Why choose a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

Mar 15, 2023

A Digital Marketing Apprenticeship can help you develop your skills and knowledge, helping you become an expert digital marketer. The apprenticeship is not just academic but will also give you practical experience. 

The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Level 3 is perfect to jumpstart your career or gain additional skills that can lead you into a full-time position. You'll learn how to plan a marketing campaign, the different marketing strategies and how advertisers use social media in the 21st Century. You will work with companies on their social media campaigns.

Knowledge and skills builder

A Digital Marketing Apprenticeship can be a good career choice, not just because of the benefits to your work experience but also the industry knowledge and understanding. Whether you want to get into SEO, social media management, or email campaigns, a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship will give you plenty of opportunities to put what you have learnt into practice - either on your digital channels or alongside a mentor who can help drive your development.

Finding a true passion

If you're passionate about digital and want to build your career, this Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is for you. It will equip you with the skills needed to become a professional in the field through work experience with clients or working within an organisation for several years.

The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is a place to explore all aspects of digital marketing. It covers a wide range of elements. Also, it broadens your expertise in the areas you are interested in, alongside discovering your true passion. Whether you work with a local business, giant corporation or freelance, this apprenticeship will always need you!


If you progress into a Digital Marketing Executive role, you could manage a marketing team or open your own business; the possibilities can be endless. The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship provides high value within the industry. 

Many companies are so tight-lipped about their internal "talent" that finding out more about an individual could take months. After completing one of these apprenticeships, many can be offered promotions with current employers and even placed onto higher level apprenticeships such as SEO analyst.

Utilising your previous experience

As a digital marketing apprentice, you're able to take a variety of skills into your apprenticeship. You may have experience developing communication and teamwork, IT know-how, creative ideas, or even time management in your personal life. The apprenticeship will be beneficial for future recruitment. 

Also, employers are looking for diverse candidates that can serve their needs in any role. Whatever skills you possess and however much experience you have should not matter when deciding whether or not to take an apprenticeship.

Tabling something new

Employers are always looking for new ways to build an online presence in today's fast-paced world. You may have that one idea that could be the step towards the business becoming the go-to in the local or sector. Digital Marketing Apprenticeship will give you the skills and experience to bring in more business through social media and get your business noticed due to a robust online presence. 

If you want to transition from student to digital marketing guru, this course is for you! This Digital Marketing Apprenticeship gives you an accurate understanding of what it takes to bring in new business through social media, whether that be in a visual, written or analytical way. 

How can KBM help?

An apprenticeship is a great way to gain skills and experience in a job market that has never been more competitive. Discover the benefits of an apprenticeship, and access free resources and advice from our experts. KBM, a training provider, has a dedicated team to advise and assist employers through the entire process of apprenticeships from start to finish. You can contact KBM for a free consultation and recruitment services.

KBM helps employers pre-screen apprentice candidates to ensure they possess the requirements set by the employers and are passionate about committing to the programme. Offering a diverse range of pre-employment training, KBM supports learners with tailored programmes to target skills gaps and organisational needs effectively. If you want to know about the benefits of apprenticeships for employers or apprenticeship training opportunities, call us at 020 3621 6315 or apprentice@kbmgroup.co.uk.