finding the parameters of success and defining vision of a digital practice will help you to look back and see you are successful in the digital world.

Overall Assessment of your service

ACDAP, based upon its experience in the accounting sector is of the opinion that digital accounting provides you with the practice of the opportunity to propose a wide range of profitable services. It enables you to step away from compliance services and into a more valuable advisory role. This could be your practice’s opportunity to enhance your services and add a new revenue source.

Selection of technology and ways of communication

ACDAP’s experts state that in this global world, the technology is the nucleus to any digital strategy, and selecting the software for your practice could be the point of differentiation between living and flourishing. How to use, based on a number of factors, like the size of your business, your clients’ sector and your areas of expertise. Devote time analyzing the benefits and make sure you are looking ahead to where your business will be in the future. While changing software may cause a disturbance at start, don’t worry. Make plan disturbance, errors and make sure you manage your team’s prospects by being clear and communicating the benefits the change will bring. It’s likewise very important for clients, and that’s where being prepared and clear on your digital strategy.

Take the right people for the MTD and Train them

Taking the right people in right slot has key importance to an effective digital transformation. In both cases if you have a previously good team, or want to bridge some gaps with qualified human resource, engaging and retaining good human resource is vital for your success in Making Tax Digital (MTD). Since practices are into advisory roles with use of technology, you should look for accounting or business advisory professionals with customer service experience and a higher degree of digital knowledge. Once you have skilled MTD people and software, sometime must be required to achieve the high speed. Most software and platforms offer online educational resources to get people trained and prepare to offer clients with the best experience. Here we would like to mention that ACDAP’s training programmes deliver complete expertise to its learners for the newly launched MTD scheme.

Segregate /Train your clients

Any small business will get advantage from digital accounting and you cannot handle all clients together. So, ACDAP’s solution help to segregate your client to make certain your practice and your clients are prepared for digitisation. New software, transitioning clients from desktop software to digital accounting is easy and those clients will really notice the difference that digitisation can bring for them.